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I love my school. At fist, I was skeptical due to it not being a big college; it felt more like a community college. But after years of making connections and working there, I really have grown to love it here.
I was very pleased with my overall experience with Claflin University. The staff and atmosphere is very pleasant.
So far my experience at Claflin has been good. At first it was a huge adjustment for me since I'm a first year student, but now going into my second year at Claflin it is safe to say that I won't be going anyway soon. Claflin has really grown on me. I've had so many good experiences at Claflin and have made so many good memories and friends there and they really show that they care. So if your considering going to an HBCU Claflin would definitely be a good choice.
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The school was not academically challenging, it lacked opportunities for students outside of the STEM majors, and the cost of attendance is entirely too much for what you are actually receiving.
Claflin University was a great school,my freshman year started of a little rocky but i made it through with the help of my teachers and counselors,they made me feel at home ,they always was there when i needed them. One thing i think Claflin should change is the tuition and become a public school.
I love Claflin . The people are very friendly and the professors ad very welcoming and understanding. You are very lucky to attend this university.
My experience at Claflin University has been great so far. I transferred to Claflin after I took a year off from school. I transferred from Winthrop University. I got accepted at Claflin my senior year in high school but I never wanted to go because size of the campus but it was one of the best decisions I have made. I know for sure when I graduate I have a job right off the spot. The professors here prepare you for the real world. They have connects for you in the work force in your field.
Claflin is an very great school. The teachers are amazing they take time out to help you have an understanding of your work. They push forward and try their best in leading you in the right direction.
Claflin University is a great school. The environment is safe and very nurturing. You will succeed at Claflin because of the support and resources.
I love the family, and small campus feel, but do feel like a lot of things could be updated. Also, a lot of things that bigger schools have we need. Also, food in the cafe, and the price of this school.
My experience here my freshman has been challenging. Claflin allowed me to adjust from grade school and my advisors took me in as if I was their own. Maybe the campus could expand more.
Attending Claflin so far has been a great experience. The first thing I notice was the welcoming smiles from everyone. That included the staff and students. I come a church going back ground and the students here love church. There are free tutors in every subject,along with the library and computer lab being open 24 hours. The dinning hall food is suitable to eat. The dorms are cleaned everyday to make sure we are having sanitary living conditions. I really enjoy it and I will encourage others to attend.
Claflin University is a true HBCU, however I would recommend students of any ethnicity to attend. The campus makes you feel like you are surrounded by family. The student teacher ratio is no more than 30. They have activities and other events that encourage you throughout the school year.
So far Claflin University is an amazing school. We all are just like one big happy family. We treat each other with the most respect. What I like about Claflin is that you are never alone. There is always a shoulder you and lean on and there's always someone there to help you when you are in need. They all just want what's best for you and what makes you happy. Claflin is also a very safe and small campus. All most everything is close by and that's also something I love about Claflin.
Claflin University is overall a good university to attend. Since I've been Claflin is very good at helping you get your work done and helping you apply for scholarships. Claflin University's staff is very helpful during class. I really enjoy being at Claflin University and enjoy all the stuff they do for the students .
My experience at Claflin University has been wonderful. I never actually expected going to an HBCU. I felt as though there would not be as much diversity as I would like, Claflin is actually very diverse. This is the start of my second semester of my freshman year and I have learned so much attending Claflin. Their athletics department from what I have researched and seen are amazing at what they do. This is a religious school so there is not much partying but when their is an event here at Claflin, the students are all for it. I am enjoying my time at Claflin.
Overall, I've had a good experience here. The class sizes are small, it's easy to get to your classes/ other buildings and facilities, and the college has a very caring environment with people who actually look out for you. Some things I wish would change include: better WiFi, more school spirit, better dining options, more housing options, and leniency on some of the rules here (like assembly attendance).
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I have come to the realization that Claflin is a school for a specific type of person. Specifically, someone who enjoys a small environment and everything that comes with that. During my experience at Claflin, I can say it has been hit and miss. I feel like everything can be so much better if they do more things to cater to students. The campus life is often times nonexistent because students feel as if their opinions do not. However, we are aware that Claflin'S tradition is "academics first", however, some students can only produce in an lively environment. Claflin does a great job of providing students with the tools they will need for their specific major. Unfortunately, the university fails in the department of outlets for students. If we had more to look forward to once we are done laboring in front of a screen for hours, everything would fall into place.
I did not pick Claflin it picked me. When I first attended Clalfin as a freshman student, I already had plans on transferring to Winthrop in the spring. But honestly once I realized they really care about their students, being the professors and our President, in which whom I can talk to face to face at appropriate times. I fell in love. It's really a family there and you learn so much. I'm a Marketing Major, and at Claflin I'm not just recognized by an ID number.
Claflin University is a place where visionaries connect. As I am matriculating through Claflin, I am learning about myself, others, handleing obstacles, and growing up. I would not trade this University for any other university. Although there are minor bumps in the road, all universities need improvement in some shape or form.
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