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Claremont McKenna is great because of its small size. Students are able to interact with professors on a more personal level and are able to participate in active research on campus. As a freshman, I was able to work three jobs, conduct research with my chemistry professor, and interact with incredibly intelligent students. It is an experience I could not find at any other school.
I visited the school and I loved it so much, down to the programs offered and the academics. I can't wait to attend this school!
I am a first year. Adjusting to a new school is never easy, but I've enjoyed my experience so far. My professors are supportive and often available, I have access to six dining halls on my campus and the other campuses in the consortium, and when I had dorm problems, Dean of Students office was quick to respond. I chose this school because of the consortium and because they gave me the most financial aid, although I still struggle financially to pay for college. The hardest part is finding a community I fit in at school. The dominant community is what you'd expect at a predominantly white institution: predominantly white wealthy students, individualistic tendencies, inability to say excuse me, and more. However, there are good people - gems, I call them - and they lighten my day when I interact with them. I hope to meet more of those.
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I liked the drive that students had both in academics but also in sports and career exploration. The opportunities that CMC offers both through the Atheneum and sponsored scholarships are unparalleled.
Claremont McKenna was a great place to go to school. The people are very friendly, and the small size allows for getting to know many different people as well as participating in small class discussions.
I love this place more than words can describe. CMCers are unique. Everyone shares the same drive for success and achievement, and everyone truly finds their niche on campus. Whether it's in a sport, in student government, in the Rose institute, in event planning, in KLI, there is something for everyone to get involved and active. The school is everything I want and more. The small classes makes learning so much more interesting; trust me, sitting around a table with 15 other people and talking about government or philosophy is super enjoyable. Socially, it is so ridiculously easy to make friends. Everyone is so friendly and outgoing, you really have to try to not make any. The party scene is fantastic. What other school has a drinking policy like this or would give the student government hundreds of thousands of dollars to plan parties. It's kind of ridiculous, but CMC is ridiculous, and I love it so much.
This is a great place for motivated curious problem solvers who are also nice and well spoken. Student are hyper involved constantly perfecting the “90-second” elevator speech and seemingly always ready to tell you their position on the latest thing. Kids like to relax too and everyone is well known at this small liberal arts college feeler with students who said no to the Ivies to come here.
Claremont is a wonderful place to learn, I am so lucky to have the opportunity to study there. Comparable to the top schools in the country
Really great professors and campus life. As a student who chose not to drink, I never felt left out or pressured. CMC has a very inclusive social scene. There are a lot of ways to get involved on campus, and it truly feels like a close-knit community.
One of the biggest regrets of my life has been attending Claremont McKenna College. If you want to go to an insular, close-minded place where affluent WASPs are drunk 24/7, this is the place for you. I've certainly enjoyed moments of it, and had a few really good professors. As an African-American male, I have experienced multiple racist incidents, and have often felt like I don't belong here. If you're an upper-class white athlete from SoCal, I say go for it. But for everyone else, if you want to be academically challenged in a real liberal arts college (which isn't entirely focused on economics), to see a return on your financial investment, and to have actual name-recognition outside of southern California, I recommend going somewhere else.
CMC is located 35 miles east of Los Angeles in the city of Claremont. Famous for its tree-lined streets and world-renowned colleges, Claremont offers unique warmth, engaged charm, and community spirit. Claremont Village has a wide array of restaurants and shops as well as a movie theater and art museum. You can explore further by attending one of the many college-sponsored trips to cultural and entertainment destinations in Los Angeles as well as various outdoor excursions in the local mountains, desert, and beaches.
Claremont McKenna College was an amazing environment! The small amount of students attending helps the students have a chance to get to know everyone
Claremont McKenna College is one of the premier colleges on the West Coast in my opinion. Its focus on academics and its success at placing graduates at jobs in their fields are its most stellar achievements.
Where do I begin, I have so much to say about how much I love this school. When I first came to Claremont McKenna, I feared that it would be difficult to make friends as it is such a small school. However, the first day shocked me completely. Everyone was so freaking nice, like unbelievably nice. In the last 3 months of being here, I know about 250/360 kids in my class, and of course a lot of upperclassmen. The party scene here is exactly what I want from a school ,inclusivity, but everyone definitely shares a work hard, play hard mentality. We know how to party, but we also know how to be the scholarly students we got in here for being. The party scene truly is spectacular. The dining hall food is amazing. Sports teams are great as 1/3 of the student body participates in sports There are pretty much a million ways to get involved on campus. I want to continue rambling about how much I love it here, but I also have an econ quiz tomorrow, but I hope that helps. S'GO STAGTHENAS!
I loved taking the summer course called High School Leadership and Communication. It made me more interested in going to this school, and I love how well-organized the program was. I love their philosophy on leadership. It really encourages others to become leaders in their community. Go CMC!
Most classes are uninspiring, and good profs are hard to get. Unless you major in Econ and CS, job opportunities are virtually nonexistent. You need family connections, or else people think you go to community college. "Research" here is a joke. Dorms suck unless you love the smell of weed and the sight of people throwing up. Despite low acceptance rate (misleading because E/D rate is 30%), a lot of people here are dumb and overconfident. Avoid if you seek intellectual stimulation. Come if you love the sound of your own voice.
CMC is an amazing school that offers you learning experiences and resources that other schools do not. It is incredibly rigorous and you will work very hard but you will be very hirable when you graduate.
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If the only thing you care about in life is getting rich and becoming powerful, then CMC will be a great place for you and will help you achieve that (and will call it "leadership" to boot). If, on the other hand, you care about making the world a better place or about finding meaning in life beyond money, you should most definitely stay away.
Social life is incredible, everyone here has a unique story to tell and are not only genuinely interesting but genuinely interested in your background and story. We are a very open community and we love to party. The professors are outstanding and the opportunities are endless, especially with the resources of all the Claremont colleges. Overall the experience is as big or small as you want to make it, but no matter every bit of work is so worth the value of the education and the experience is truly life changing.
Have not felt unsafe on campus.
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