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I went to Clarion in February for my first college visit. It was a very beautiful college and quite big. I like how it is on main street which makes it really accessible to other places. the people there are also very friendly. For my business major they offer a ton like to triple major which is pretty cool. They also have a lot of activities to getting involved in sports. I liked the idea of playing in a club sport for them. Overall it is a very good college. I may be there fall of 2018.
I love the setting of Clarion. I love the small town feel. I also like that I will be able to know my professors personally.
Clarion is a very nice college. It is located in a nice town with lots of things to do but it's not too big. There are so many opportunities here and there are so many ways to get help from advisors and counselors if you ever need help. I would definitely recommend this college to others, choosing to go here made my experience so far much better.
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A well organized institution that values hard work and a good education. Each visit to Clarion, I came closer to the realization that it was where I was meant to spend the next 4 years of my life.
The professors are amazing and really care about their students. There's tons of opportunities and clubs on campus so there's always something going on and people are super friendly so making friends is easy.
degree and major -- MSLS in library science
This is an excellent university to earn a library science degree. They also offer an undergraduate degree in library science. You may take the degree online. The class from which I have benefited most is Database Searching. In addition to learning about the various databases I had to write a bibliographic essay which I had published in the university's library science peer reviewed journal. This gave me a start in academic publishing.
This degree is very helpful as a research degree with courses such as humanities sources, social science sources and sources for the business world.
Go Eagles!
The school is nice, but I hear that some of the people don't like the professors of their majors. I think it's going to depend on the major you go for.
I attend the Venango Campus in Oil City, PA, and I am majoring in Medical Imaging. The classes are small and I get individual attention with my professors. They have tutoring available and many activities. I commute there and have taken advantage of these services.
Clarion is a great little university located in the mountains of western PA. The professors are absolutely amazing and will go our of their way to see you succeed. Night life can be a little boring. There are activities every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night but sometimes they just aren't the most exciting. Overall though, a wonderful college to attend.
Online classes are easy to navigate. The professors are all helpful and usually available whenever you need them. Time management is a must.
Clarion University is a smaller campus that immediately becomes a home away from home. The campus is the perfect size, faculty do everything they can to help, and the students come first.
I like their Education program. I like the layout of the campus and the activities available. There food for the meal plan is really good.
I love Clarion University because of the well diverse atmosphere and the kind professors. Clarion University is an excellent school to attend because of the small class size and you personality get to know your professors.
I am enjoying my experience here at Clarion University. I have grown so much being here. The professors are amazing! I am also an athlete, I currently play football here at Clarion University. I am truly looking forward to what the future holds here at Clarion University.
I loved Clarion! The counselors and deans were very helpful. I was always comfortable with my class schedule. It challenged me, but it wasn't overwhelming. ALF is the best! The Fall and feeling of the festival cant be described!
The campus is particularly smaller than most colleges. This is beneficial in a way that allows for small class sizes. Students are able to get to know each other and their professors easily because of this. Clarion University believes in being courageous and confident in whatever you decide to do. They have many resources and support to help give each student the possibility to succeed. They are many ways to get involved on campus and enjoy the small town atmosphere. Clarion University may be small, but it sure is mighty. The academic excellence of students does not go unoticed. The campus, professors and overall university as a whole is wonderful.
As a transfer student, this university made the transfer process very simple and stress free. Although the selection of classes seems to be declining, the professors are incredible and incredibly passionate. In the wake of strikes last year, the professors stood up for students and themselves.
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You are not just a "number" here! Your professors actually get to know who you are, and are very helpful every step of your academic career!
I'm pretty sure Clarion is your average state system run college. Its not the best of the system schools but its not the worse. The campus if pretty safe if your looking for a party prone school go to IUP. However, if you just want a decent education CU might fit. Be ready for unpredictable mountain weather.
I am in the enrollment stage but I have had very good personal service. I feel very welcome and proud to be a part of clarion university.
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