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I really enjoy my time at Claremont Graduate University. The professors in my program are wonderful and don't just simply lecture, but provide us with hands on learning to help us develop the necessary skills that will help us students be successful in our chosen field.
More! More!! More!!!
At $60,000 a year, we deserve MORE
There is tremendous support from faculty and staff if you seek it. There are tons of clubs and speaker events. The campus is small so there is a copy feel and Claremont Village is walking distance and a great way to unwind.
I was just admitted and will start in fall 2019. Everyone I have interacted with has been responsive and helpful. I am excited for this next step in my academic journey.
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I have some support on campus which helps navigate my program. I enjoy the subject matter in class. Class discussion can be engaging if everyone has read.
Various measures are taken to make sure students have access to health and safety resources. The campus security is very prompt with responses.
The student housing is nice if one doesn't have a lot of things to put in it. Since the rooms come furnished (minus the bed), it's convenient, especially for those who live far away and don't want to deal with the hassle of buying and moving furniture. The studios are tiny but if one does not have a lot of luggage and what not, it works. The refrigerators for the studios are also a joke so if one wants to cook, I would recommend either buying a bigger refrigerator, or consider moving into a unit with a regular sized refrigerator (i.e. one that has a freezer). Basically, if you opt to have roommates or can afford to/want to move into a 1-bedroom, the refrigerator issue will be resolved.

As for noise from neighbors, I live on the third floor so I don't know how much noise there is from upstairs neighbors but I rarely hear my next-door neighbors so that's not usually a problem. For people who live on the first or second floors, I did hear that depending on the neighbor, one could hear them walking around (but I think that if the neighbor has heavy steps or wears particularly noisy shoes around their apartment, one can hear them). However, most of the people are out studying or working so I don't think that noise is too much of a problem. The housing complex itself is pretty quiet. Since it's graduate housing and people are generally older (there are married couples and some families that live here), it's much quieter. There's the occasional resident who comes straight from college thinking that the graduate student life will be the same as their undergraduate experience but the RAs are pretty good about handling those situations (in my experience anyway).

Overall, I find it convenient and nice to live here but others have moved out because it is a little pricier. My only mode of transportation here is a bike though so trying to find another apartment is less of an option for me.
A lot of people complain that the school is expensive, which is true for its PhD program. Most PhD programs fund their students but CGU doesn't seem to have that luxury. However, as a Masters student who does get some funding, I have no complaints because I know how rare it is to find a school that funds Masters students. That aside, I've explored all the resources available to this school and I really like what CGU offers. They try to do a lot with student diversity, health, and academic help (e.g. Writing Center, digital services, library services, etc.) and I've found the workshops they had on career development to be very helpful. I think that if one utilizes those resources, the school isn't what everyone calls "overpriced." However, some of their resources are still being developed, such as the fellowship office so perhaps that's why people had/have complaints. Since it's a smaller school, the people (not only professors and advisers, but admin as well) are willing to help you out when you need it. I'm finding myself to have an incredibly positive experience so far with CGU.
There's very little time between when you are bombarded with tons of information and when you are allowed to process it and produce something that shows your understanding of it.
Claremont Graduate University gives you very little compared to what they charge in tuition and many of the administrators see students as inferior. The school of community and global health at CGU is fantastic, but the university as a whole is too expensive, and not student oriented.
Great professors and great learning opportunities but very expensive
I have not yet felt unsafe.
Most people don't have a social life beyond classes, so I'm generally pretty bored.
Great professors, interesting classes. Unclear expectations at times. The whole experience is marred by the dealings with financial aid and administration though.
Claremont is too small for my liking.
I wholeheartedly regret coming here. They have barely any financial support, the administration and organization of school functions and processes lacks clarity, and every day I attend I feel as though I'm getting scammed.
The Village is all you've got. You're going to overpay, and people who go out to the Village tend to stick to their own little cliques they showed up with.
There are good places to grocery shop and eat out. The prices are fair for LA standards.
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Vibrant and things happening all the time.
So far from my experience it is pretty safe at least in school.
The Village can be fun and there are places where students can go drink and have fun every week. If there is not a party at one school there is definitely something else going on at one of the colleges or you can just have your own.
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