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I think this college is not just a good way for someone to start the next phase of they're education. I personally have nothing off about this place. The campus is a very relaxing environment, that is so open and free. The campus also not only offers a ton of opportunities for work ethic, but the instructors and other staff are really helpful and treat students maturely . The programs themselves are really good as well. Making sure to cover the basics of whatever kind of career someone is going for. Overall, Clackamas Community College is a very diverse and fair environment for anyone. Whether that'd be getting a start, or continuing they're education from years ago. Clackamas Community College is certainly one of the best options.
I'm a returning student, 30 yrs later, and the staff has been incredibly helpful and has made the transition extremely easy.
CCC has a very pretty campus and lots of diverse classes to offer their students. The professors are organized, the buildings are clean, the students are friendly, and the cafe has great food.
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My experience with Clackamas Community College is okay. It is not the best college however, it is very helpful because it saves your money. I plan on finishing my associates at Clackamas Community College and transferring to Oregon State University. Although everything about this school is average, it helps a lot with money.
Clackamas Community College is a decent school I haven't had many issues going to school there. The only downside is they don't have dorms or houses but they expect most people to be living with a guardian or at there own place.
Great college to get involved in. Whether you are just wanting to get your associates or get a transfer degree. I highly recommend going here. The student life is amazing.
I have only just started at CCC, but the time that I spent there is pleasant. The teachers are nice and the staff are very helpful.
Clackamas is cheap and beautiful, though it has some shaky professors and can play difficult and act blind to issues.
College is a great teaching center, but the community isn't very including, the staff can be amazing and helpful, although I have ran into a few teachers who are pretty bad. I have found that all my elective teachers are the most helpful and who really care about your work. Most of the science teachers and writing teachers don't have a lot of heart into the work and could care less if we pass or fail.
Going to CCC has been amazing! Everyone is extremely nice and wants to help you in anything and everything you may need. The teachers and faculty are understanding and very easy to talk to and interact with as well as the other students. Overall it has been an incredible experience
Teachers are very involved and easily accessible. Many different classes are offered, many are actual professionals in the field they are teaching. Campus is very clean and monitored. Classes are easy to find. Lots of room for parking.
All of my instructors have been great, very understanding and care about the students
I have enjoyed all of the classes that I have taken
They have all the resources you'll need to achieve an academic excellence. The resources include the math lab, science lab, and writing lab: all resources to help students become successful individuals.
Clackamas Community College is a great college with a beautiful campus and an inviting feel. You will never feel unsafe due to easy contact with campus security and the amount of people at the campus. The buildings are not too far apart and is it not concrete building, but brick buildings which lighten the mood at the campus. Every professor and student welcomes you with and you never feel alone.
I transferred to Clackamas Community College for my freshman year winter term from Portland Community College. I had been going through a lot of self doubt and stress, but the community at this school was so kind and helpful, and it really calmed a lot of my nerves. The campus is kept clean and the new buildings are just beautiful. It’s an easy campus to navigate, everyone there is willing to do all they can to help you succeed, and the parking is free which helps out a lot when money is not in abundance.
The financial adviser we very helpful and to the point in directing me. I appreciate the take she took with me.
I love how everyone is very helpful and nice. I go to school there through Clackamas Middle College and everyone is very nice. They building are beautiful and there are resources everywhere.
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The staff really does care about your success. The advising center, academic counseling, and student center are all very helpful during you time attending Clackamas Community College.
for a community college its pretty decent I expect. They have some unique offerings that aren't available other places such as a really nice music studio for those looking to get into music business and they just built a new industrial technology building this year. The teachers range from amazing to average (from my experience) all in all if your looking for a degree that they offer that isn't offered elsewhere its highly recommended and if your looking to be a transfer student and using it as a cheap way to get your generals out of the way its also highly recommended. I'd say its a good school for a community college. Definitely above average in most categories.
So far so good! I guess. This is my third term in a 2 year AAS in Business and Everyone is awesome and the facility is top notch. I'm just anxious and not sure if I have enough luck to get a handle on taking 12 credits or not... I thought I was doing alright until this term. I am gonna try my hardest to get through it because that is how I was raised. Hopefully my Vocational Rehabilitation counselor has a little faith in me because I'm running thin... Among the best CCC thanks for the opportunity to receive a higher education in this community.
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