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I enjoyed the ambiance of the college. There was a helpful familylike atmosphere on campus. I liked how helpful and available my instructors were.
I will be beginning the nursing program at CCC this September. I was accepted in to 3 other nursing schools in the area, but I chose Clackamas, because of the warm welcome I received from the interviewers at this school. I spoke with second year students who assured me that if I got in to this program, I would not regret it- all the teachers are fabulous. I took an online course over the summer, and I was very impressed with the CCC library website. I learned how to navigate through the website, and find appropriate and credible sources for research papers.
I loved all the trees around campus and the cougar cafe was always good! The parking lot did fill up quick though which kind of sucked.
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I really enjoyed the community life and focus of this campus and their professors. They were extremely knowledgeable in their fields and were always open to meeting you in person if you had any questions in regards to grades or assignments. They seemed to care about their students and how they were fairing with the material. This was a great choice for me! The campus was smaller so you got to know many of your fellow classmates on a personal level, you were seen and known by many of the professors. Also, the campus was beautiful all year round!
There was always something to do and everyone was so willing to help you get as far as you wanted. There is always people there to help guide you and give you any advice you need. It was a very welcoming environment.
Clackamas Community College is a great step in the right direction to broaden your future. The staff is extremely encouraging and full of information. Student life offers a lot of options for volunteering, outreach, and on-campus job opportunities. Support for financial aid and assistance with scholarships is above and beyond. Counselors are very approachable if you need further assistance.
I took small classes in the evening because it seemed easier and I wanted to enjoy my time here, then I took the plunge and started taking 8 hour classes during spring term starting at 7 in the morning. I learned some essential skills for having a career. It was an industrial type class so aside from the classroom, I'd say I got the genuine career experience, hand on tools, working with good people. plus, During lunch break, I met new people in the school cafe.
I like how the administration is helpful and knowledgeable about what they're doing. They do a fantastic job in guiding you through graduation and transfers.
Best college in Oregon for Veterans and one of only a few. Had a great emergency management degree program. Great option to challenge a course if you know the subject.
Clackamas Community College gives you the opportunities and abilities you need to be able to grow in your college career. Whether you are transferring to a 4-year, or you are graduating with them you are able to really prepare yourself for your next stage in life that you have. Clackamas gives everyone an equal opportunity to a good education, and makes sure you know how to be successful once you leave there. Overall I was pleased with my experience.
Teachers want you to succeed, other students make class more engaging, and overall there's a sense of community.
So far, i have greatly enjoyed my experience at clackamas community college. my classes have been enjoyable, and the professors have been excellent. i have yet to encounter a lazy or unprepared professor. i really enjoy the atmosphere and overall feeling of the college. parking could be better, but that's more of a comment than a complaint.
Clackamas Community College has a great math department. Parking is easy. The college's major sports are baseball and wrestling.
I love the environment! It's very calm and relaxed, not stressful or crowded. I would like to see some updates in their landscaping, but other than that it's a wonderful campus1
Small community feel. The teachers take time to get to know each student and really want each student to succeed.
I love the campus and the involvement of events and activities. The staff is overall very good and wants you to succeed.
This is an amazing college where instructors do their best to help students. It is a very calm and relaxing school that allows me to concentrate on my studies. There are several different classes for the art and STEM majors. I have enjoyed all of my classes so far and I recommend that future students should apply here.
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I started off my freshman year, terrified and nervous, but the first day of school was so amazing. All the professors are so wonderful and kind. The students there are also so sweet. There’s really never drama, and they’re so friendly too. The staff at Clackamas Community College is so helpful also!
CCC is a nice college. All the professors I've had have been very good. The campus is small but there is a good community of people. It is kept clean and well taken care of.
The campus is beautiful and spread out, but still small, and there are many peaceful spots for doing homework both indoors and outdoors. Instructors are very invested in their courses and are generally very willing to help students. There are a variety of work opportunities for students as well as many community boards with announcements. Advising center can be hit-and-miss with helpfulness- I've been given poor advice that resulted in not being able to graduate on time, but other sessions have been very helpful and accurate. The best option is probably to find an advisor that you trust and ask for that individual every time, rather than meeting with whoever is available. There are many opportunities to get involved and meet new people with similar interests.
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