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City Colleges of Chicago - Wilbur Wright College Reviews

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The thing I liked most about Wright College is the professors. They are always willing to help a student to make sure they understand what is happening in class. Something I'd change is the advising services.
Wilbur Wright is an Affordable, helpful, convenient, high quality college that has good supervisors to help guide you through.
Perfect class sizes for those that prefer smaller classes and many of the teachers are great at their jobs. Help is easy to find for pretty much anything you need academically.
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It's my second full-time semester and I can say that I like this college! If you want to get new knowledge in different sciences and good life experience, this college it's the right place!
Wilbur Wright has been an amazing experience for my first two years of college. The professors are very driven to their subject and loves to teach. It’s never boring in class. They even make time for one on ones to make sure you understand the content. I loved it!
A very nice and welcoming school, especially for those who are new to college. On my first day i was scared on having to have new teachers and classmates, but after a couple of weeks it all became natural and i understood how college is going to work. I never had any issues with the professors or students, and the professors are usually always helpful for things that need a more understanding of.
I am new to this school. I hope to obtain a paralegal degree or certificate and advance my career. This school has a ABA accredited paralegal program that would help me reach my goals.
Wright College is a community college. The teacher there are great and want to see the students succeed and continue their education to a four-year school. The teachers try their best to prepare the students for life beyond college. Since the school is a community college, it does not have housings or a student life there. However, there are clubs there that students can participate in like film clubs and scholarship clubs. Also, the political science class in Wright College participates in a Diplomacy Lab project for the U.S. Department of State.
My experience at Wilbur Wright College has been good overall. Atleast in the 5 semesters that I attended this school I didn't have any problems. One thing that I would like to point out is that the tutors that are available as resources for us the students are really helpful in the subjects that you need help you get it. There was one English tutor that was great at helping me in correcting any paper, Professor McNamara.
Going to Wilbur Wright College that is a city college in Chicago is a great experience because you get more attention from a professor since the classes aren't that big. The teachers at the school are very helpful with the students.
Every time I have been to the campus to solve a problem, the wait time has been prompt and I have left super satisfied. I have always left this college one step closer to fulfilling my goals. The staff is very nice and helpful.
it was good they have a good st of teachers and the students environment its nice so in total i had a good time vising this college and i feel that it would a good college for any graduating seniors from high school
Wilbur Wright College offers individuals opportunities to improve their lives and strengthen skills. There are various classes an individual can seek for their personal improvement or towards a degree. My experience allows to ensure others that it is possible to attend college at any time of their lives. Without Wilbur Wright College I would not be able to afford college and form relationships with staff. The staff influenced me to continue my education and shaped my opinion of local community colleges. I'm grateful for this college and will be proud to have attended it.
Wilbur Wright College has changed so much in the past couple years. They have remodeled their advising center along with other departments. This had made it so easy to get the help and answers you're looking for. There are more advisors to sit down with and explore options. The atmosphere of the school is so much better. At Wright you feel like you can do what need to excel with the help right along the whole way. Classes has become more techonoly advanced and challenging. Wright was known as a first stop school only but now the programs they have are expanding and so are the types of certifications you can obtain. Not only can you transfer out of Wright but you know you won't have anything missing or have a hard time finding another school that matches. I'm grateful for Wright College and the advisors that helped my find the right path.
Amazing staff. Always helping students out whenever. Friendly environment, very diversed. Teachers helping students to pass when struggling.
Depending on the courses you take, the level of difficulty varies but overall, professors are pretty good, a variety of help and tutoring services are available for students throughout campus, such as quiet study rooms, group study rooms, tutoring centers, writing centers etc.
I would like if they have gym, however it is currently close. Overall, professor are very hardworking for the student. The professor also very helpful making sure that we pass are classes. I would recommend people to attend community college before attending university. This college have great events and speakers program. I really like the workshop they provide for the students. This college also offer so many free service and activities for the student to participate. Family and friends can come as well to attend and take course here. I save tons of money and happy to attend this college.
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The atmosphere that Wright College provides is a sense of safety, friendly and a diverse campus. The staff and the teachers are knowledgeable and committed to and for the student. The Student Services is very helpful and available for all kinds of students (part-time, full-time and others). The school itself is functional in getting to and from each classes. The size of the class is reasonable. The teachers personal hours are a plus.
The community over at that college is great. You have no problem of joining activities and the classrooms are nice and great to be educated in. At Wright College, they care about their students and education.
I like the education they provide. They have enthusiastic professors. They are quite diverse. I have been studying here for about a year. They have the great program which is called "Gateway to College" to help ESL and GED students to transition to college.
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