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The college has plenty of great instructors, but it also has plenty of terrible ones too. Be sure to research instructors for classes before you sign up for them. Faculty and staff are very kind and seem to enjoy their job a lot and are pleasant to talk to.
I am not super impressed with the overall experience of Clark. The teachers and staff are not helpful and it takes forever to get information from anyone there. I ended up switching to all online classes because I did not like the atmosphere of the campus.
I'm in the dental hygiene program, it is so intense but so worth it! I feel well prepared to start my career once I finish school, and getting a bachelor's degree at a community college is amazing!
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The professors really want to get to know YOU, theres no if, ands, or buts in the situation. They show you mostly what you can and cannot do, and they bring the best out in everyone. Its a very tight-nit community here at Clark College. Wouldn't trade it for a lot of things!
The teachers want you to succeed and they always are looking for the best intrests for you. the people are nice and easy to talk to.
I'm a new student and I honestly enjoy it. Parking could be a lot better, but it's a typical college lot. Teachers are really nice and are great with students.
Clark College is a great school to get your associates degree. Most of the professors that I had were nice and friendly and cared about your success. One of the down falls to this college is that parking is really bad here and you have to wake up a lot earlier to find parking.
So far I have had a good time, primarily because of athletic programs. Classes are decent, but I wish I had more challenges facing me with every class I attend. The professors are helpful, and have a high level of understanding of what they are teaching, however many classes are based with attendance, so it feels as though I'm repeating some of high school (especially when I could be completing the class work at home)
My experience at Clark has overall been good, the teachers are nice and the faculty. There's a lot of resources students can use to gain new skills that can benefit them well, free counseling and a lot of other helpful things students can take advantage of. The only thing is that I found it hard to connect with students. that maybe needs to change within the institution. I love the school.
I love the ability to always get classes that fit my crazy work schedule and being able to for personal relationships with other students and professors. There is help provided for anything you could possibly have a problem with, resources available for any needs, and multiple fun and educational activities and events weekly. Love the feel of campus and campus life, but also has a great online class program with professors who can work to your needs.
Clark is a very welcoming Diverse school. From the Advisors, to the home work tutors, to the Library; they all uphold sourcing very strong academic students that strive to do their best in helping you achieve your goals as well. I very much enjoyed the campus too. There being 3 platforms for it across Vancouver. The original has a very harmonic note of scenery when walking to and from classes. With an actual Japanese Garden. The campus is spread out, with many parking lots to accommodate this. It can be a bit packed, so don't forget to leave early for class so you can get a spot in time! But even so, I love Clark’s multiple over flow lots for those that like to take their time in the mornings. Like those that want to grab a local cup of Jo in the many halls they’re hosted in. The library has closed rooms with white boards & laptop areas for private events. From the lower section being a normal library set up, to the upper sectioned dedicated to chairs and or one to one booths.
I absolutely love Clark College! As a running start student, I was scared to start college so young. But the supportive system Clark carries for its students really helped me become more comfortable and pursue my education without fear of judgment. This helped me achieve many educational goals with friends, fun and passion!
Went to Clark in hopes of finally obtaining my nursing degree. I wasted 3 and a half years here and have a perfect GPA the first time around, and when applied, was denied, can you believe I was not able to get into the nursing program. Do not go here for nursing, do not waste your time, it is not worth the years wasted to obtain perfection and still be denied! Clark College wasted my time and money. They need to be investigated for their fraud.
Clark College seems like a very nice school. Everyone is very friendly and they make sure you have been helped right as you walk through that door. I would like to see more directions like pointing you to what your looking for.
Its ok. It is a community college. So the athletics are very limited. As for programs, they are expanding and trying to update things to today's technology and work environment, like they are adding culinary to their program list this year after the new cafeteria is built. Its clean, open campus, for the most part, very friendly though. Some of the academics are hard and tough. There is a Student life type program there that tries to et students involved more with the campus and each other, seems pretty good so far.
This isn't a college for a "party life" or dorms. This is a very affordable college with down-to-earth students and professors. The location is great, the campus parking is split up very nicely, and they offer very convenient motorcycle parking.

I have loved all of my professors thus far. Because the professors are based on performance, they all strive to be accommodating academically. There are a few bad apples who have a stale form of teaching that doesn't tailor to most people's learning styles, but those are easy to avoid using Rate My Professor.
A great place to learn and better yourself. The faculty is very open to different views and opinions, and I feel very confident learning there.
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Most of my experience at Clark is with STEM subjects. Every math teacher I've had has been great and so have the chemistry teachers. The physics department is a mess however. Only two good teachers and one of those two wont be teaching this upcoming quarter. There are often events to get involved in, and many clubs to join. There are also many provided community services that are free and invaluable to any student.
This school provides a great college experience for students in the running start program. There are a variety of food options available across campus along with many vending machines. There will also be a new culinary program building opening soon with more food options. There is a multitude of associate degrees available and a few certificates. Almost all teachers are serious about their work and will do their best to make their class worth your time. There are many class options available during the summer as well.
Great Community school. Good Programs, Lots of opportunity to learn. The teachers are some of the best around and the Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math programs just got their own building.
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