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This school is great but it sometimes they need to do better with their funding. Everything else is okay and the professors are nice including the faculty and staff.
I'm a second year student at Claflin University. Overall, my experience is not too bad but it could be better with certain professors.
You feel part of a family like everyone saying hi to u even when they do not know whether employees, staff or students. Efforts are made by faculty to know students from open sessions even with the president to one-on-one talk time. Very nice school to be in if you like the close-knit feeling.
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I wasn't quite sure about attending college/university at all. Part of the reason I decided to take a gap year was so I would have more time to think about it. I was sure of what I wanted to study if I did attend, and after doing a bit of research about Claflin, I was excited to apply. Now, I'm so glad I did, I feel like I'm at home.
The college is very nice and small. The staff and students are very welcoming and nice and the campus is very beautiful and to say it is built so long ago it was held up very well.
As I've experienced in this top-ranked HBCU, you learn independence, sociable skills, and overall you learn about yourself. I've taken a plethora and multitudinous amount of knowledge- not just book wise. The professors are willing to pass on wisdom and insight. I've honestly found my purpose on this planet during my time at Claflin.
Claflin, is a great HBCU to be at. The campus is really live and friendly! Lots of activities and also great instructors that's willing to help. The whole campus has one mindset. Aspire to Inspire!
I am majoring in Mass Communication and I really like my classes. However i wished they offer more hands on classes to help our portfolio a bit more. Campus life is okay. Claflin is really stricted but I know its for the best. The dorms are okay depending on where you stay. There's not many dorms for males so that's were they can improve. I really like the classes size because they are small and you are able to create relationships with your professors. They don't see you as just another number.
Claflin University is a good school if you like a small, close learning environment. I thrive in it as an art major. The on campus housing is great but, once you are a junior they will try to put you in off campus housing. It a walk but there are shuttles that come at certain times. The campus is usually active with events. I can't speak for any other department but, the art department while very small cranks out good work and has great teachers. Overall, I'm happy that I chose Claflin University as my school.
What I like about Claflin University is that they provide the students more than enough help with their classes.
I love the school it brought me out of my shy shell. what made me choose claflin its a family school and i thought i could be great at a small school such as claflin.
Claflin has been like a home away from home. Everyone has been so helpful and accommodating. There is a lot of diversity on such a beautiful campus. I get to interact with people of different backgrounds and origins. Claflin's main mission is motivating and helping their students become visionary leaders that the world needs.
its very family oriented and welcoming campus. I've been attending this school for a year and its defiantly more than I expected. I've made what I hope to be lifetime friends and I've even become a tour guide at the university. I love my HBCU.
I have been to visit Claflin University several times. Each time is a pleasant experience. The overall campus is bright and welcoming. The staff is nice, helpful and funny. The staff take the time to make sure you're satisfied. The students all seem to enjoy the school, education, and experience. My brother personally attends Claflin and he comes home telling me how much I will love college. He says the people are all so inviting and it was not hard for him to make friends. The school is not far from my home so if I ever need my parents they aren’t far. I think I will enjoy the college experience at Claflin.
My first year at Claflin University i feel like it was a great success. From the teachers to the safety of us students. At Claflin you can see that the professors want you to succeed in life and they would do anything to help you succeed. Everyday when i walk out my dorm i feel protected because of how strong and supportive the campus security are. They are always roaming the campus making sure everything is good and making sure everyone is safe.
There are many different elements that make Claflin great, but the main one is class sizes and the atmosphere is family-like. Once you step on to the campus, everyone is happy to help, direct you, or to just greet you. It's a wonderful experience being on the ground of the oldest HBCU! One thing, I would change is the AC/HEAT within some of the campus buildings. Some days inside the buildings would be hotter than outside.
It’s great i love it
Needs fixing up still
Students never get what they want
All money goes to the grass
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I personally like the art programs they have at claflin, and they also teaches me alot to sustain an official role as an artist.
Claflin is perfect for those who want a school environment where school comes first. Though we're not a party school, where close to enough schools to be a part of any function. Claflin is also a small enough school where you'll easily make friends quick.
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