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I love Clarion. I came here unsure about the school. I had plans on going somewhere else but I fell in love with the people and the campus. Clarion is a little bit outdated. However parts of campus are under renovation right now. What I would want for clarion is better enrollment, we need more students.
I really enjoyed my first year as a college student at Clarion University. I came here for Speech Pathology and I loved the program! Unfortunately, at the end of my first semester I came to realize that the program wasn't for me and decided to switch majors and transfer to a different school next fall. Clarion helped me in every way to find what was best for me.

The professors here are very understanding with missing class for sickness, or family emergencies, etc. They are also very open to help you with any questions that you may have. I would recommend this college.
Clarion is a great school. I love the professors. And the student life is fun. Lots of clubs and activities to be a part of.
Review Clarion University of Pennsylvania
I really enjoy Clarion University. I like the smaller campus and smaller classes. I get to know the professors and other students. The town is also so nice.
I am a first semester freshman at Clarion University. So far I am enjoying my time here. I love the diversity and how relatively small the campus is. There are plenty of work opportunities, clubs, and activities around campus.
I loved the overall campus feel of Clarion University. The buildings aren't spaced out to far so it's easy to get to classes and the professors are very friendly. They want to help you learn and succeed and are mentors to their students. The only downside is that it's not a big city so activities and things to do are sometimes hard to find. In general, though, it's a great place to continue your education.
I was an online student living in San Diego, California who graduated from Clarion University. I have never stepped foot on campus, but I always felt like I was having a great college experience. My teachers and counselor were great at communicating with me, and I finished my Bachelor's way quicker than I thought I would. I also applied and will be going to Clarion University again for my Master's Degree.
Clarion is a wonderful University to attend. The academics are wonderful. The professors are very nice and do very well at their jobs, and are very connected. The athletics are wonderful as well. The dining hall could use a few updates on food selections.
I'm currently attending Clarion University. I had a really rough transition from high school into college. Coming here with a 3.7 GPA only to bring it down to a 0.8. It was bad. I was put on Academic Probation where I got a lot of help from different services that are offered here at the university, and I met some awesome people. Much like the line from Harry Potter, "Help will always be given to those who ask for it." words to live by in college. The staff that I had to meet with managed to help me get to where I needed to be and directed me help when I needed it. I love it here at Clarion. The moment I walked onto campus my January 2015 when I toured it felt like home. Our Black Student Union is really nice and has many different actives open to everyone on campus, Or Allies group does a yearly drag show during the spring semester. The Marching band is getting bigger and bigger each year! There's a ton of different religious groups, and groups of other interests.
I have only been attending Clarion University for one semester and so far it is amazing. The campus is awesome, and everyone you meet here is friendly. The only thing that I do not like about the campus is the massive hill I have had to walk up and down to class. If you are not in shape before you come here, you will be afterwards! The professors here are outstanding and are insanely nice and understanding. There are many good things about Clarion, and listing them all would take forever!
My experience at Clarion University has been pretty good so far. the classes are small, which I like because it allows students to participate more and comprehend the lessons more efficiently. The staff at Clarion is very nice, and very helpful. The dorms are also very nice.
It's a very small town with nothing to do, but a nice campus. If you are from around the area it's nothing new. If you aren't it is very different and isn't for me.
I think Clarion is a wonderfuk school. I would change the Biology program so that Pre-Med students aren't taking the same classes as straight Biology students, such as Ecology.
I am a sophomore nursing student at Clarion University and I love my school. So far I have had amazing experiences from my classes to the relationships I have made on campus. One of the changes that should be made is the organization of the college. There have been a few instances where there was miscommunication due to a lack of organization with my program. Besides that, I have no other complaints.
Clarion University has a wonderful Speech Pathology program. I am a freshman and I feel like I already know so much about the major. It is a small campus with cute shops on Main Street. There are many diverse organizations that are interesting to almost all of the students
I love this college! I am a small town girl at heart who loves the country so this small college surrounded by woods in this small quite town is the perfect fit for me!
Very nice school and great activities boards! The staff are very helpful and kind. The living is not too bad, Reinhard is the best which is where I live and yes freshman can live here!
Review Clarion University of Pennsylvania
I am currently a student at Clarion University and I absolutely love it here! Everyone is so nice and helpful with everything. The professors are caring and will do everything they can to help you succeed.
The campus is beautiful. The school has a nice teacher to student ratio. It is extremely safe. They allow their students to practice their freedom of speak on a large apple and i think it is amazing.
I don't really pay attention to any kind is of sport but the sports seem very popular at this college
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