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Overall, great experience at Clackamas Community College! Everyone makes you feel welcome and a part of the college family.
I attended this college for a term but the course I wanted to take was gonna take longer than as if getting it at a different school because of all the pre-requisite classes so I chose to look for a different school.
It's a really great college to attend! I've had some pretty awesome teachers so far! The departments are excellent, as well. I love the art and horticulture areas :)
Review Clackamas Community College
I attended Clackamas while finishing my Junior and Senior years of High School simultaneously. My experience with this college was always positive. Levels and difficulty of the courses varied with each class, but all (but one) of my professors were available and eager to help whenever I had a question or issue, no matter how small. The staff at the college wanted me to succeed and with the help of a few academic advisors and some especially dedicated and caring professors, I was able to graduate with my AAOT on week after my High School Graduation. There were always more resources available to me than I knew what to do with and looking back my only regret is not having taken advantage of more of their opportunities more.
Clackamas Community College has amazing resources with a really helpful staff that care about you and your situation. I was able to meet with advisors, professors, and use the math lab to my advantage. They have a fairly up to date technology with a couple really great buildings. Parking is free, classes are cheaper, and most everyone is really nice.
I loved that since i was from california, i did not have any out of state tuition costs. The business professor faculty is amazing. Transfer advisers are super helpful. Parking is free so that helps out with being a college student.
What I love about Clackamas Community College is the small class sizes and the dedication of the teachers to help the students succeed. I'm going to graduate next term and I haven't had any teacher who was unfair or who I didn't like.
The campus is beautiful and the students are welcoming and friendly. My only complaint is that I wish there were more clubs and more ways for students to be involved.
The advisory office is most helpful, professors well intrigued to help students get the most out of their education, and overall a great learning environment.
There's a lot of amazing staff and students. The ASG students are awesome and very helpful when you ask for help. There's a community center building which is a nice safe place to do homework and take a nap. It's also a great place to meet new people. There's a cafe inside as well for students who need a pick me up or just something to snack on. The people there are just amazing and it's like a second home to me.
Team members in classes are no help
I cant get help when needed
The job searches about what jobs are amazing
Some professors good, some bad.
I love the career services which helps me find out about jobs.
I have to go to the math lab all the time to get my work done. It is a lot of work, but I know that it will all be wroth it.
I love how teacher help me succeed. They take the time to help me learn.
I like the flexibility of the classes I can take and how easy it is to register for classes. It is so flexible
Review Clackamas Community College
The online courses are definitely different experience than in class courses. It takes more time to to study on your own, but I can do it any time when I have time though out the week. I like the convenience of selecting my own study time. It helps me a lot because I have full time job.
There are various career network functions and job search help in this college
I am taking a certificate program business management which will help me in my career advancement in my current job.
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