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Clark College is a community college in Vancouver, Washington with a little above 16,000 students. One of my favorite things about the school is the campus, which is very expansive for a community college and looks more like a university's campus. Other things to be enjoyed are the small spots on campus where one can get food - there's at least one in every building!
Clark College has quality education at an affordable price. It was a great way to begin my higher education without spending enormous amounts of money on lower level classes that were required before taking upper level undergraduate courses.
Clark lacks diversity among other things, and doesn't have the best professors who seem to halfheartedly be participating in class. It was always rare to get feedback on work done in and out of school; and some professors simply weren't that nice to begin with. The school doesn't necessarily do much to make all students feel involved or as one, in regards to students understanding one another on a more personal level. There's a large array of students, and yet there isn't any common ground to be found between students, which is why I cannot wait to transfer.
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It was very welcoming and the teachers were great/ It really was a great step to help me transition from high school to a University. I was a running start student there, so I spent next to nothing compared to normal college students. I still recommend the College for all their academics and campus life.
Not bad. It's what you would expect from a community college, but more welcoming than you think at first. I had thought that I would not fit in and wouldn't find anyone who is like-minded; but I found at least one in each of my classes. It's a pretty campus and it seems huge at first but soon you're navigating the place like you built it. Of course, light cardio should be required because one can get winded walking from one side of the campus to the other in less than five minutes. If you can, plan out your classes according to time and location. Use the extra parking lots- never the ones close to the school. Never. You will be stuck there until next quarter- trust me.
I loved the atmosphere and how every professor cared. I learned at lot not just academically but socially as well. They provide a well rounded education and challenge you.
There have been some amazing professors at Clark College, and with the new STEM building, I often find that STEM-based professors are not only the most intelligent, but still active in the national STEM community. Aside from that, online classes at Clark are by far the easiest, and the greatest. The CTC campus is preferred to Main, as it is more beautiful, a better area for eating and dining, and an overall home-y feeling that is not provided on Main Campus.
I love this school! It has great administration staff that is always willing to help you out with any question you have! Their website is Very easy to navigate and use. Registering for classes is a breeze. the advising is a little difficult to get into but they are very helpful once you see them. Great Professors.
The teachers are very helpful and the environment is filled with so much diversity. They provide many activities and workshops for students to engage in.
Wonderful School and Wonderful programs! I attended the pharmacy technician program and I'm now pursuing undergraduate degree
I started at Clark College Fall term, 2016, thinking that I would jump through the hoops and get my schooling done. I was surprised and amazed at how helpful the staff and students are, the vast resources available to insure my success, and the well maintained facilities/campus. I'm very proud to be a part of Penguin nation!
There are a lot of students and not a lot of classes or parking. It was a fine school for an AA but I would not want to receive any higher education there. the staff is not very resourceful and finding help with can be very challenging.
I have just started here but I already know that it will be a good place. The campus is beautiful and there are a lot of resources for people to use. It is a good place to start.
I take morning classes at a technical school so it is nice to be able to go to Clark and still be able to take a full course in afternoon hours.
As a community college it offers many two year technical degrees in a variety of topics. I feel that this is a great way to help students get into the job market faster.
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So far all of my courses have been good. They are a decent sized, usually around 50 people, which allows the professor to address everyone's questions.
The school has a good career center to help students with their resumes and interview practice. Sometimes they even help students get jobs on campus.
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The workload is relatively easy with minimal homework. Everything I have learned has been interesting.
I enjoy the opportunity to study here while I am still in high school. It is really giving me a jumpstart on my education.
I feel like in speciality departments there is more help with job placement than general education, although that's to maybe be expected? Local employers definitely are aware of those programs though, which is great.
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