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City Colleges of Chicago - Richard J. Daley College Reviews

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I like this college very much for the workers that are there and actually care for the students that want something in life, but there are many workers that just give an attitude off the bat and make one feel like they should not be there. This college over the years of being there has been a love/hate relationship. If it wasn't for the very FEW workers that are there and show how much they care I wouldn't have pushed myself to finish there and I am so happy I continued there.
Daley college is constantly working on its building and atmosphere. The college itself is beautiful, advanced, and safe. I have taken a few classes there and each time i have been there i have had an exceptional comfortable experience.
Its an amazing college. In this college teachers are great and helpful. People are kind. Students get along with each other.Classes are not that complex and teachers help you if needed. There is tutoring if a student doesn't understand the material.
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That I liked in Daley is that is close by my home, there is my major that I'm interest. Also there have classes to learn well the English. My plan is to go Daley 3 years, one year to get English classes and then my 2 years in this college.
Haven't really made friends but they have good teachers and resources and I am learning more about computer science. They have a great transfer director.
My experience at Richard j Daley college it has been really good the professors this semester are really flexible with us. Staff are nice with the students, is always clean. Students are nice with each other.
Overall my experience with with CCC can be described as nurturing. I had recently been struggling to re enter school and had been looking into new colleges. I looked into CCC and decided to make a visit. The office personnel were very helpful and polite. The facilities were very clean and they were in the midst of new construction. I then registered and went to orientation where I then felt very welcomed.
An excellent place to grow. For City Colleges of Chicago, diversity and safety is important. It is a place where students can be with the guarantee that we are listened to. Richard J Daley College has support for all students, personally I use DAC support and the support I receive is of very high quality. It is a human institution where it does not matter where we come from or where we are going academically speaking, we are all important and we are listened to. Advisors support and listen to their students, no matter what the situation is, there will always be a department available to help. CCC has numerous scholarships, in addition to financial aid to make the expenses of the classes affordable. In conclusion, I recommend The Community Colleges of Chicago if your plan is to study a 2-year associate with excellent options to transfer to the university.
I overall enjoy the school, the professors are very helpful and willing to work with all the students. I rated it four because some of the advisor and financial aid advisors lack the patience in helping the students. They do not always thoroughly go through the students' profile and see exactly what they need. I know many students that were placed in classes that were not needed for their major or at all because the advisor did not check everything. This is crucial especially for freshman because they do not know what they are doing. Overall the professors make you feel like you can approach them about your school work and any doubt you have about school. They also give great advice on transferring school and scholarships.
City Colleges of Chicago, Richard J Daley provides a great education and great opportunities. It is for those who either cant afford the university yet, or need other opportunities like short cut jobs. Richard H Daley has giveb me the opportunity to get my Associates Degree at a low to nothing cost, while giving me the chance to save up to transfer to a university. All of the staff are very welcoming and friendly. The security is always primordial. I definitely have a good experience with Richard J Daley.
The City Colleges of Chicago are good for saving money. You can get a lot of the gen ed. class out of the way, but I don't know how great any of their associates degrees are. Most people who attend plan to transfer to a 4-year university. Most of the teachers I’ve had are good teachers. I did have some very tough teachers, but they really made me learn the material. My recommendation is to take on the challenges, you will learn more.
Richard J. Daley College is a public, two-year community college in Chicago, one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago. The college was founded as William J. Bogan Junior College in 1960 and utilized classrooms in the evenings provided by William J. Bogan High School in the Ashburn neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois, United States. In 1970, the college moved to an interim campus, made of prefab buildings, in the West Lawn neighborhood at 7500 S. Pulaski Road, until the present campus was completed in 1981.
The professors at Daley know what they're doing when they're teaching in the classroom. They put all of their attention to their students, and they'll help you no matter what. They're there to help you understand the material, and you can even go after class to their office.
What I like is the diversity. There are programs for transfers to 4 year Universities after college. There is a wellness center to speak with and check in once in a while. Student activities always host events to keep students informed and less stressed.
The only thing I like about this school is the teachers. Most of them are very good at their job and can be very reasonable when working with students. What needs to change in this school is; the food; some of the academic advisors need to become more informed when helping students (i.e. making sure students are registering for classes that are NEEDED); and 99% of the financial aid staff NEEDS to be replaced. Every time I have a question for financial aid, I get so upset and anxious before I even make the appointment. I hesitate to go every time. Many of the staff at this school look like they dread working there. I understand there are my students who goof around, but there are also many who mean business and need helpful information. Overall, I can't wait to be finished with this school.
Richard J. Daley College has outstanding professors and tutors. It is extremely affordable to attend and a great investment for a students education. Most classes are transferable to four year institutions, however you have to make sure before choosing courses.

I've heard many student complain about counselors not responding in a timely manner, but for the most part the staff is very friendly and helpful. The school is building a new facility that will offer engineering and Manufacturing programs so parking is hectic at the moment, but all in all the school is a good option.
I teach at Daley. I can tell you that this place is bad. The professors are okay when it comes to classroom instruction. Other than that, Daley has many issues that need to be corrected. The president is a terrible leader. He fired our HR Director and institutional researcher without cause. He knows nothing about HLC policies/procedures. He also breaks OIG policy in regards to hiring people. A few people, myself included, interviewed for the Vice-President position at Daley. We interviewed on Monday, September 18th, 2017. We were told that a decision would not be made until November. The new VP was hired in early October. I was told by District that all paperwork for that position had to be completed by August 23rd. It was unethical for them to interview us in that fashion. The new VP isn't qualified for her new position. One would think that the faculty council would've stood up for me. They did NOTHING. Faculty does nothing to help the college grow and prosper.
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Daley supports undocumented immigrants which is huge and very good for the community. Most of the staff at Daley is very helpful.
I liked the teachers there. Like every school, you have good teachers and not so great ones. It's what you make of it. The vibe is very calm here.
My overall experience was ok. I had some great teachers and an tenacious transfer advisor. As someone in my mid twenties I found the environment a bit amatuer. Some students are very loud and dispectful.
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