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Clarion University of Pennsylvania is great! The amount of clubs and activities on campus make it easy to be involved. Clarion is a small town and it easily feels like your home when you’re there!
I really enjoy attending Clarion University. The campus is beautiful. The professors are friendly and caring! Also, the food is amazing!!
I like it here because there is so much opportunity to be successful within this campus. The professors truly care about you succeeding and they offer many tools in order to do well in their classes. The student culture is comfortable and feels very safe. There food is very good and I enjoy their dining services.
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All faculty I have encountered through their satellite site in Pittsburgh have been wonderful and helpful through the application and acceptance process. Being an older student, they have helped me access resources I was not aware of before.
I loved the small town aspect of Clarion University and how involved the university students and employees got with the locals and vice versa.
Clarion University of Pennsylvania is a well rounded college with kind students and helpful staff. Great University. Knowledgeable professors. Great college experience, affordable and awesome. Clarion is a great community for the outdoor lover and a great school for education, speech pathology, and communications. If people gave it bad reviews, it’s probably because they are incompetent. All in all, lucky to be educated and certainly hold my head high.
It's been said many times, but the professors really do know you by name. This makes such a difference in your attitude towards class. Clarion University is away from all the big city noise and is in a small town, so you have less distractions from studies, but many opportunities to get off campus. Cook Forest is nearby and offers a great escape from the stress of college.
I love meeting new people through school events, whether they're students, alumni or members of the community. It feels like we're all very close knit and working together to make this the best place to live. It feels like a home away from home here. The small class sizes were a big part in choosing Clarion University for me, I love the one on one attention I get from my professors. Because of that, I feel I'm getting the best education as possible.
Housing is overpriced, they don't help you find a future career, or at least fail trying. They have no regard for your situations and are unforgiving. Take your money, and go somewhere with a better name if you ever want to find a decent job out of college. I got my job through my own hard work and effort, not because of Clarion University, and they will never see another dime from me. Take my advise and go to a name brand school, spend the extra couple thousand and get something worthwhile from it. Clarion is not a good school. Plain and simple.
Clarion is a great college for someone coming from a rural background and looking for a small college. The professors are helpful and the classes are interesting.
Clarion has a good online program and has small class sizes that make it easy to communicate with professors.
There are so many activities, clubs, and events on campus. There is honestly something for everyone! The professors wish to see you succeed, and they will help in anyway that they can, if you just ask. The one thing that I would like to see change on campus is the food. I would like to see healthier food options, and more food accommodations for those with allergies or medical needs.
I went to Clarion in February for my first college visit. It was a very beautiful college and quite big. I like how it is on main street which makes it really accessible to other places. the people there are also very friendly. For my business major they offer a ton like to triple major which is pretty cool. They also have a lot of activities to getting involved in sports. I liked the idea of playing in a club sport for them. Overall it is a very good college. I may be there fall of 2018.
I love the setting of Clarion. I love the small town feel. I also like that I will be able to know my professors personally.
Clarion is a very nice college. It is located in a nice town with lots of things to do but it's not too big. There are so many opportunities here and there are so many ways to get help from advisors and counselors if you ever need help. I would definitely recommend this college to others, choosing to go here made my experience so far much better.
A well organized institution that values hard work and a good education. Each visit to Clarion, I came closer to the realization that it was where I was meant to spend the next 4 years of my life.
The professors are amazing and really care about their students. There's tons of opportunities and clubs on campus so there's always something going on and people are super friendly so making friends is easy.
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degree and major -- MSLS in library science
This is an excellent university to earn a library science degree. They also offer an undergraduate degree in library science. You may take the degree online. The class from which I have benefited most is Database Searching. In addition to learning about the various databases I had to write a bibliographic essay which I had published in the university's library science peer reviewed journal. This gave me a start in academic publishing.
This degree is very helpful as a research degree with courses such as humanities sources, social science sources and sources for the business world.
Go Eagles!
The school is nice, but I hear that some of the people don't like the professors of their majors. I think it's going to depend on the major you go for.
I attend the Venango Campus in Oil City, PA, and I am majoring in Medical Imaging. The classes are small and I get individual attention with my professors. They have tutoring available and many activities. I commute there and have taken advantage of these services.
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