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I loved taking the summer course called High School Leadership and Communication. It made me more interested in going to this school, and I love how well-organized the program was. I love their philosophy on leadership. It really encourages others to become leaders in their community. Go CMC!
Most classes are uninspiring, and good profs are hard to get. Unless you major in Econ and CS, job opportunities are virtually nonexistent. You need family connections, or else people think you go to community college. "Research" here is a joke. Dorms suck unless you love the smell of weed and the sight of people throwing up. Despite low acceptance rate (misleading because E/D rate is 30%), a lot of people here are dumb and overconfident. Avoid if you seek intellectual stimulation. Come if you love the sound of your own voice.
CMC is an amazing school that offers you learning experiences and resources that other schools do not. It is incredibly rigorous and you will work very hard but you will be very hirable when you graduate.
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If the only thing you care about in life is getting rich and becoming powerful, then CMC will be a great place for you and will help you achieve that (and will call it "leadership" to boot). If, on the other hand, you care about making the world a better place or about finding meaning in life beyond money, you should most definitely stay away.
Social life is incredible, everyone here has a unique story to tell and are not only genuinely interesting but genuinely interested in your background and story. We are a very open community and we love to party. The professors are outstanding and the opportunities are endless, especially with the resources of all the Claremont colleges. Overall the experience is as big or small as you want to make it, but no matter every bit of work is so worth the value of the education and the experience is truly life changing.
Have not felt unsafe on campus.
Don't receive nearly as much recruiting as bigger schools do.
Science classes (gen bio gen chem) have horrible profs and lab TAs.
Facilities are not as clean as they make it seem during orientation. The walls are very thin in mid-quad, you can practically hear everything your neighbor is saying through the wall when you're in your room. RAs are relatively laid back, they won't fine you for alcohol or drug use.
There is not a lot of emphasis on athletic success at CMC. There are varsity sports, but players don't receive a lot of benefits for being a student athlete, unlike D1 schools. There is a new gym facility that was recently opened, it's huge and amazing.
If you're of a lower socioeconomic status, you're time spent at CMC will be harder.
The campus is very secure. Every once in a while townies will come on campus and cause problems, but it's very rare.

The CMC "bros", however, can be a bit problematic when drunk (i.e. not super concerned about asking for consent). The campus security is active, but more needs to be done by the students to prevent sexual assault.
CMC, while not as well known as Stanford, Harvard or Amherst, carries the same reputation with those who've heard of it. Graduating from this school is nearly a guaranteed job somewhere. The alumni network is relatively active-- but the best resource is the career services department on campus. They work very hard to find students great jobs that are the right fit.
I've had a solid experience with the vast majority of my professors and with the courses I've taken. Classes here are typically difficult, but professors are mostly helpful. The variety of courses offered here is pretty weak until the upper division; GEs are very rigid and are very boring- and don't offer any foray into anything other than Government, Econ, Philosophy and History (basically the big 4 majors here). The addition of an Arts requirement would perhaps bring the students out of their boxes a bit more.
Rooms are new, and nice- but many are very cramped and poorly lit. Great proximity to dining halls and lectures.
Having played a varsity sport at CMC, I can say that the facilities are some of the best in the country. There is sometimes a disconnect between sports and academics- given that it's a very academic school- which makes doing both difficult at times.
The school is great- there are fantastic professors, and smart/engaging students. There are a lot of boring people on campus, though, and the school could use a bit of intellectual diversity (more artists/musicians/creatives).
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Our therapy place is overbooked
There are pretty interesting courses in small class sizes!
The Career Services people are very helpful and friendly.
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