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Claflin is a very great school there is nothing negative about this place. The teachers and students really treat one another like family and everyone hear is motivated and striving to do their best to succeed
I love the illustriuous Claflin University because the people are wondeful and it's a great diverse institution.
Claflin University is a school that becomes home. You develop bonds with your fellow peers, staff, and faculty, and find that you will quickly have found a new family within these people. While this is good, you will also quickly find out that you are no longer capable of having privacy or secrets on the campus. With such a small pond of people on campus and the surrounding area, it is easy for information and rumors to be spread quickly. The academic standing of the school is fairly good, and many of the instructors are extremely knowledgeable on their content area.
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Claflin is a wonderful school with a strong focus on academics. Though Claflin University sports hold more than a few title in sports.
Claflin was an overall great experience and I got to know so many different people. I am fine with the way everything is now.
I am a currently a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education. My first year at Claflin was very interesting to say the least. I am a outgoing person by nature so that made it easy to navigate the lanes of integrating myself into the close , family-style ambiance that Claflin exudes. The faculty, staff and upper class students made it very easy to want to be a part of the campus. From the first day I stepped on campus on move-in day, I was excited for the future that Claflin was going to prepare me for. I truly claim the school's guiding principle of committing to excellence.
I went on a visit and the school seems like a very good school. I mean it's kind of far away from home but I feel the school is excellent and comfortable it will feel like home. It look like the academic department cares about the students and their education. Claflin University has a nice campus it's very clean and beautiful.
I love that Claflin University is a school where they are faith based. Claflin University's staff are very helpful. They just want to see students succeed and become successful.
Claflin is an amazing college to attend. You learn about history and get to enjoy the college experience while being in an educational environment. We have fun, support each other with sports events, and much more. We are a family. when one hurts we all hurt but, we lift each other and support each other til the very end. Go Panthers !
My experience at Claflin so far has been great, I love that the campus is so diverse and does exchange programs. The staff are helpful and ready to assist when needed to. The professors care about not only the students academics but they also care about their personal life as well.
My first year at Claflin University was not what I was expected, but better then what was in mind. Attending Claflin will seem like a lot of work, overall the University was just giving you the feeling of being about business no matter what and come in effort and encouragement while in style doing so. The only thing I wish I could change was just being more active and more sociable. I really enjoyed my first year at Claflin University!
I love everything about Claflin. Attending an HBCU isn't like attending a PWI or any diverse university. Attending Claflin gives you an outlook of your history and background which is something a lot of students should know.
I love my school. At fist, I was skeptical due to it not being a big college; it felt more like a community college. But after years of making connections and working there, I really have grown to love it here.
I was very pleased with my overall experience with Claflin University. The staff and atmosphere is very pleasant.
So far my experience at Claflin has been good. At first it was a huge adjustment for me since I'm a first year student, but now going into my second year at Claflin it is safe to say that I won't be going anyway soon. Claflin has really grown on me. I've had so many good experiences at Claflin and have made so many good memories and friends there and they really show that they care. So if your considering going to an HBCU Claflin would definitely be a good choice.
The school was not academically challenging, it lacked opportunities for students outside of the STEM majors, and the cost of attendance is entirely too much for what you are actually receiving.
Claflin University was a great school,my freshman year started of a little rocky but i made it through with the help of my teachers and counselors,they made me feel at home ,they always was there when i needed them. One thing i think Claflin should change is the tuition and become a public school.
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I love Claflin . The people are very friendly and the professors ad very welcoming and understanding. You are very lucky to attend this university.
My experience at Claflin University has been great so far. I transferred to Claflin after I took a year off from school. I transferred from Winthrop University. I got accepted at Claflin my senior year in high school but I never wanted to go because size of the campus but it was one of the best decisions I have made. I know for sure when I graduate I have a job right off the spot. The professors here prepare you for the real world. They have connects for you in the work force in your field.
Claflin is an very great school. The teachers are amazing they take time out to help you have an understanding of your work. They push forward and try their best in leading you in the right direction.
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