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I went to Clarion for 6 years and got a master's of science in speech-language pathology. I enjoyed my time there. I wish I was able to find a job closer to my parents but that didn't happen.
It's my first semester here but it's going great so far! The professors are good and happy to help. The restaurants around are very good, and on-campus dining provides lots of variety. I enjoyed the activity board events, they put together some really fun stuff!
The overall atmosphere is friendly. The school has a good program for certain majors and is good at involving students. The school is mainly hills and is not a flat campus. The stadium is not connected directly to the campus, but is down main street. There is different dining options available to eat at.
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Clarion has a wonderful atmosphere. I came from a high school who had a terrible atmosphere with bullying. Clarion for me has been a bully free zone. I am part of the band and chamber singers on campus and have made many friends due to participating in those programs. I would not change anything about Clarion. Our president, Dr. Dale, is amazing. She is always out there with students and interacting with students. Usually you never come across a university president who cares about their students and community. Dr. Dale is something special and I am very glad to have her as our president for the university.
It’s an amazing college and truly the student life is amazing! Everyone is nice and if you need any help in class you can always ask your professors! Dorm rooms are small, but it’s truly like a home away from home! Also the students here are very nice and are willing to talk and hang out with you!
Clarion University is a great small town institution. This is my second semester here and I love it!
This campus has a great opportunity to meet new people because it is a small campus. The average is about 4,000 people. It may be small but there are great opportunities to know a lot of people and achieve academic achievements. I feel that this is because students get to have the opportunity of having their professors know them by name!! This campus is placed in a small, quiet community with not too much to do unless you're an outdoors person. There are many nature trails to hike, run, and bike. Not to mention, when its warm there are many things to do with the Clarion River like tubing, kayaking, fishing, etc..
Don't just choose the cheapest school because you're poor. I know it seems like a good option, but if your cheapest choice is Clarion, you're going to have several regrets.
Clarion is such a beautiful campus with some of the most amazing teachers and staff. The area around the campus has lots to do including plenty of restaurants to eat at. The teachers and staff are very willing to help with whatever is needed by students and other staff members. I recommend Clarion University to anyone who is looking for a smaller school in a rural area. The smaller school makes a big difference in the education at Clarion. You have a greater chance of being able to interact with other students and get extra help from teachers whenever you need it. With the smaller classes, the teacher can get to know each student personally and what their weaknesses and strengths are for that class. Clarion University is amazing.
I like that everyone is tight knit, but is open to every new person. There are a lot of activities on campus, such as movie nights, and other Thursday night activities. The teachers are very hands on and ready to help you out when needed.
I like that Clarion feels like home. Some colleges I visited prior to Clarion were in the middle of big, busy cities. Clarion sits in the middle of a nice town. Main street was enjoyable and reminded me of home. The campus itself was also nice. The dorms, gyms, and all buildings are new and nice, which make it comforting.
I am attending online part-time for several years, but it is second nature now. My FAFSA is in place and I take two classes in the spring and two in the fall, the summers and winter breaks I take for me. Sure I could get done faster, but I enjoy the classes more when I don't feel rushed. The professors are really great and I don't feel like an outsider, I feel like I am right there in the class with everyone else.
Clarion University is dedicated to its students and to the education that it provides to said students. Although the social scene in the town of Clarion itself is not necessarily the most exciting, it is a safe town and safe campus that lets the students focus on their academics. With that being said, the university itself is occasionally disorganized when it comes to scheduling and finances with the students. Besides that fact, the university is 4/5 stars and I am proud to be a student attending Clarion.
I love the atmosphere. Since it is a smaller school, you really have the opportunity to get to know your professors really well.
I love that they offer all of my classes online. I am a returning adult student. I work full-time, over 50 hours a week. The schedule is flexible and easy to work around.
Most people here are nice and if you're social, it's easy to make friends. Some of the teachers are awful, but the school doesnt seem to care too much. Tuition and fees are outrageous and rising every year.
I’m inlove with the campus. I’m a local so it’s home for me! I never thought that I was going to go there for school since I seen all the time and because it was so close to my home but here I am. 3 years into schooling and I wouldn’t change a thing. The campus is beautiful, the atmosphere is amazing, and the student and professors are so kind.
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I just graduated from CUP in May 2018. My experience was wonderful. Yes I have had some rough and rocky times but who hasn't in college?! I loved how it was located in a small town, had small class sizes, and how it was such a warm and welcoming community on and off campus. Classes/professors; some are hard and then some professors are better than others. Most are concerned with individual success which is what I liked best. Food; we have different selections for food around campus which is great but of course the quality could be better. People/Environment; since CUP is such a small community everyone knows everyone which is good when all of the students are trying to succeed. Clubs; CUP has so many clubs and organizations that you will never be bored! From Greek life to rock climbing to clubs within your major! Overall, I loved Clarion but you have to have a certain personality to be happy with this college: welcoming, adventurous, caring, and willing to get involved.
I absolutely love Clarion and the programs they offer!!! They work with each student to make sure they are choosing the right major for them and if they want to change your major you can talk to people in that specific major and get insights!
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