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City Colleges of Chicago - Harold Washington College Reviews

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My professors are amazing and the resources available to students on campus are great. I would like to see more school spirit even though Harold Washington is just a 2 year community college.
This is my first semester at any college. I love it! The professors are very strict but they care and they push every student to their highest potential. The school location is in the heart of downtown, easy access with public transit, lots of sites to see, very diverse and calm environment.
Harold Washington as a community college has been a pleasant experience and has been helpful throughout my two semesters. Professors reach out to you and advisers continue the wonderful hand of announcing up coming events that can help with preparing for future of career.
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The experience at Harold Washington College was a good starting gateway in order to transfer into a 4-year university. The professors and students share a mutual understanding of what it takes to succeed and the professors. The staff in different departments on campus offer their resources in a welcoming manner toward students. I would definitely recommend that students attend Harold Washington College if they attempt to transfer to a 4-year university.
I like Harold Washington College is ver easy to take transporation and it very good school because many other student come from different city and country.
I am a currant student at Harold Washington College and my experience has been amazing. This college has thought me so much, I am so grateful for all my teachers and advisers who helped me every step of the way. This school has prepared me to the best of their ability.
Very good school, decent library and lots of great proffessors. Elevators are always crowded though. Excellent tuyoring and writing center, and the school often gives back to the community with food and blood drives. Overall its a great school and I'm fortunate to attend
My experience with City Colleges of Chicago - Harold Washington College was delightful. It is ao astonishing how such a big school can play close attention to you. The professers at Harold are heavily engaged in your academics and any support you need is always avilable. You wont ever feel lost.
Overall, my experience at Harold Washington has been positive. The course director for the Architecture is knowledgeable and talented, and the campus is easily accessible. The cost is easily affordable, and they offer night classes as well, making classes available for all scheduling needs.
Harold Washington is way more diverse than the average 4 year university. I like Harold Washington because they provide so many free resources. Some of the resources HWC provides are printing, a library, people who help you talk out your problem, law help, etc. It is also a very organized place, and it is easy to find new places to study. Every professor I've had has been very helpful, and they have also helped me get back on track when work was interfering with my college schedule.
It's a pretty diverse college. The cost is low so it's a great place to get a lot of your prerequisites out of the way for cheap. The local area is downtown Chicago so it's pretty nice. The college doesn't really have a party scene but the student activities are pretty nice.
Harold Washington College is an inclusive environment. As a Dual Enrollment student, I find that essential; I am one of the youngest students at the college, technically not even college-aged, but I am treated the same. The institution is accepting of students of all creeds, genders, sexualities, and backgrounds.
My experience at Harold Washington has been great. the professors at great and they care about their students and their job. If you don't know something in class they won't hesitate to stop and ask the class if everyone gets what is going on. The only thing I would like to see change is the housing. I hope that Harold Washington College gets some type of housing on the campus. Student travel all over the city just to get to school and hopefully in the future the city colleges of Chicago get dorms, so students wouldn't have to travel so far.
Have a variety of resources. The people there want to help you on your transfer process. There could be an improvement for the escalators and waiting time.
I was unsure that I would enjoy Harold Washington College at first because I heard a lot of bad things about it. Then, starting college, I soon fell in love with the college life. I love how it is downtown and how the classes are small. I love Harold Washington College because it is a good way to meet people and to prepare for a bigger university.
A pretty decent school offer a lot of different resources but some professors can’t teach well. Also it’s low cost.
No one would really expect anything from this school. After all, we are just a 2 year community college. To me, however, this school is far more than that. At this school me and all of my peers are all people who are anxious to reach the top. Determined to prove to everyone that we can be just as capable at our school. The intensity and youth that fills the classroom makes everyday a memorable one. I wouldn't like to change anything but I hope that I can be with these people I have met forever. They are outspoken people.
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Location is perfect for city-slickers. I really enjoy the social/club life at HWC, as well as the available resources they have onhand. The tutoring center, writing center, and library are truly priceless resources that helped me immensely as a student going to junior college to improve my GPA and figure out my passion/trade. In terms of teachers/academics, it is a mixed bag. At my two years at HWC, I have had many professors that offer very diversive and planned courses, as well as a good number of professors that probably could have done without going into the teaching profession. Despite that, there are plenty of reasons to succeed at the school, and CCC's GAT program is a huge one. Happy hunting!
This school is pretty good,most of the professors here have had notable works and you will find some pretty good one on one help from them.Most professors are more than happy to take time out and help you out.
Harold Washington and the City Colleges of Chicago are a great place to receive a valuable education at an affordable price. Degrees can be easily transferred to 4-year universities, or used to simply further your education and expand your knowledge. Professors and staff are friendly, accessible, and eager to help. CCC and Harold Washington serve as a great place to start investing in yourself and your future.
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