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So far, the communication with CityU has been phenomenal -- prompt and easy to understand. They are swift in replying to e-mails and questions and are always open to answering questions no matter how strange. The application process was also easy and quick to complete and the flexibility of their program attracted me to the university in the first place.
Personally I was shocked to see it ranked as a C+ overall. I would give it a B/B+ personally. I first enrolled in 1995 back when HQ was in Bellevue with a main campus location in Renton. They also had classes at Northgate and Everett as well. I know they have a strong presence in Asia and Europe as well. I am in the MBA program and attended off and on from 1995-2004 while I was working in Banking and Retail Merchandising. I am about to re-enroll Spring 2017 and expect to graduate in Spring 2018. I am 95% satisfied with my current experience with them.
Great instructors and administrative staff. Everyone is very friendly and helpful . This is my second quarter at city university of Seattle and so far I have enjoyed it. I like that the courses are offered in quarters. I feel like the classes do not drag on like other semester long courses that other colleges and universities offer. I just wish there were more courses offered and more locations near JBLM.
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Horrible school. It's not really an actual college. The library is inefficient, small, no selection. There is no student services, activities or cafeteria. Instructors are lacking experience, knowledge and basic common courtesy. The tuition is way over priced for the quality of education. This school is a scam!. DIPLOMA MILL!!!!
The best thing about this school is it's online program.
I wish the school has a mathematics program.
I have never felt unsafe.
The majority of the students are professionals with full time jobs. I like that the professors are also professionals in the real world. I also like that they have a great online program, enabling me to take classes away from the school.
I have enjoyed my educational experience iys been rewarding.
The advisor are extremely helpful.
There is no athletic program that I could see.
I love this school! The professors are always available and helpful with your next steps in the classroom and starting your career. I was lucking to find this school !
I would transfer to a bigger university
would rather attend a bigger college
its okay not the best not the worst. campus security is often rude
its okay the building is nice
school has no greek life
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its not bad not good either
we dont have sports at city u
My instructors have been great.
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