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The campus is very open and has good history behind the campus with a lot of opportunities advertised on campus
Attending an HBCU was one of the best decisions I have ever made, but choosing CAU was even better. I really enjoy my time at Clark. They have many different programs to offer to students to make their time at Clark the best it can be. Clark allows students to be themselves while also making them a better student and person in the community.
its a great college they have a good campus life they are very diverse even though its a hbcu overall good school.
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i love the atmosphere here!Everyone is very sweet .i like the parties the classes and all of my professors 1 We are like a family .The classes are challenging and i know that i can achieve my goals here .
The experience was amazing! The environment is so welcoming and it feels like one big family cookout!
I don't currently attend Clark Atlanta but i have done my research and they have a very good business program. The campus life seems great and i love the idea of having multiple colleges close to each other.
I loved the tour it was really interesting. I am hoping that i can get accepted to thus college because doing fashion design would work for me in the future.
I love the energy you get when you step foot on campus. It literally felt like my home town. Everyone is so nice and caring. I definitely will be going back for an official college visit soon.
Clark Atlanta University is an immensely supportive school; they aid their students in acquiring the necessary skills needed to further matriculation and prepare its students for adulthood. The faculty cultivates each of their students by giving them the tools that will be advantageous to their futures.
I loved the school in general, I went to tour the school over the summer and it had everything I expected from it. Theres an abundant amount of student life, there are great professors, and its just a great campus in a wonderful area. I wouldn't change a thing about the illustrious Clark Atlanta University.
ake plans to attend the CAU Experience beginning Friday, August 12, 2016. The CAU Experience is 5 days of exciting activities and workshops designed to welcome students to their new home away from home, and will offer students a historical perspective of Clark Atlanta University. New students will also participate in a formal induction ceremony, which is a rite of passage to becoming an official Clark Atlanta University student.
I've learned a lot about the historical background of the school. There is a lot of history. School just started, so far not much has gone on. I'm still waiting on the fun and activities to begin.
I love the experience here ! It’s a beautiful scenery and there is something always going on. The staff helps you when u need help and the work is easy . There are many clubs and kegs that keeps students active throughout the year and it is excellent. Clark Atlanta is a big family. THe best experience is being at Clark Atlanta having fun with friends
Clark Atlanta is an illustrious university and my experience here was the best and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Clark Atlanta chose me before I could choose it. But CAU can improve on academics and being present with the students. CAU is supposed to feel like family so they need to work on caring about safety and the campus the same way they care about their real families safety.
The campus is unsafe. I constantly look over my shoulder so I won’t get robbed. The school system is constantly giving me the run around.
The overall experience is great, but financial aid almost discourages you from continuing attendance. There are always parties , and the give you so many academic warnings and chances to redeem yourself.
Clark Atlanta University is like some to me. You become very close to the professors and within your department. Professors are willing to help you at anytime, whether it is studying, test prep or helping you with Graduate programs and internships.
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I haven't personally experienced it myself but I do a lot of research and from my understanding this is one of the top schools besides Spelman and Morehouse, which is very close together.
I love the school, it has great spirt and an awesome atmostphere! I wish it was more scholarships. Also, the Music Department really needs alot of funding and renovations. More equipment and newer equipment would be really helpful.
Coming from a predominantly white high school and attending a historical black university was a huge culture shock. Clark Atlanta University has opened my eyes about who I am, who I can be, and to appreciate my history. By giving me and my fellow peers a chance to network and learn by using similarities and differences between each other our education seems to be unlimited. Clark Atlanta University is a great school but like any school it is not perfect. Communication with the universities staff and financial advisers can be a little difficult but I will say it teaches you patience and perseverance which has benefited me in the long run with getting things done.
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