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As a running start student I love that Clark College offers running start, it was a great opportunity to get a head start and save money in college. The professors felt very hit or miss with their teaching style, which is not on the school, but there were some classes I wish the teacher would've tried different teaching methods because everyone was struggling in their class. The campus is beautiful and I loved walking through it every day, but the surrounding neighborhoods aren't the best.
Clark College is a very welcoming and supportive environment. The school offer a lot of majors for a community college. Clark also has a fantastic network of tutors that can help with just about any class that people are struggling with. The school offers numerous resources to students in need such as career services, scholarships and even free legal counsel. All of the staff is very friendly and nurtures a great learning environment.
Clark has an amazing campus located very close to two major interstates and a major highway for Vancouver. All the employees and professors are fantastic in this college, especially Dwight Hughes Director of Networking.
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Its a good school and has one of the best Culinary Programs in the state. Running Start is a great option available for High School students but the classes for normal college students, its hard because the focus of the college seems to be running start.
My college navigator has worked with me on many tough issues and has helped me apply for college courses when I thought I had nothing coming.
Clark college is an excellent institution that focuses on creating a healthy learning environment for every student. Not only are the courses academically excellent, and in some cases the best in the state, but the faculty and staff go above and beyond to support their students. In the last 5 years I've had many instructors and each one of them has done their best to see me and my classmates through to the end.
What I liked about Clark College is that the instructors and staff are helpful and they host many events.
Classes often fill up too fast, but other than that I have had a very positive experience with this school and had great professors who care about the work you submit and your future career goals. Lisa Staley is an amazing part of their art department with lots of experience teaching and has been a great resource for other resources.
The only complaint is that because Clark is a running start college, I have been the only college aged student in a few classes, which was great for those students but limited my own education in those classes. I have had a professor take my essay to peer edit because she felt like I wouldn’t get appropriate input from the other students in the class because of this.
Most of the instructors I had while at Clark College were intelligent and understanding people. I hardly ever got B's while attending Clark College and the students often keep to themselves. A peaceful environment.
Every in Clark College is very nice and helpful. From the first day of applying to college I was guided step by step to successful future career. If I would have to refer Clark College to any one else I would let them know that this would be the school to go to. They have many option for different career options to many other recourses. I'm very happy I chose this college for my future.
Clark college is a good community college, if you know how to look for it there's professors that are better than universities.
Clark College is the gold standard of community colleges. The school is an important part of the community of Vancouver, Washington and a great way to gain an education and connect with all different kinds of people.
My experience at Clark College as amazing! I loved the faculty there because they were always ready to help the students pursue their educational goals, along with their career choices.
Clark College has an overall calm and welcoming feel to both campuses. I have had lots of good professors at Clark college, especially at the CTC campus. The main campus has some pretty good food options. The CTC campus only has vending machines, but there are many great food options within walking distance near the CTC campus. Most people on both campuses are very friendly and helpful.
Clark College was the first college I ever attended to. It was a good first experince. It is very, very cheap as long as you have a minimum wage job or a scholarship of $5,000 you will be just fine. Night life there has very little lighting and the food there sucks. There is no dorms there and the professors could really use some work. Diversity is AMAZING and campus is overall not bad.
Clark is an incredible option for anyone looking to advance their education. From online classes, night classes and a variety of odd hour classes, I was able to continue my education while still working full time, without changing my schedule.
Clark College is a beautiful campus however the lack of care in the STEM and technology classes makes the school hard to love. Many professors put in little effort into their classes but expect students to rise above and beyond for their classes. Arts and English classes are not difficult but some STEM and Mathematics teachers will make you want to rip your hair out. Many of the arts have been budget cut leaving an arts degree there almost impossible. Overall the staff does not try to include a sense of community in the work. You basically have to get lucky with who you meet.
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I spent my last two years of high school attending Clark College. I loved how involved all the students were with the college community because of the activities provided for socializing.
Clark lets you have the room to grow as you decide the path your life will take. Clark is a great stepping stone from high school into the real world with endless support and resources.
Finishing up my 2nd quarter and I couldn't say anything less than excellent! Professors, instructors, and staff have always been supportive and helpful in advocating for what's best for personal success. Bookstore committee, finance staff, career services, and advisers have always gone out of their way to meet and greet with professionalism. I continue to look forward to my next quarter this summer when I'll get involved with physical education and athletics instructors and staff!
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