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City Colleges of Chicago - Truman College Reviews

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The learning experience is amazing and the instructors always create time for more office hours to explain more in detail. That alone has helped a lot of student better to understand the classes in a remarkable way including myself.
City Colleges of Chicago offers some great programs to get your Associates Degree. It is a great option to save money on tuition if you are planning on transferring to a university. They offer so many different assistance programs from counseling, groceries, free vision tests, and much more.
I am student of Adult education. They are very supportive and amazing teaching staff. My experience is pretty amazing in Truman College. Not only are teacher was good,but advisory and transition specialist are also very supportive.
college also offer many entertainment event. Those events are very interesting for students enjoy some extra time and change their mood and become fresh.
Truman also serve food for students to welcome us. Also it helpful for convenient medical serves and free pantry.
College should offered more scholarship for those who need and have not any resources.
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I loved the top notch professors I’ve had, specifically in the biology and math department. They have helped shape my future.
The classes are small and simple for beginners in college, the professors are willing to work with the students
I had a comfortable memorable experience. About 2 weeks ago I had applied for Truman and the next week I was accepted.
City college of Chicago- Truman is one of the best among the CCC because of its unique diversified of people, cultural, languages and race. It is situated in an conducive and pace environment which embraces you for whom you are and brings out the good sides in you. The lecturers makes you understand, prepare and focus on what good lies for you in the future. The administrative, advisors and staffs work as a team which makes you believe in you.
But, what I want them to put more efforts on it's the security. There should be adequate security which we as a a student know that they are trying their best.
I liked my professors. They all were very motivated, understanding, accessible and passionate about what they taught. I’d like to see professors compensated more than what they currently are, so that they can devote more time to their students. Even though they gave as much as possible and were great, their is only so much they can do as adjunct professors. Which most of them were.
Really nice environment with nice stuff and professors. The area around it is a bit tough and not the best place to hang around. But the inside of the school is safe. It's easy to get around. Everyone is helpful. For a community college, the teachers are actually well spoken and knowledgeable.
It’s a community college, lacking a community. If your goal is to transfer and get a 4 year education affordably, it is probably one of the best schools. Just don’t expect lots of fun, student activities.
This is just like any other community college. There isn’t really anything special about it. It’s annoying the run around you’re given when trying to sign up for classes, and get everything squared away.
Truman is a good College to start your college credits because it will help you to save some money which may be used when you transfer to a four- year university.
What i like about them is that they tell you what you need they are fast at responding to your questions and also they make you feel like your already part of them it is a good college what i would like to see change are hallways to decorate them and put more things into them .
My first year at Truman college was a lot different than high school. My freshman year experience definitely made an impression on me. Personally though, I don't regret going to Truman because they have a good educational program and I learned a few lessons I couldn't have learned anywhere else, but overall, I still hard times with the semester which is nothing compared to other students in college.
It's like a game of tennis; a little love, a few faults, but overall a wonderful challenge. After my first semester at Truman college, I realized that I couldn't fully understand what college was until I experienced it myself. I was anxious when I started my first semester but honestly, my professors were actually nice and they made me realized that college wasn't that bad and that I didn't regret applying to this college.
This is my first semester at this city college but so far I love it. All of my teachers seem to really enjoy what they do and try their bests to help you succeed. Everyone on campus consistently pushes the FREE tutoring services they offer for writing, reading, mathematics, etc. There is no reason you should fail if you put in the effort at this school. I would give it five stars but the layout of the building is very confusing for first time students.
What I loved about Truman College is how they have so many support centers to make sure that you get all of the help that you need. We have at least 15 helping centers like the math center, reading center, writing center etc. I actually really love Truman. One thing they can change is having more healthy food that's affordable too.
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Truman College is truly a great experience, this school is very diverse, and is truly amazing academically. The teachers really want to see you succeed, not only as a student, but personally as well. In high school I had a hard time learning new things because I would be distracted or simply have no motivation to continue, but here at Truman everyone shows love and appreciation, there are many clubs to join, and many student activities. I highly recommend this school for everyone.
I like the attention the advisors give their students. I can honestly say that it is because of their help that I am back in school, and happy that I am back. They definitely give you the sense to want to continue to get your education.
The staff is committed to helping students reach their goals and achieve success. Everyone single staff member has helped me learn about more opportunities and ways to succeed.
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