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City Colleges of Chicago - Kennedy-King College Reviews

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I honestly like Kennedy King college a lot. I am currently working on becoming an Automotive mechanic, and the classes and professors are super nice! I feel like in the two years I'll be studying, i'll graduate well prepared. there are a lot of resources at the campus to help prepare you aside from the classes and professors, such as the library, the student help center, the advisers, the financial aid office and more.
Kennedy KIng College is a fairly average college. This school is filled with amazing professors that actually care about the success of their students. The diversity of this school is also great. There are a plethora of students here from different ethnic backgrounds, and different walks of life. The admin at Kennedy King College could use a little work, but besides that this school is a very good with a ton of potential to be an amazing school.
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I love Kennedy King's counselors and teachers. I love them because their down to earth, understand, and show thought love. Kennedy King is located in an impoverished neighborhood and they helped me along with numerous other students see that there are positive things right around. I would like to see more student actives going on throughout the day to keep students occupied and socialize.
Everyone is welcoming and very helpful. They do all they can to provide academic and financial resources. If there is a problem, help comes in numerous ways.
Kennedy-king is just that a 2 year college it can prepare you for 4 year college that it and that is all.
Honestly I just believe all the city colleges should see some reform. Highschool where bad enough, but how can we leave highschool an wish to save money if saving money means dealing with gettho behavior?
The transfer center is a great place to learn about your future and all the places you can possibly go to school. Ms. Douglass is also good at helping with applying scholarships.
Terrible staff. Those people do not know how to do their job properly. I will just leave it at that. Other than that, the campus community is tolerable and the proffessors are wonderful! The environment, however, is not for the faint of heart. If you want to pursue a career in the culinary field on a budget, then this is the school.
From my experience in Kennedy King, the school is better than I expected. There are professors there that cares about your success if they see that you're trying. The advisors and professors encourage everyone to continue their education once they graduate. If you do decide to transfer to a university, the transfer center will help you pay the application fee as well as harass you about filling them out. The school isn't bad. It's quite charming.
Friendly environment. The staff there is very helpful to your need and the professors are excellent educators.
I like the fact that the class sizes are small so you have the opportunity to actually get held from the professors.
Kennedy King College is a great school to attend. It is a diverse school, the professors are great and there are many resources there that will help you achieve your academic goals. I have had a wonderful experience here at Kennedy King.
For the money, you can not beat KKC. The Professors really care about your education, close to home and safe transportation is right outside the door.
they offer classes that fit my schedule after work. The staff is really helpful and patience with student's like myself.
I am enjoying my educational life at Kennedy king. Great professors, wonderful learning environment and awesome students.
I am a first time student, but I have lots of help In this area so I believe that's it's not a hard process.
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The online courses help to prepare you for technology use in today's world.
There is no real services in this school. Everything is out of place and things such as transcripts get lost in the system.
There are too many students in a class, very little diversity in classes and student, and professors lack knowledge.
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