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City Colleges of Chicago - Richard J. Daley College Reviews

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The professors at Daley know what they're doing when they're teaching in the classroom. They put all of their attention to their students, and they'll help you no matter what. They're there to help you understand the material, and you can even go after class to their office.
What I like is the diversity. There are programs for transfers to 4 year Universities after college. There is a wellness center to speak with and check in once in a while. Student activities always host events to keep students informed and less stressed.
The only thing I like about this school is the teachers. Most of them are very good at their job and can be very reasonable when working with students. What needs to change in this school is; the food; some of the academic advisors need to become more informed when helping students (i.e. making sure students are registering for classes that are NEEDED); and 99% of the financial aid staff NEEDS to be replaced. Every time I have a question for financial aid, I get so upset and anxious before I even make the appointment. I hesitate to go every time. Many of the staff at this school look like they dread working there. I understand there are my students who goof around, but there are also many who mean business and need helpful information. Overall, I can't wait to be finished with this school.
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Richard J. Daley College has outstanding professors and tutors. It is extremely affordable to attend and a great investment for a students education. Most classes are transferable to four year institutions, however you have to make sure before choosing courses.

I've heard many student complain about counselors not responding in a timely manner, but for the most part the staff is very friendly and helpful. The school is building a new facility that will offer engineering and Manufacturing programs so parking is hectic at the moment, but all in all the school is a good option.
I teach at Daley. I can tell you that this place is bad. The professors are okay when it comes to classroom instruction. Other than that, Daley has many issues that need to be corrected. The president is a terrible leader. He fired our HR Director and institutional researcher without cause. He knows nothing about HLC policies/procedures. He also breaks OIG policy in regards to hiring people. A few people, myself included, interviewed for the Vice-President position at Daley. We interviewed on Monday, September 18th, 2017. We were told that a decision would not be made until November. The new VP was hired in early October. I was told by District that all paperwork for that position had to be completed by August 23rd. It was unethical for them to interview us in that fashion. The new VP isn't qualified for her new position. One would think that the faculty council would've stood up for me. They did NOTHING. Faculty does nothing to help the college grow and prosper.
Daley supports undocumented immigrants which is huge and very good for the community. Most of the staff at Daley is very helpful.
I liked the teachers there. Like every school, you have good teachers and not so great ones. It's what you make of it. The vibe is very calm here.
My overall experience was ok. I had some great teachers and an tenacious transfer advisor. As someone in my mid twenties I found the environment a bit amatuer. Some students are very loud and dispectful.
Richard J Daley was a decent experience.
-Low Cost
-Very calm relaxed vibe all around
-School is well maintained ( classrooms, gym, hallways)
-Easy to commute to by car or public transportation.
-Majority of the staff are very friendly
-Some professors don't challenge you or don't care about the class.
-Many of their books, mainly for philosophy and psychology, must be purchased through the school which is expensive.
-Not a big campus
-Lack of athletic options
-Cafeteria tends to be packed and very unruly during morning and afternoon hours.

It's a decent school but don't expect much to be going on event wise. A very relaxed environment for the most part so it's quiet around the school most of the time. Make sure you review your professors before signing up, I mainly used, you don't want to get stuck with a lackluster instructor. If you're someone who wants to finish their gen-ed courses for cheap its a great school to focus on.
I got my first associates degree from Daley College. The teachers there were helpful and available. The environment as friendly with great computer access and alternate methods of study. The college allowed you to take classes on-line, which can be very convenient for a student who has to work or have other responsibilities.
I was enrolled for two semesters back in 2014 to this institution. I had two professors that stood out for me due to their connection with the students. Community college is not only beneficial for saving money but they also look out for high quality education. I was glad I took this choice of saving money and getting the good quality education I deserve. For this who are graduating high school or are considering to go back to school in Chicago, this college is the right choice if you truly value education and want to watch your finances.
I do a great school with a very good academic potential also you see that there are very good teachers and I have had friends who studied there and studied there in richard daley and they say that it is a great school very good and that the teachers teach very well
I love Richard J. Daley College. They have a wide variety of classes that you can take depending on your degree path and college major. The thing that I would improve about Richard J. Daley College is to open up another computer lab for the students who can't find an open seat in front of a computer.
What I like about this college is that I love my classes and my professors. Also, the food at college are good.
Really recommend going here for your basic classes. They are helpful at the career center to know what career you should choose.
it's ok very different from the university i went
I have been a good experience in this college; I have been studying here about 4 years and everything is ok. The classes that I have taken were a good parameter to let me know what major I had to choose. The flexibility of my classes are interesting because the profesors teach their classes in a way that you like the course. Until now, I haven't experienced frustrations or hassles.
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The online courses are good for people that don't have enough time to attend classes on campus; the registration process is quite easy if you know how to do it. Sometimes the assignments are easy, and you have to submit them via Internet. Also, there are some proctored assessments that you have to do in the indicated campus. The relationship between student and professor is via e-mail; sometimes the professors make a mini class via video to allow students ask a question if they have.
I think that the quality of the career center is okay because there are different career advisors that tell the students what are the best options to chose a career. Also, they show students different job prospects that can help them to get a better job in their major that they want to study.
The college has a big variety of classes that offers to students. The classes are conducted from instructors that have experience in their field. Some classes require to do a lot of assignments, and also make some assessments. The class sizes can vary from a small class to large class. The professors are great, and they are helpfulness to their students.
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