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City Colleges of Chicago - Wilbur Wright College Reviews

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Personally Ive been coming to Wilbur Wright since 2013, now I've drifted away for 5 years for personal reasons but coming back was great. They were able to help me come back to continue my education. They are very helpful here, and if you need anything they will point you out in the right direction.
I transferred from Harold Washington and Wright is so much better! Everyone is very helpful and nice, and the professors are very smart and passionate. People are more friendly and though there's not a lot to do outside of the campus, people are always hanging out. The campus is nice and it feels like a four year college, which I like. I also feel that the students really want to succeed and it shows. However, do NOT buy the campus food. It is really expensive and not good.
i liked wilbur wright because its in a safe area and it has a lot classes and a huge library.the reason i gave it four instead of five is since it does not have a lot of diversity and almost no minorities
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I enjoy the campus and the people at Wright, although at anytime you can walk right in with out any security check. It is pretty unsafe. I wish they would make the campus safer. Also, clubs are very low key, I feel like I just have to get my education and leave. I don't feel the need to join clubs because of the environment there.
3 stars.
because i spend so much money for nothing.
advising seems to not know a whole bunch.
I get no financial aid because "parents make too much" im broke..
books are overly priced.
scholarship are hard to get.
classes fluctuate in temp. dont really know what AC is in some times of the year.
Chairs are uncomfy.
teachers barely speak English and can not understand what they are saying half of the time...
It was an okay experience. It feels a step higher than high school, but I am certainly more challenged here than I was before. There are almost always school activities going on and constant emails about how you can join communities, internships, and jobs. There's public access to computers, as well as specialized ones for those who are disabled. Students vary from those just out of high school and adults well in their 40s or more. There's a large amount of diversity and great teachers who are willing to work with their students.
I'm a freshman but this school has been very warm and filled me with opportunities for growth in my field of study.
I had a good experience there; I have learned a lot at Wright and recommend attending for anyone. Even though it is a 2-year college, it has helped me and a lot of other students learn and attain a degree, and also help with transferring to either a career or 4-year university.
Staff is awesome and are willing to help in every way possible. I really enjoyed my time at Wilbur Wright.
I find that the teacher do not really care about teaching the students, and instead just write on the board and expect you to know everything.
My experience at Wilbur Wright College was the best decision for me financially. Students should go to this college because the workers are helpful to any question you have. The classes are very easy to find which is a good thing because students don't have to wander different departments to look for their classes. My overall experience has been good because I got my general classes done without worrying about debt.
Wright is a good place to get you started for your college experience, the academic advisors are such a great help to get you to graduate on time and to get you ready to transfer on to a four-year university.
At this place have good instructor and high experience that can guide line the direction to their students. And the place is close the community. It should have to open more classes that students can enroll and come to class this area.
The instructors really care about their students, and make an effort to help us succeed. The school is surprisingly well funded considering the size. I don't really know what I was expecting from community college but this wasn't it.
Wilbur Wright is a small Community College that has majors that include Liberal Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Machine and Metal Working.
What I like about Wright College are the resources they obtain. There is a wellness center for students that are stressed out, a tutoring center, a writing center, a career planning center, as well as a food pantry. The faculty make it their priority to help the students succeed. As for what I would like to see change, I would like to see more student engagement on campus, such as more students engaging in on-campus activities and being more involved.
I’m attending Wright in fall 2019, so far mt experience is great. Love how people greet you right when you walk in, and how the building is labeled depending on the names!
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My first year at City Colleges of Chicago at Wilbur Wright was an awesome experience I will never forget. There are many professors who care for their students. They provide student with excellent tutoring services.
Professors are very help along with all faculties. It is a nice studying environment throughout the college. Even though it is community colleges it offers a variety of things that other colleges might not offer.
Wilbur Wright I've heard really good things about that school. I have relatives in that school, they always tell me to apply there because they have really good classes and good professors.
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