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City Colleges of Chicago - Malcolm X College Reviews

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Malcolm X has been a great experience. The facility is beautiful and new, the professors are challenging, but challenges develop character, and the nursing program is booming.
i really like malcolm x.As a freshman at malcolm x i would say it has one of the programs and they are all interesting and catch your attention
I'm still a student at Malcolm X and so far im please being a student from there. The food is really good they have all kinds of food, every week they have a restaurant come in and sell their food at a reasonable price. I believe their main focus there is Medical, mostly all major are related to medicine. It is also a very diverse school. The only thing that I would change is that I wish there were more sports for other people or clubs. The professors are pretty good some check up on you and if you need help they'll find time to help you and make you understand the material.
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my experience at Malcolm x college was new and real.I would like for more majors and degrees to be available there.
I decided to attend this school because of the affordability and length of the nursing program. I might be taking the "long road" to become a nurse, but will have saved a large amount of money by becoming an ADN first and then applying to a university to complete the BSN.
Malcom X College is has a nice facility and you get your money's worth. Staff is friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. I have enjoyed my experience in this College since I applied, their class times are convenient with my work schedule and professors understand students have lives outside of work.
Aside from the fact that the building is very beautiful, the professors are really nice and are willing to help you when needed.
If you’re interested in the healthcare services Malcolm X is the right choice. We’re partnered with Rush Hospital and have our very own virtual hospital in the building.
Very helpful staff, caring teachers who help you both in and outside of classroom hours. Many opportunities to get involved within the college community.
i love Malcolm X college! It is such a friendly atmosphere and i feel safe and supported as a student. I recently lost my dad and the staff was very attentive to me and played a huge part in me finishing strong when the semester ended
This school is the worst school in Illinois everywhere you turn everyone in the building makes it harder for you.Never in my life have I ever felt this much shame.
My professors at Malcolm X have been really helpful and I feel that they want to succeed. Professor Wyatt for the BNA program is awesome!
yo selecione este colegio porque ya que el se especializa en lo que yo voy a estudiar. me han hablado super bien. Espero poder comenzar una nueva aventura y tener una muy buena experiencia
Malcolm X college is an amazing college because you have people who will risk it all, to make sure that you graduate from their college and continue following your dreams. No one is ever alone. Malcolm X College is like a adult system while they are following their dreams in any health field.
Malcolm X is a great college to attend. It is clean and the staff is enthusiastic and friendly to all students. The college is open-minded to any and all walks of life and allows everyone to have the opportunity to receive an education that they deserve.
Faculty and Staff are very kind and helpful in any way they can. I have just finished my first year, and every class I had has taught me a lot. Some of the classes were challenging while others were straightforward as long as the work required is completed. The instructors were are very knowledgable in their subject. Also, they are always willing to help and encourage you to ask them if you are struggling. I am profoundly grateful that they have an Academic Support Center which helps in every subject as well as access to computers and study areas. Overall, MXC is a great place to attend and work towards a career.
I liked how the campus looks, it offers sport, has a amazing nursing program, and the school is just beautiful overall.
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Great college I would recommend to anyone that's trying to further their education. I will attend summer school also to complete college faster. The location is great and staff there is very friendly.
This school is good because it is cheap and will allow me to afford college. I need to get more education to help me find a decent job when I get older so this school fits me because of my GPA and test scores. It is also close to home.
Its a nice school and it it is a affordable school especially if you qualify for financial aid. it is a good way to go.
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