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Clark was a horrible experience. The living was terrible its something Clark should really work on. The second thing about the experience is the neighborhood the school is in, its a terrible choice, so many bad things happen over there.
I have attended Clark Atlanta University since my freshman year. I am now a junior and I love my institution. I recently changed my major to business administration and I’m loving the classes and professors.
I have had my issues with Clark Atlanta,like any university you will attend but I can honesty say coming to Clark Atlanta University was the best decision for me. Initially I was going to attend Howard University but there were some issues with my housing, When I decided I was going to CAU instead I was wondering if I was making the right choice but now I do not regret my decision at all. Professors like Dr. Bass if you are interested in psych, Dr. Boyer and Dr. Kimbro if you are going to be a business major and Dr. Thomas teaches the best humanities class that will open your eyes. All of them are the best professors you are going to have during your matriculation. We are in the process of a transformation and if you take one step on the campus now. It feels like a whole new campus and a whole new University experience. I have met some of the best people while attending CAU.
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Although, I am currently a freshman and will be a sophomore when I return in the fall, there is a lot that I have witnessed. I enjoy how although I attend a HBCU and majority is of African American decent, we are all different. We are different from the ways that we talk, where we are from, and even who we are as people. Although I am enjoying my first year here, there are multiple things that I will be looking forward to in my years to come.
CAU is a great school however there are some professors that have been teaching for over 40 years and believe a lot of their work is easy so it should be self taught.
My experience here has been an irreplaceable one. I do not think there could be any other university that could give me as much as Clark has given me so far. It's not perfect, but it definitely feels like home and there is a diverse amount of perspectives here on campus. Of course there needs to be improvements, but I believe I made the right choice in coming here.
It is a great school but has it flaws. Clark Atlanta has a great business program and has demonstrated how it has excelled tremendously. I am a biology major and i just wish that they would do more for us especially in the making of the labs that we have to attend for biology and chemistry. I also hope that the professors change their teaching styles if they see that not alot of people in their class are doing that great.
Clark Atlanta is a really good school. My favorite part about the school is the student life. Everybody seems like a family. The professors are all great teachers. The one thing I would like to see changed is the amount of security on campus.
What I like about Clark Atlanta University is how dedicated some of the professors are when it comes to helping students succeed. One thing that could be improved is campus safety. I know that there are a lot of people on campus, including myself, who don't feel safe around campus or even in their own dorms.
I really enjoy the school overall as it fulfills its purpose. Attending school alongside other strong young individuals of color is inspiring in its own way. The academics could be a little better as could the staff. My only real complaint is that it is really hard to get a hold of staff, and when you do, you have to constantly remind them of things that need to get done. It's understandable as it is a decent size university, but I think there should be some more discipline with some staff taking their jobs more seriously.
I recently toured this college and absolutely loved it! The students were very prideful in their school and advocated for the hbcu experience in general as the one you won't get anywhere else. The professors new the students by name which was very encouraging. The campus, in general, was gorgeous and I am sure that this is the school for me!
I love the school's culture. We have fried chicken, market Thursdays homecoming week and so much more. There is also so much opportunity and contacts within the AUC if you put yourself out there. They conduct job fairs each semester where real companies come to Clark, looking for Clark students and offering real jobs and internships. All along the school they have flyers and posters for interested companies, club entries, and opportunities to show off personal talents. I love my school.
I am a transfer student and this is my first time attending a historical black college and a university. So I didn't know what to expect the teachers are pretty good they have black knowledge. Some of the teachers are lazy, and not understanding. The staff in the office can be a bit lazy also. I'll say the school is about average. In conclusion the Blackness is awesome the staff is pretty good but at the same time they can be really difficult and disrespectful.
The school is in the heart of downtown. Rich culture, a lot of diversity. I highly recommend this school to anyone considering. There are also many great fraternities and sororities
I am having a wonderful experience thus far. I only wish the campus can be closed off in certain sections to keep the outside population from wondering on campus. I know of certain things happening but I feel the campus is safe.
Clark Atlanta University is a great school to attend if you are interested in fashion, mass media arts, and business.
My experience at Clark so far have been a remarkable one. What i like the most about it is the professors do not mind giving you one on one help outside of class and academics is a number 1 priority around here. What i would like to see change is more scholarships giving out because people choose not to attend Bc of the tuition and not being offered any financial help.
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I will be attending Clark Atlanta in Fall of 2018 and i went on a campus tour and i was very satisfied. The OG's were really sweeet and welcoming. I loved every bit of it!
My experience at CAU since freshman year has been rewarding. The professors have been interested in the students and ensuring that the student body learns and reach their potential. The guidance counsellors have been exceptional in providing direction and ensuring you are on track. The administration takes student problems and issues seriously and listens to the student body with respect. I currently belong to several college organizations. CAU offers a wide academic selection of courses for students to choose from and I believe my experiences will indeed attribute to me becoming very successful in my future.
I really enjoy my College CAU! I'm a freshmen and I felt ready for it by coming from Woodward Academy. The courses are rigorous but that's okay because I'm getting a feel for things and doing my best to try to balance everything. I've joined many groups and activities also. They could work on safety
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