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Getting my bachelor's in business administration at City Vision allowed me to finish a year faster than I could have at other universities, and nearly for free. It's highly flexible and an excellent opportunity to get your degree faster or cheaper. I noticed two downsides: lack of prestige and dated curriculum. However, City Vision asked for my feedback and is taking steps to improve the curriculum. Mostly, the curriculum fit my learning style like a glove. It was flexible and allowed me to dig deeply into my interests and obtain a working knowledge of other topics. There was less instructor interference than at schools, and they still gave useful, thorough feedback. Overall, City Vision allowed me to achieve my academic goals quickly, affordably, and effectively. With City Vision's flexibility, I believe that thousands of students would find the same.
I earned my Bachelor's degree from CVU and I ONLY recommend this university to those seeking higher education! From the supporting staff to the professors, it was NOTHING short of the best quality of education given with an enormous amount of care and concern for the students! I earned my degree online and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made (choosing CVU)!!!!
I am a graduate of City Vision University. The priceless education that I received through my studies there has benefitted me in both my career, my personal life, and my journey as a recovering addict. Due to the curriculum that encourages service in local ministry and non-profit type organizations, I was hired as a program coordinator at the non-profit where I was volunteering and have progressed to become their Director. I have continued toward my goal to become a Certified Addiction Counselor and am looked to by both political and church leaders in my hometown regarding issues of homelessness, addiction, and poverty. I have recommended City Vision to many. A friend of mine has recently graduated from there and like me, utilizes what he learned there in his daily life of serving other.
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City Vision has been a Godsend and has provided me with a good education in an accredited program with my entire tuition paid for by grants (money I never have to pay back). It is a small school and I have been able to take classes at my own pace, take a term off when needed, or take one class at a time. All of the professors have been great and are very qualified to teach their respective courses. Many of the staff members could easily be working in much higher paying positions but have sacrificed those things in order to make City Vision possible for people who may be mission-minded but lack the resources to get a college degree. If you are interested in ministry work, non-profit management, or addiction counseling I highly recommend City Vision University.
City Vision University provided me a quality, Christian- based, and affordable education. I recently graduated with the Bachelors of Science in Addiction studies, with the next step of going on to pursue licensing to become a Chemical Dependency Counselor. I can honestly say my experience was wonderful and I always felt like everyone wanted me to succeed!
I valued my education from City Vision University! The professors that instructed my courses were not only professional, experienced and well versed in their specific fields of study they were also compassionate, assistive and caring, always willing to talk, email, or text message with me whenever a problem or issue arose. Professors at CVU utilize Biblical verse and real world situations to teach and exemplify the course lessons, resulting in a more straightforward, more understandable, memorable learning experience. I recommend CVU for anyone looking for an affordable, comprehensive, well-rounded, Christian educational experience.
I, Jonathan Spain-Collins, was a student at City Vision University for five years and I have to say it was a great experience. I graduated with a bachelor of science degree in nonprofit management. City Vision University has a great program with it's eight week curriculum instead of a long sixteen week one. The instructors give very thorough reviews on every paper and forum post I have submitted for the courses I have taken for my degree. I had a great push for excellence by the school's president Andrew Sears to complete my work no matter what the cost. I can never forget the times I had to pull all nighters just to complete my assignments but they were worth it. On a scale of one to ten, I give City Vision University a guaranteed ten.
Like all programs of study there were classes I liked and classes I didn't and things that I felt could have been done better; but overall I was pleased with my course of study. My studies here gave me a wealth of new knowledge about Christian Community Development that for anyone, even non faith based persons, was radical. I learned new ways of thinking and techniques for community development based on successful real world projects; and overall learned a new way of looking at my community and the work I do in the nonprofit sector. I would (and have) recommend the school to those looking to work in the ministry or nonprofit context.
City Vision University represents a valuable resource to engage in an affordable, comprehensive and accredited educational plan. I have been a student in their program in the mission of The Salvation Army and found it to be a great support with the flexibility I needed in my role. I recommend CVU highly for employees, staff, volunteers, clients and especially SA officers. You can remain in your academic program in the midst of changing addresses, schedules and responsibilities. Perfect for people who want to upskill or complete unfinished degrees. Also great for personal and professional advancement.
I would recommend City Vision University to anyone seeking higher education, but especially for those seeking to work in the nonprofit sector. I personally graduated in July of 2016 after 20 plus years of on and off again college. Enrolling in CVU was the smartest educational and career move I have ever made. Since my graduation I have had 2 different promotions and I am currently the Vice President of Enterprise and Work at one of the fast growing Nonprofits in Colorado Springs
My name is Angela Gay, and I finally got my Bachelor's degree in business administration thanks to City Vision University! The professors all have PhD's yet they are very engaging, understandable, and relate quite easily. The president, Andrew Sears, is smart, accessible, and very kind. He supports his students wholeheartedly. To be honest, I was intimidated with taking online courses, however, I didn't have to worry,. I graduated with honors! I love City Vision University and plan on going back for my MBA. I highly recommend this school of higher learning!
City Vision College made the enrollment process very easy. Because I applied for a job and did not get it the president decided to assist me with a discount for my first class.
I love that it's an online school and non-profit. My student advisor is wonderful and the tuition is extraordinarily reasonable.
So far I enjoy the interaction between my peers and my professors willingness to supply input.
I like doing the work for my program, it is interesting and you learn a lot.
I would like to know the exact date when I am suppose to graduate. The admission office, is not accurate. They need to be direct and open, not so much skeptical, as in I will drop out.
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