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City Colleges of Chicago - Malcolm X College Reviews

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As one campus of the six city colleges of Chicago, Malcolm X offers many amenities that the other colleges do not. For example, they have a mid-size gym equipped with basic fitness equipment, pool, large parking lot. One of the negatives for this campus is its lack of food options other than the school cafeteria that opens for a few hours only Monday-Friday.
I like the diversity and how attentive the teachers are with the students. The school itself has a lot of programs that make you want to be engage in whatever they are up to. Just like high school they have homecoming week. Apart from that they're very open about your health with certain days having open rooms to check on your blood pressure or diabetes levels or anything in particular.
More academic and after school programs
Better campus food
Athletic clubs
Cooking club
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Malcolm X has been a great campus for me overall! The professors I have gotten each semester so far are all very well known with what they're teaching! I love Malcolm x and it is a a great campus.
Excellent professors, great learning environment. Very safe and secure very diverse and they our proud of it
I love going to school. The building is beautiful and brand new. The teachers are mostly great. They need to work on a little more organization, but that is typical for a new setup.
There are a lot of resources here at this school and you can tell that the staff really cares about their job.
A few days ago, I took an entrance exam at this college. The exam manager was also kind, and the admission counseling center at the school was kind. And the campus of the school building was cool and generally good. I think the building is big and provides a good educational environment for students.
Malvolm X College ha always been my dream to a fresh start, into the field of becoming a Nurse. I knew from the beginning, that I would go to a community college first, and later on graduate to a four year Univeriaty.
Malcolm X College is precise with what they want their students to Excell in their degree course and graduate in that given time spand.
Malcolm x college just had a brand new campus built and it is great! All of the teachers are so helpful and really want you to learn. Of course there of some professors that aren’t as great as others but I think the passion is still there. There is a new cafe that serves all types of food for a reasonable choice. There are also only heathy drink options and plenty of salad options.
So far so good! the school is very clean. Professors really try and help out their students as best as they. Students are very competitive at this college, which is a good thing!
I like the new building and I feel like since they have a bigger space that it'll be more room to learn. I am going for EMT basic Paramedic
What I like about City Colleges of Chicago- Malcolm x is that it is really big and they help you out if you ever get lost.
There was one thing I expected to not have a problem with. Which was getting the accurate help I need. It was my first semester at Malcolm, I had some problems with FAFSA. The people who work at the front desks to assist the students for help seemed to not give me the right financial information that I needed. Each different person that I spoke to gave me different information on how to take action for my problem and led me to no solution yet. I was told each employee gets the same information that needs to be told to students. After various tries to try solve my problem, I was told by one of the employee who works there that all the school employees don't get the same information, which was the reason why I was not able to solve my financial problem. It would be great if there was accurate information to give so that the same problem won't repeat with other students. But other than that Malcolm X has a really nice campus with many activities, events and offers available.
The newly remodeled campus looks sleek and modern. With a dental hygiene room, virtual nursing lab, and environmental science labs, it's safe to say that Malcolm X has great resources to help your education move forward.
It has a good nursing program and it's a good way to start your education. I wouldnt chage nothing about this school.
What I like about Malcolm X is that is cheap and they support you while you a high school student and college student . Is the perfect college who want to study medical . They rooms that are like hospitals an doctors so you really feel like you in one .
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This is a good school to attend as a dual enrollment student and/or when you just finish high school. The campus is not too large and it is easy to find your way around. The professors are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about teaching. Other students are typically friendly and don't mind helping with difficult course work when asked. Overall I am glad I attended this school.
My experience at Malcolm X College has allowed me to find a way to achieve my academic pathway for my career as well as has challenged me to learn the materials and skills needed for my career in a resourceful manner.
I like that Malcolm x college gave me a second chance at earning a education.
I would recommend this school to potential students. Malcolm x college has helped me work towards reaching my goals. The resources are available and Malcolm x make sure that you have everything set in place so you can excel.
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