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Everyone has been extremely helpful during my enrollment process. I can tell the employees are in this to help students excel in all they do!
The classes are easy to understand and help me learn a lot. My professors make it easy to learn the material and are helpful in letting me accomplish my goals.
I like Clarendon because of how nice the administrators are. Being 15, I did not expect them to treat me with kindness but they very much did.
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Clarendon College was a pretty good college. Relatively small town with good community. The campus life was great, the students and faculty members you meet there are great. The instructors really pushed students with academics and a great and easy school to get your basics done at. Really enjoyed my two years in Clarendon.
I like how my two year college is in a small setting, much like high school. This has helped me to adjust to college life easier. My professors seem to really care about how I am doing in general and in class.
Super friendly staff always willing to help also clean with plenty of space. Great resources and always feel safe.
Its a typical junior/community college. Not a whole lot to it. It is pretty average for the most part! A lot of rodeo and nursing people. Also its pretty popular among below-average-but-ambitious athletes.
Will help me start my csreer
I would choose my school again , because it's easy to focus . My school was like a high school so I could understand and could get help
Pretty good online courses depending on the professors
Again, it's great as long as you have a professor who takes time to make sure you understand what you are learnin. Some professors are there to talk about thier personal problems and are there just for the paycheck.
I dont see a lot of recruitment, but I am not in any programs.
It's awesome as long as you attend class, do your homework and care about your grades!
Some professors care while some don't. Kinda of a hit/miss when it comes to most professors.
My experience has been the best I've learned and understood what it takes to be successful in the classroom.
An online course is very different because you can relate to other students work and what ways they do of thinking. I personally get to see what other people's opinion are rather than mines.
Our campus allows very outstanding students to pursue goals and commitments.
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My experience with professors is really outgoing. Usually professors at my school tend to be friendly and caring. I have gotten close to many of my teachers just because they can relate to me and be optimistic. Professors here can help you out a lot because of the class size and there way of teaching the course.
The value of a degree can be very worth the work and time
As an Education major I really have learned the aspects of what it takes to be a successful student. We do tend to have somewhat of work, but its easy as long as you go to class everyday and pay attention.
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