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I enjoy the environment of Clark college. This is a fun college, where sometimes proffessors make learning fun. I am excited to be in my second year as a penguin.
Love the campus, teachers, and student involvement in activities. I would have liked more help moving onto a four year university. As a community college, I feel their goal should be to move students onto another school after graduation.
I am attending Clark for the Early Childhood Education program. I have completed one year and I am very happy with this college. The selection of classes are great, the staff have so far all been great. When I met with my adviser for ECE she was extremely helpful and nice. My overall experience at Clark has been great. The campus is very nice, and they are very diverse.
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I love the environment in Clark college. Everyone is so positive and pushes everyone to do their best. What I would change is the attide of some professors. Some seem like they don't care to be there.
I do not have any experience with this college due to the fact I just applied but through their directory and staff so far has been quite amazing. The location of the school is beautiful and close to Portland Oregon so there’s a fair availability to commute when I need to and getting around is quite easy. The one thing I wished is the college website would be much more simple to navigate seeing as it should be very user friendly to attract new students but not everything can be perfect about a school. Overall I would recommend this school to others considering a local college to advance in their education.
Clark College is a decent and affordable community college. The professors there are pretty good, but not the best. Parking can be a pain around 8am to 11am the first few weeks of each quarter. Overall, this is a pretty average school. Their track program has gone through some adversity, but things should good now with the hiring of competent coaches.
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Good school. I was there for running start and got an AA. Good teachers. Interesting students. Interesting courses.
The school is great about getting their programs out there, however the professors are a mixed bag. Some are awesome! other are awful! Then there is the running start program, most of the students that attend Clark are High school students. Which isn't a bad thing... it has it's pro's and con's.
The one thing I really love about Clark College is how hands on teachers are with their students. They take time to listen to them, answer questions and make time to help them outside of school. Clark college sets students up for success and they truly try to help every student who goes there.
Clark college is a great place to either start or continue your education. The campus is safe and very nice. The offered degrees are plenty. The professors are knowledgeable. There are so many possibilities there. I'm a graduate of the DNET department and I absolutely recommend that route. You even have possibilities of employment while you go to school. The parking isn't that great at the main campus, but there are plenty of alternatives.
I really enjoy attending Clark College. It's a beautiful campus and all the professors and admin there have been excellent.
The Clark Campus is rapidly expanding. The professors are decent for the most part. Clark isn't all that great in sports. They strongly encourage diversity.
Clark college is an excellent place for people who want to further their education. This college is very inclusive of everyone and makes people feel welcome within the school. The faculty is very helpful and truly want you to succeed in what you are going for. I never once had a teacher turn me down for an opportunity to learn, even outside of class time.
Excellent community college. Many online and traditional courses to choose from at a reasonable cost.
Clark College is a college that celebrates diversity. Most of the professors are good. There is no on-campus dorms because it is a community college. It is a very safe college.
Clark College is so diverse and so helpful when it came to getting my associates degree. I was in running start which is hard but they were there to help me achieve my goals.
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The campus is beutiful and (realitively) easy to navigate. I would discribe it as big enough to feel open yet small enough still to feel like a community college. Their online interface is a little confusing at first but you do use canvas for most of your acedemic stuff and honestly it isnt too bad once you get used to it.
There is a supportive atmosphere at Clark. Everyone wants to succeed. Your professors usually have too many students to get to know you individually, but if you have them again they recognize you. Parking is poor and students constantly hit other student's cars, without fail it will happen to you. Enrolling in classes can be challenging since there are so many students and not a lot of room or faculty. Great place to start your college experience though!
Instructors have mostly been very helpful. Campus is nice and new STEM building has great lab rooms. Staff is most often knowledgeable, library has many resources available. I would like to see more study rooms. This is a great college for completing general education requirements in order to save money with college.
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