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What I loved about Truman College is how they have so many support centers to make sure that you get all of the help that you need. We have at least 15 helping centers like the math center, reading center, writing center etc. I actually really love Truman. One thing they can change is having more healthy food that's affordable too.
Truman College is truly a great experience, this school is very diverse, and is truly amazing academically. The teachers really want to see you succeed, not only as a student, but personally as well. In high school I had a hard time learning new things because I would be distracted or simply have no motivation to continue, but here at Truman everyone shows love and appreciation, there are many clubs to join, and many student activities. I highly recommend this school for everyone.
I like the attention the advisors give their students. I can honestly say that it is because of their help that I am back in school, and happy that I am back. They definitely give you the sense to want to continue to get your education.
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The staff is committed to helping students reach their goals and achieve success. Everyone single staff member has helped me learn about more opportunities and ways to succeed.
I love that there is a lot of support in the school. There is pretty much a tutoring center for every subject and places where you can get help if it is not school related.
City college of Chicago- Truman college is very good college with highly diverse students. Most of the professors are awesome. The school has so many student supporting centers like science center, maths center , writing centers , speech lab and etc.. their are also many student clubs in the college .
Once entering Truman you feel a warm welcome, not only from students but staff as well. Once I got to meet student, I began seeing how involved the students and staff are in their education as well as the activities that go on after classes.
Chemistry students at Harry S Truman College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, received hands-on industry experience in class and an opportunity to apply for a paid summer internship through a partnership with Chicago Discovery Solutions, a company focused on developing new, environmentally-friendly technologies for pharmaceutical research.

Truman College student
I liked how nice and self explanatory everything was when it came to counselors at the admissions desk.
I love the college, I've had nothing but great experiences with the students and the staff! It's not far away from my house and I know a lot of people who go here. I went to the high school and it was enjoyable
Truman College is one of the city colleges of Chicago. A diverse community college where every student interact with each other. Truman College have one of the best writing center where qualified teachers help students to get. Students get succeeded and its a positive element of the college.
Truman college give me the last opportunity to success in my life. After 10 year off from school I diceded to go back and be a professional. However, in Truman college I met he best peoe who opened the door for me and give me the last chance to continue. Something that I thought is going to be impossible. Nonetheless,I am working hard to have good grades. In additio, Truman college is a cozy and friendly place. The huge diversity of culture makes Truman special. I love this places.
It was good experience the professors are well experienced and dedicated to give you what they have; the location is accessible to transport.
The first semester I went and paid out of pocket for classes. Only to find that I could have placed out of those classes and saved myself several hundred dollars.

The teachers are OK.
I attended Truman for over 3 years and graduated from the Truman Nursing program with honors. (The extra year was for pre-requisite classes). Do not waste your time or money with this school. The frustration they will cause you is just unbearable. Aside from the few professors that actually care, there is nothing good about this institution. The administration is a complete joke, and expect to be treated like a 10 year old and spoken to with a complete lack of respect. It was a horrible experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Spend the money and find another school, you will be happy you did.
It's affordable and diverse and they're working on cleaning up the exterior. The science department and classes are good with some dedicated professors. There are security officers on campus but the surrounding area doesn't always feel safe.
I have been having nice experince at my school because I have met new people that have helping to improve my English.
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I have not taking online courses, so I do not have an idea of how they are.
I want to be kindergarten teacher, so I want to transfer to another university to complete my degree.
For me, my professors are really good persons that have help me to understan almost everything in my classes. They help me alot especially when finals are come.
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