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I have been there to do a tour and I fell in love. This school had so much to offer and is now on the top of my list.
Its really not all that. They don't care about students safety or look to fix any of the issues brought to their attention. The food is nasty but they do keep that grass cut.
The AUC (Atlanta University Center) is the best college campus! HBCUs are so important and need to be cherished. Clark Atlanta happens to be one of them. The illustrious Clark Atlanta University has so much to offer to EVERYONE. Clark is definitely THE school
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My experience at Clark Atlanta University was an experience that involved academics, culture, and life long bonds. It was very breath taking to see how the school motivated students to perform well in school. The school also had many different cultures present on campus which taught people to respect others for their differences. The life long bonds that were formed on campus are bonds that bring excitement and fun to a students time at Clark Atlanta University.
It's more than words could express. The experience was a new for me and the ride was amazing. I recommend this School to anyone
I loved the devine culture! The aspect of education and family, inside and outside of the college atmosphere.
I love it. You have an amazing opportunity to grow and make a name for yourself. Clark Atlanta is one huge family where we fuss and argue but we come together on one accord to get to one common goal. Writing about it is fine but you must come see for yourself. I can admit Clark Atlanta is not for everyone.
At first I was a little taken back at it being an HBC you and me not ever being around just one race I thought I would have trouble fitting in and knowing where I belong but this institution took me in with open arms and I was able to settle right in with the rest I have also made so many friends and lasting relationships with my professors and people of this Institution I'm happy I made this my choice for college
What I would like to see change ATL clark Atlanta university is the security and the quality of the dorms.
Clark Atlanta University provides an experience like no other! There’s many organizations and extra curricular activities available to get involved in, community service events, and the professors really care about their students! Campus life is always lively and the students have a bond like no other. l’d definitely consider this a “second home”!
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one of the important things that I have realize is that one has to want to achieve greatness in order to stay in college. While although their were many destractions such social events and things of that nature, I continue to push and strive towards my ultimate goal. I have made numerous of friends and learned alot about myself and grown to mature into a responisble adult who can mangage her money as well as her time. I know now that there is always time to play just as long as you complete what you came to college to do first. This is something that some of my peers failed to realize and because of that they are now force to leave school or not return next semester.
My overall experience at Clark Atlanta has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. Attending Clark Atlanta has helped me to find my true purpose in life. Molding me into the successful man I want to be in the future.
I took a tour of the campus and enjoyed everything including class size because there was an obvious better relationship among professors and students.
Clark Atlanta University was is an amazing school. The campus is very nice and the way there classes are set up makes it very interesting.
I'm enjoying my time at Clark Atlanta University so far and the matriculation process is going well. My advisors are keeping me on track and making sure i have my requirements to move on to the partner engineering school. most professors care to help you in areas you struggle in. And the college life is really fun.
Clark Atlanta University is an Average school. Very Overated. The Classes are mediocre but the party life is great.
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I enjoy being around like-minded people and being around people I can network with and the opportunities that are presented to me I would like to see the campus with more security especially at night for the students safety
Great school academically. Great professors. Nasty food. High tuition. Local area is poor. Homeless people are constantly seen.
Clark is a good school for change and diversity. They are extremely awesome social wise and there are lots of activities to get involved in in the school. I would definitely like to see the living arrangements changed only because sometimes they could be messy. The area around the school is not the safest and also better quality help from the staff.
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