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Teachers want you to succeed, other students make class more engaging, and overall there's a sense of community.
So far, i have greatly enjoyed my experience at clackamas community college. my classes have been enjoyable, and the professors have been excellent. i have yet to encounter a lazy or unprepared professor. i really enjoy the atmosphere and overall feeling of the college. parking could be better, but that's more of a comment than a complaint.
Clackamas Community College has a great math department. Parking is easy. The college's major sports are baseball and wrestling.
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I love the environment! It's very calm and relaxed, not stressful or crowded. I would like to see some updates in their landscaping, but other than that it's a wonderful campus1
Small community feel. The teachers take time to get to know each student and really want each student to succeed.
I love the campus and the involvement of events and activities. The staff is overall very good and wants you to succeed.
This is an amazing college where instructors do their best to help students. It is a very calm and relaxing school that allows me to concentrate on my studies. There are several different classes for the art and STEM majors. I have enjoyed all of my classes so far and I recommend that future students should apply here.
I started off my freshman year, terrified and nervous, but the first day of school was so amazing. All the professors are so wonderful and kind. The students there are also so sweet. There’s really never drama, and they’re so friendly too. The staff at Clackamas Community College is so helpful also!
CCC is a nice college. All the professors I've had have been very good. The campus is small but there is a good community of people. It is kept clean and well taken care of.
The campus is beautiful and spread out, but still small, and there are many peaceful spots for doing homework both indoors and outdoors. Instructors are very invested in their courses and are generally very willing to help students. There are a variety of work opportunities for students as well as many community boards with announcements. Advising center can be hit-and-miss with helpfulness- I've been given poor advice that resulted in not being able to graduate on time, but other sessions have been very helpful and accurate. The best option is probably to find an advisor that you trust and ask for that individual every time, rather than meeting with whoever is available. There are many opportunities to get involved and meet new people with similar interests.
The professors are really interested in what they are teaching and are always available to help. The campus is beautiful and always clean. The only thing I would like to see changed is how helpful/knowledgable the advisors are. I feel like I guided myself through college because every time I went in for help they didn't give me any more information than what I already knew.
So far I’ve had a great experience at Clackamas Community College. I’ve been very lucky and loved all my professors. They all seem to love what they do and they make their lectures interesting and easy to follow.
Clackamas Community College is first and foremost FRIENDLY! The campus is smaller and easy to navigate. Pretty, clean, and peaceful grounds and not overcrowded. There are fast food options across the street. Cougar Cave provides clothing, food and other supplies to students in need. Apply to student government and if chosen you earn book or tuition money. Not enough intramural sports though. But being a smaller campus doesn't appear there are enough interested people to support intramurals. Student government has tried.
I can't wait to go to Clackamas Community College. it is a wonderful school that has all the resources that I need to become a nurse and maybe even grow on education and become a medical physician.
Students and teachers are very involved in helping you succeed! I really enjoy the wide range of classes that they offer. So far, I have enjoyed all of the teachers that I have had.
It is an amazing college, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for my first year experience at a college.
Clackamas is great as long as you’re able to be self sufficient and self reliant. If you’re not an athlete, they offer virtually no help to you. You really have to dig in and fight for yourself, otherwise they will push you around.
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I liked how you could earn credits at your local high school, and it's easy to register to classes. Their website is easy to navigate and the administration is super nice. Definitely a good experience.
I'm still going there and I like it so far. No complaints so far, I just wish that the buildings were connected in some way so that when it rains we could be covered.
In my experience all my professors where very nice and would alway help me. Love the math lab and writing center, alway helpful and if someone couldn't figure out the problem they would always get someone else to help. Campus is a good size so you can get to your classes in less then 10minutes.
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