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Claflin is perfect for those who want a school environment where school comes first. Though we're not a party school, where close to enough schools to be a part of any function. Claflin is also a small enough school where you'll easily make friends quick.
My experience with Claflin College has been extraordinary in ever way. I wouldnot trade it for the world. I love it and plan to finish my 4 years here.
Claflin University has a beautiful campus. However, there are sometimes problems in dorms concerning plumbing and other minor issues. I would say that there is equal diversity among students and professors, although it is an HBCU. The cafeteria food is not always appetizing, which could be expected. Overall, it is a great university and I would recommend it to others.
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Claflin University is a great school to go to particularly for the science, criminal justice, education and business majors. If you are going for other majors, I would proceed with caution because they only have MA programs for business, biotechnology, criminal justice, and education. Besides that it is a really great school to go to learn about the African American history there and to get a better understanding of what it's like to go to an HBCU especially if you are African American. The dorm life is okay but not great and the campus as a whole is a nice and productive place to be, but there are not a lot of activities or job opportunities outside of the campus. It can get really easy to get into things that you shouldn't out of boredom at times, but if your main purpose is to get a great education experience then Claflin is definitely the school to invest in.
Claflin is a wonderful school to be in because I never thought that I would learn so much about this school and also have more experience. This school teaches me a lot to be prepared for the real world and also because more of yourself. Claflin taught me how to be more open and speak up as well because I was very shy at the beginning. I would recommend high school seniors to come to this university and so they can become a visionary leader.
Claflin is a great school. Classroom size is small and allows more personal time with instructors. Sorority life is great and the school has activities that fit everyone’s needs. The environment is very diverse and allows for the learning of others cultures.
If your a loner don’t except to make a lot of friends or any for that matter. People already have their cliques together. Academics are good, but social scene is not the best.
Claflin is a really great university to attend . The class sizes are small so the teacher help you more . It’s a lot of opportunities to get help around the campus.
I love Claflin University! Claflin was the best decision I ever made to go here. Here at Claflin the classes are not to long, teachers are so understanding, and teachers will work with you in class and outside of class. Claflin University has helped me in some many ways, they have good people here!
Claflin is a great school and uniquely different from all other HBCUs while the school has its challenges and problems I find that the opportunities provided are far greater than those offered at any other school.
I love Claflin. The reason why I chosen Claflinto be my school is because when you first come to visit the Unversity the treat you like family
Claflin is a pretty decent HBCU. The classes are pretty good and the professors are just as good. There are plenty of resources to use. the student life is pretty good as well. I enjoy my time on campus most of the time.
Claflin is the oldest HBCU in South Carolina. A true jewel in a small town it boasts small class sizes and a President that maintains an open door policy and knows students by name. That trickles down to professors and staff.

While some complain that in Orangeburg there is nothing to do, it reslly ensures you bond with your classmates. Besides, Columbia and Charleston are both less than an hour away if you have to get out of town.
I am a graduating senior at Claflin University. One thing I can say is that the campus is like a big family. I am a psychology major so my professors are really nice and willing to help.
I like that Claflin University is like a family because everyone is always willing to help. I have made lots of friend that I will remember for a lifetime. This has been an experience unlike any other. I have experienced fun adventures and made a lot of great memories. There have been some bumps in the road but nevertheless overall good experience. However staff at Claflin can be slack at times and not do what they should be doing to improve the school. Some staff members are old and no longer understand and relate to students and should be replaced.
Claflin is a good college. It is rated Top 10 amongst HBCUs and I am proud. They could improve on their housing because some times they do not clean running water. The professors are nice and the faculty and staff move quick to get things done. I have one more year left and I am glad to spend it at the illustrious Claflin University.
My overall experience at Claflin University has been a great and challenging time. It has its ups and downs. But over all the professors and students here are very nice and very helpful to everyone.
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I'm still a current student at Claflin and it has made me look at life differently. This school is like my home away from home and I love how quiet it is around campus.
what I love about Clalfin University is everything is family oriented , there is exactly no one left behind Claflin is my home away from home if I didn't chose Claflin University I don't now where i would be.
Overall experience with Claflin university has been remarkable. Needless to say,
all staff has been very helpful and supportive to making this change of life more
easier for me. However, this thing called college life is way different then I remember high school being; but I feel Claflin university was the best fit for me. Not only are they their to assist in what you may need, but very dedicated to making sure you receive the best education possible. I am proud to be apart of Claflin University.
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