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One of the worst colleges to get anywhere in life. They call themselves prestigious but honestly every single program is a pain to get through along with all the classes. Even if you put effort into the classes, you will not always be guaranteed with the best grades you wished for. The supplies for some classes can cost up to more than $100.
I have taken an online class at Clark before the pandemic happened. There are some classes that can be average and easy but when it comes to the higher credit classes, they are a pain.
It was very easy to transfer to the college setting. Teachers are nice, present, and helpful. Whenever I was confused or struggling I would ask for help and get the most help from my teachers.
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Going to online school wasn't as hard as I thought it was. The classes were easy to understand and easy to adjust to. Courses were get and I had a lot of fun learning them.
I like the community that's created by the other students and teacher/staff. I think there could be a bit of work done on the communication lines. Their not the most reliable in terms of emails and phone calls.
The online platform is quite confusing. They don't have the clearest scheduling for the online classes.
They have done a great job moving courses online. Most classes are asynchronous so I could keep working during COVID and still complete my class requirements.
Clark is an excellent school with a lot of good quality teachers and programs, especially in STEM. They have done a good job transitioning to online learning as well.
I am a part time student at Clark College, in which during my first year I have taken multiple courses online. Each class has different layout of the class on Canvas. The professors that I have had so far have had a great layout of the class. All the assignments, quizzes, discussions were easy to access. The professors are understanding specifically with the pandemic happening at the moment. Don't be afraid to reach out to them especially during their office hours.
Clark College's Professors are the most kindest, and understanding professors you will ever meet! Although there are different types of professors, as a whole they all have great ratings on rate my professors! The campus is super easy to locate and access. The atmosphere is great as well! If you ever get lost, everyone is extremely friendly and will give you a hand right away. One thing I would say is that because this is a community college, it is kind of hard to make friends. But do not let that discourage you, as soon as you put yourself out there and talk to new people, friends will come along the way!
The typical community college experience. The facilities are largely outdated; the quality in the staff varies tremendously. Some teachers clearly care about their classes; others brag about the low pass rate.
I did not take classes online with Clark. When I was attending, they were not largely available. However, with the onset of Covid, it has become the norm for the campus.
Online learning has been challenging at Clark. Often, the professors are teaching asynchronously, which is really difficult for me personally. I prefer the face-to-face learning environment, which I get some of in my nursing program here.
Clark College is a wonderful place to meet great friends, work on your degree to achieve your dreamed career, and have an opportunity to learn from amazing instructors who are at the top of their field.
Online learning is different for different students. I have had fairly good experiences with professors and course work. Additionally, I enjoyed working ahead and learning
I have absolutely loved my experience here. A lot of the professors have changed my life and I have learned so much! Although college is hard to adapt and get used to I definitely recommend attending.
Clark College's Nursing Program is one of Washington States most renowned, distinguished, and praised programs. Clark offers intense courses and even cadavers.
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When Clark College suddenly had to move to remote learning, the professors handled it with grace and extreme attention to student needs.
I did take online courses, I wish that the Clark College professors had been given an opportunity to learn how to use Canvas because there was so much confusion on how to find assignments and resources. It was not a very good online experience and if I had not had previous experience with online learning i would have been very confused.
I was a nursing student at Clark College so I often went to their WSU building. I did go to the main campus to buy some supplies at the bookstore. It was so hard to get around at the campus! I got lost and had to walk a lot more than necessary since I didn't know where I was going. As for Clark College professors and advisors, they are okay, they weren't as approachable as I would have liked but all in all they were nice enough.
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