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The campus is beutiful and (realitively) easy to navigate. I would discribe it as big enough to feel open yet small enough still to feel like a community college. Their online interface is a little confusing at first but you do use canvas for most of your acedemic stuff and honestly it isnt too bad once you get used to it.
There is a supportive atmosphere at Clark. Everyone wants to succeed. Your professors usually have too many students to get to know you individually, but if you have them again they recognize you. Parking is poor and students constantly hit other student's cars, without fail it will happen to you. Enrolling in classes can be challenging since there are so many students and not a lot of room or faculty. Great place to start your college experience though!
Instructors have mostly been very helpful. Campus is nice and new STEM building has great lab rooms. Staff is most often knowledgeable, library has many resources available. I would like to see more study rooms. This is a great college for completing general education requirements in order to save money with college.
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Clark College is a great college. Where to even begin? One of my favorite things having access to really nice and helpful professors who will make sure you understand before moving on and will even take time to help you after class. Another favorite of mine is its beautiful campus. Clark has a really nice and well kept campus where you will find everything sparkly clean thanks to a dedicated staff of workers who will even take the time to say hello and ask you about your day. The campus features a restaurant with delicious and affordable food brought to you by culinary students attending the college, a fountain, beautiful Cherry Blossom trees donated from Japan, a huge open room in the main building where you can study or attend events to get to know your fellow students and experience things anywhere form watching a movie to having an African Drumming Band come in. Clark likes to keep things diverse you never have to worry about feeling out of place or not being treated equally.
Most professors will go out of their way to help and assist you with any class work you are struggling with. Student life is minimal. Outside of sports there's not really any groups to join or life outside of class and sports. Classmates were always superb. Also, you are pretty much guaranteed to see something everyday that you have never seen before.
The staff is always more than willing to help, the students who attend are respectful and willing to help others, and form study groups. I haven't had a bad experience. The only thing I recommend for Clark is to have better Wi-Fi. Other than that, Clark has always done a outstanding job on giving students opportunities to attend free work shops of any kind, making a stress free environment during finals week, work force opportunities, and so much more.
Clark is an amazing school that can help you with financial aid, work study program. They also have great professors that are available to you through email, in class and meeting outside of class times during their office hours. Clark College also allows students to take online classes so that way if they're working they can manage their time. The only thing that I would change would be placing more map directories at intersecting areas so that way other students can have an easier time finding their way around campus.
Clark college is overall a great school. They have a broad selection of programs and helpful staff to get people on the right path towards a degree. After 18 years I am back in school and I have to be honest, I was a little overwhelmed at first, but once I got there, it was easier then I thought to get set up and ready for school. They also have a lot of student events, an amazing library with great resources and lots of other things like a family movie night, and a discounted swim at Marshall Center.
very good environment to get your work done. teachers are very nice o everyone is are very accepting of everyone.
I have had absolutely amazing instructors and advisers. Without them I wouldn't of been able to grow to be such a strong student that I am today.
I really enjoyed my time at Clark College all the way from considerate faculty, student involvement opportunities, and the diversity of courses available. I have had some of my absolute favorite teachers during my time as a Running Start student at Clark College and could not imagine where I would be had I not been given the opportunity to continue my education here. Student involvement is also incredible: free food, free movie nights, and accessibility to clubs make me feel like I am part of a community.
Clark College is great community college. Clark offers many different programs in many diffrent fuels making it easy to get a degree or certificate in something that you are interested in. One thing that Clark College could improve on is making more parking for the students and staff.
Clark College is a great overall community college. Most of the professors care about what their doing and believe in what their teaching which makes a huge difference when its the other way around. Clark College offers a lot of interesting classes while earning my degree here I've taken a Rock Climbing class and a Scuba Diving class, where i earned my certification so now i can scuba dive almost anywhere in the world. Also there are many technical programs that are offered here at clark such as welding which could lead down to a promising career, also there are many ways to pay for tuition here like work study programs, so that is never a thing to stress over which is nice especially in college. Many students go here right after high school and earn their AA then transfer into a 4 year college because prices for tuition tend to be higher at a university. Clark is overall a great school for anyone looking to gain post high school education.
This year I will be graduating with a General AA Degree. During my two years at Clark College, I have met many diverse groups of people, both in the student body and in the staff. Everyone is generally courteous and welcoming, and I have yet to personally meet someone who is not. Although improvements could be made to the campus, such as parking and building quality, I have been overall satisfied with my experience.
I went to Clark College for Running Start and would say that it has a positive atmosphere to it. The professors I had were super helpful (as long as you reach out to them). You'd feel involved here!
My experience with Clark College has been great. I've enjoyed most all my teachers. There were a couple that did the bare minimum and were frustrating in delaying grading. But they were the exception, not the rule. I've been to both the downtown campus and the CTC campus. Both are great. CTC is smaller and newer, and closer in proximity to me, so it's my preferred choice. I'm glad there is a community college choice that is so great in my area.
Clark is a very good place to start a journey into higher education. They have excellent resources and degree options for being a community college.
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Clark College has been a wonderful experience for me. I am currently a senior in high school, but I participate in the Running Start program. This has allowed me to prepare for my future university aspirations and challenge my academic abilities. The campus is not only beautiful, but the faculty and staff are very supportive towards the students. They really do care and put in the time to make sure your benefiting to your up most potential. The diversity of people is also something that makes this place special and unique. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to take college classes while still in High school and I look forward to the upcoming months of graduating at Clark College with my A.A. I would definitely recommend this college!
Clark College has a very clean and modern campus. They are on the ball when it comes to communicating to the student body. they always have ample computer labs and recently they added a culinary program which means a new cafeteria for the rest of the students!
I feel that Clark College is such a great place to start when you don't know what you want which happens to be a lot of people, which was me but as I explored classes I have gotten a way better Idea in what I want. I feel that the professors at Clark are amazing and always make it known how happy they are to help everyone out in their classes because they want everyone to succeed in their careers.
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