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Some of the professors were not the best. The schools expectations were a little too high for the organizations. the information that could help students was not always expressed in a timely manner. The advisors were good. Most of my professors did an amazing job with teaching and helped the students in anyway they could.
When you compare Olive Harvey to other community colleges in Chicago it is very easy to overlook this one and choose another like Harold Washington, which is in the loop in downtown Chicago. I went to Harold Washington my first semester and the comparison between Olive and Harold is like night and day. The facilities are so much more clean and most of the classrooms are so much better here at Olive compared to Harold and. Olive boasts sports and even its very own gym. The hallways are not always crowded and the cafeteria food here is okay but at the very least it gives you an option to get a quick bite on the cheap when at Harold they offered no food choices. In my opinion if your looking for a school with a great environment, and sports Olive Harvey is the school for you.
I like how friendly everyone is, and how the professors make sure your not w wasting your money or there time. They have a lot of major to choose from like business management and a lot more.
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Just started my first semester. Its okay but far from great, admission was horrible and all the faculty look and act completely miserable.
My experience my first semester at Olive Harvey was pretty good. The teachers I had and encountered were very polite and helpful. I highly recommend attending this college.
Average college but you can find some good people in here. One of the best parts of community college for was joining One Million Degrees. Not that much things to do on campus but they're making more clubs. More diversity than you would think a small school would have.
When I first attended school here, I felt very welcomed. The students and staffs are very friendly. The environment is just excellent.
I love the classes. It has all the classes I need for my major. The professors are great and really care for the students. One thing I would like to see changed is more diversity and better prices for the school lunch
Olive Harvey College is a place where you're set up to achieve. The staff and professors are all very helpful.
My nursing program can help me get my bachelor's degree and to recommend professional degree for registered nurses. My major in nursing can help me required to complete coursework in basic science and liberal arts.
What makes my school unique, is that Olive Harvey helps college students get on the right track and help them study and learn more about their majors so they can prepare ourselves into our future careers. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over so the only thing that I would focus on is my nursing career.
It's challenging but easy to overcome as long as you have a great work ethic
I had a wonderful time here. Won a championship with the basketball team. Loved all my instructors.
The quality of recruiting, career center and services on campus are outstanding.
I love the support from the professors and the participation from the students.
My experience at Olive Harvey has been very convient. All of my classes has been scheduled on my own time. I also could still work and get everything done.
The post grad services at olive harvey is outstanding. Olive Harvey opens up the doors for many career opportunities.
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My major at olive harvey is outstanding. A lot of my major teachers are in the same career field that iam going to be in. The major teachers at olive Harvey are really hands on and will teach you everything that you need to know. Olive Harvey has a lot of career fairs based on majors.
My over all experience at Olive Harvey has been remarkable and unforgettable. The staff and students are so helpful and friendly. My best experience was when I was on the deans list, I was honored to be put on a big board in front of the school.
the community college is singled out yet over looked passed its educational success
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