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Great place to be! You will find a lot of opportunities, diversity, and there’s something or someone for everybody. The staff and workers ensure your safety on the campus while making campus-life unforgettable. You won’t want to leave!
when touring clark atlanta i realized it was a lot to veiw it was pretty big so it was a lot to see and learn about i also noticed that they had real people who where attending the college actually giving the tour so it was good having a insight on clark through someone who was actually attending the school .
I love the new experiences.I feel like i’ve found my new home and am ready to start my journey as a college student !
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This is my first year attending CAU. I am a transferring freshman this semester. Clark Atlanta is an HBCU for those who didn't, and this was my first choice. The process to get into this school has been hectic and a headache. Though it's taking a while to get everything processed, the outcome will be worth the wait. So if you're going through it, don't get discouraged all will fall into your favor. Disclaimer, everyone that goes to CAU isn't mean, so do not fall into those stereotypes.
I enjoy the black culture experience that Clark Atlanta University has to offer. The student life community is welcoming to help those around them achieve. I am proud to be a CAU Panther
A very supportive school. I have learned a great deal from the staff and students. I have a better person for it
CAU is a great place for students to learn and grow within their field. The University has many long-standing partnerships with corporations around the city and the nation. Students are nurtured and pushed to their full potential in their studies. CAU being nestled in the AUC provided students with varying learning opportunities at Spelman and Morehouse as well. The ability to connect with two other schools simultaneously provided students with the ability to learn and grow their experiences. Ultimately, CAU is a fantastic place to grow and come of age.
It’s an amazing school and the staff are great. Homecoming is the best thing that could have happened to my life.
Its a great school. I would love to attend to Clark Atlanta University one day. They have a awesome arts program that I would like to attend.
At Clark Atlanta I like the campus life because you meet so many intelligent young black minds and interesting background's. Clark Atlanta is a school I would recommend to anyone looking for a place to belong and somewhere where they can truly be themselves.
hat I like about Clark Atlanta University is everyone treats you like family. You get the experience of a large campus because Spellman College and Morehouse College are right next door. Everyone is very uplifting and encouraging. I like the student engagement. There is always something to involve yourself in. We also have fried chicken Wednesday and catfish Friday. And we have well-dressed (business attire) Wednesdays. I love the orientation guides corp; they are a great assistance for incoming students. There are many chances to become a campus queen which encourages confidence in young black women. I would like to see the housing issues changed by creating more housing for incoming Freshman and upper classmen so they have the opportunity to stay on campus.
What I experienced at The Illustrious Clark Atlanta University is the Pride that they have about their University. It is an HBCU however it’s International Alumni are very diverse. Being a prospective student and my parents both have attended CAU I am very excited to apply in the Fall of 2019. The campus is very clean and decorative. Very good energy that I get from the students that go there. I’ve talked with some of my prospective professors and they have already encourages success in my academic future. I am very happy I took a personal and official tour visit. I love Clark Atlanta University it teaches about heritage and how it correlates with the lesson’s amazing to me. Finally, my parents were right for once.
I just love Clark Atlanta Unviersity. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help. I am orginally from Illinois so me trying to navigate GA at times were challenging, but the peolpe are so nice. The administration is the best. I graduated early from my HS, so I started in January 2019 and not the normal freshman term of the Fall and the students made me feel right at home. I am applying to as many scholarships as I can because I come from a single parent home and the tuition is more than my mom can handle, so without scholarships I will not be able to return. I am trying to do everything I can to return to Clark Atlanta University. My GPA is 3.8 on a 4.0 scale so I am hoping I can secure some scholarships.
I like the diversity and the ability to meet new people whether you come from the same type of background or not.
I like the people at clark atlanta it is so nice and very different from the north. I would suggust everyone to come here.
There's no place like CAU! At Clark Atlanta University I learn so much about myself and the people around me as well as my history! CAU has given me some of my best friends and greatest lessons of my life
The campus and professors are outstanding. They actually care about the students not only in school but outside of school . They will give you the best hbcu experience to me . I love the school and happy with the decision I made . The school to me doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I believe the school is way more valuable than everyone thinks.
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I love CAU because it feels like a home away from home. It is beyond valuable to be able to connect and share ideas with the faculty and fellow students there. I've made friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.
Clark has a lot of good opportunities and resources available to their students. There are also a plethra of opportunities between the Atlanta University Consortium.
I liked the fact that professors are always willing to help even beyond their office hours which helps. I would like to see more cultural diversity on the campus. The location of the school gives off an unsafe feel, but the campus security makes you feel like the safest campus in the AUC, Atlanta University Center. Without Clark Atlanta University, there would be no AUC. Their athletics are average due to there being a lack of efficient coaching staff. The party scene
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