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This college is very state of the art. I am a part of the ADN Nursing program, but they are very unorganized.
I wish I could do 3 and a half stars. The problem with a "two year" college is that their programs usually take longer than two years. The only time two years truly apply is when you go year around. The staff so far have been very helpful, although I find some of the procedures in place to be a little confusing. i.e. allowing programs to be changed mid semester. I can understand if it's changed in between semesters, but to totally change it in the middle of the semester and you find that the class you are currently taking will not be needed for a particular certificate that you are trying to earn is pretty daunting. Then to be asked to take a full load of classes, making it difficult to work an outside job is also a bit off putting. The plus side is the cost of the programs.
Rarely are there activities for us. When there are student activities, staff are taking advantage. Also, this college loves to eat. When i visit the few events they have, they offer food and guard it like its the last. Then i witness staff taking loads out somewhere and report food is gone. Did i mention that there student services area is setup like a fortress. When i attempted to see my dean i had to have a person call who only reported the person was unavailable in two occasions. The lady looked like i was asking her too do surgery when i stopped by. I love the fact that i can visit various floors to study and charge my laptop. Student services is a joke. No activities for students like it once was. They need new leaders.
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What I about City colleges of Chicago of Malcom x is that they have nursing and that's what i want as a career job because I like to help people in I'm a caring person I dnt like seeing people hurt. And I won't change nothing in Malcom x because it have the program that I want to be in.
I have had some good professors at Malcolm X, but I have also had some bad ones. However, I feel that this is the case at any school. The school itself is BEAUTIFUL; everything is brand new and there are so many resources. Overall, I highly recommend.
I really like this college because of what they have to offer. They have tutors available for any class that you may have trouble with. I have only been to this college for one semester and I love this college and i still have a lot to learn from this college.
City Colleges of Chicago- Malcolm X, is a great college. The professors are understanding and eager to teach. The professors at Malcolm X makes sure that every student understands the material covered in class. The resources that are available at Malcolm X are useful from the library, to the tutoring center. The school is small, so your professor gets to know you and you build relationships with your professors, they are there for you. The only problem, which is very small which is that the resources in the school close early and isn't open on weekends whether it is the library, cafeteria, gym, etc.
My experience at Malcolm X has been phenominal. I made a great decision by applying to attend classes at Malcolm X.
I graduated from the Nursing program with honors. I know the school is brand new and very nice, but it's just for show. They should have invested more in faculty then the physical building. Do not waste your time or money with this school. The frustration they will cause you is just unbearable. Aside from the few professors that actually care, there is nothing good about this institution. Dean Rice is a horrible, miserable person and her staff is not much better, except for Vanisha! The administration is a complete joke, and expect to be treated like a 10 year old and spoken to with a complete lack of respect. It was a horrible experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Spend the money and find another school, you will be happy you did.
There are numerous of classes today offered online, in the evening and also on Saturdays. So the flexibility is great.
I absolutely loved my online classes. All of my assignments were due in a timely manner so I was able to take my time completing the assignments and did not have to rush through.
I am unsure of the post grad services offered at Malcolm X, therefore I'm unable to describe the services.
There are numerous classes offered at Malcolm X. Ranging from general studies in every subject to advanced medical programs. The advisors help you get into classes that are beneficial to your academic needs.
Applying for a community college is fairly simple. They allow you to come to the college and help you throughout the process.
The professors make the information enough to understand and also give you a nice amount of time to complete assignments.
Malcolm X is a great medical community college to receive your associates in not only general studies but also a two year medical program that you can take with you to a university and soon receive your bachelors.
I know how to manage my time so the flexibility between my courses, my work, and my interests are at ease.
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Online courses are decent because you can take go online to take.
The job prospects is amazing. The work on campus is fluent with the courses.
The interaction with the professors is comfortable in need of assistance with struggle of the course. The speed of the course is a nice pace and I do not get lost while the professor instructs.
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