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I'm currently enrolled at Claflin University and as a freshman and so far everything is extravagant! I encourage everyone to attend Claflin university because its a great institution.
As of viewing Claflin University, I personally think that its a great school, great people, great people, & also great education.
Claflin University is an excellent school located in the City of Orangeburg, SC. It is known as one of the best HBCUs in the entire nation, ranking the top ten. With an amazing and simple campus, it can feel just as good as home as the professors treat you with respect and your peers treat you with respect no matter how you are. As much as it is an HBCU, I believe that it can be for every other race. Claflin provides a lot of opportunities for everyone here and will try their best to give you the full college experience while trying to give you the best education they can offer.
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I like how the faculty at Claflin treat the students like family. Any problems you may have can be solved easily and all you have to do is attend your classes.
What I like about Claflin Univesity is that the atmosphere is positive and the facility and staff pushes me to do things that will better me in the future so that when I graduate I will have pursue my career.
The small class setting and the professors are they to help you achieve your goals. The campus is very great. I enjoy meeting students from all walks of life who are very interested in having conversations about what their goals are in life.
This HBCU is profoundly diverse and prepares students for higher graduation and life after undergraduate studies. There are always internship and research opportunities being email to students and the staff genuinely cares about each individual's success. Happy to be a panther!
I have not started school with Claflin as of today, but my application process was excellent. I'm looking forward to starting in their master of education program.
My first visit of Claflin was very enjoyable. The students on campus was full of energy and the professors were honest but also very positive. My fellow alumni also shared my excitement about the school but there is really only one thing I would like to see change. I would prefer during the initial visit of the school will get to see a little more of the campus.
Claflin University is a small college, where you can receive personal assistance with professors. To receive opportunities within your major, and twenty-nine percent of graduates attend graduate school and seventy-nine percent join the workforce upon graduation. Claflin University maintains a strong regional and national academic reputation. By providing excellent educational experiences for all students, and shorter time for degree completion. Claflin University provides research opportunities that challenges students with renowned professors. The University proved five elements that target visionary leadership; which are leadership, intellect, creativity, service, and activism. These key factors enhancing students with impacting global perspectives that can bring change throughout communities.
I am presently a student at Claflin University and I find it to be very appealing.
The Faculty and Staff are very warm and orientated.
If you are looking for a college that will guaranteed a great education Claflin is the place for you and your child.
Claflin is one of the best colleges to go to in South Carolina! Being the very first HBCU in the south, it has a great sense of history. There is a class dedicated to making sure every new student knows the history of Claflin.
The things that I like about Claflin are the hospitality, friendliness, and the tight knit community. Claflin is like a home away from home. Some things that could be better are the food, facilities, housing, and parking. The food choices could be different or change around. Some of the buildings could use a renovations to become more modernized. Parking around the campus can sometimes be stressful so more parking would be very useful.
Claflin University is really like your home away from home. The career and development office is very helpful and informative on sending emails about Resume reviews, scholarships, internships, and even part-time jobs. I really enjoyed my first year at Claflin because of the mentors and orientation leaders that Claflin had for us. I am looking forward to returning to complete my sophomore year for 2019-2020.
Being at Claflin was my best decision I've ever made. I love the environment, people, and the care they give so much here. Even though Claflin wasn't my first choice, I'm really glad I picked this school. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
It’s a HBCU college they help you every step of the way with everything. The teachers are very engaged when it comes to questions being asked.
Claflin university is one of the best HBCU's in the us. This is like the next best thing besides home. It feels like you are around your family and getting an education at the same time
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Claflin is a fun place for students to learn explore and endure the challenges of wat it takes become successful in wat they wanna major in rather it be in computer science, nursing, engineering, and various other degrees at claflin students graduate being capable of obtaining high paying jobs because company’s want there student because of the knowledge that they posses and the extraordinary work ethic they are able to performClaflin University is a great school that offers exceptional academic programs for its students. The faculty are always eager and ready to teach their students.
It is just not what it is made out to be, and I wish that I would have began some where else so that I could have the experience that college life has to offer.
Claflin University makes you feel like you are in a giant family. It's home away from home. The facility and staff here all want to see everyone succeed. When you want to quit they boost you up so that you don't.
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