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City Colleges of Chicago - Harold Washington College Reviews

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Not as great as they had pictured it. Support was barely there and needed to always ask around for no questions answered.
I love Harold Washington. Not only is it so close to home, but it is amzing academically. I live in Chicago and my school is only a 15 minute ride from home. I also love that it is downtown.
I came to this school after having spent time finding myself when I dropped out from a major university in Chicago. The people here are great and it helped get rid of any fears and anxieties I had returning to school after such a long time.
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I have been attending Harold Washington College for 2 years now and have had great and bad experiences. My advisor is one of the most valuable resource for me and she always makes sure that I get all my questions answered and makes me feel assured that I am on the right track. She has been the one person that is always there for me and is always kind and patient with me. I would be so lost without her.
I have had a conflict with a professor previously but the whole class thought the same and it ended up going up to the Dean. Generally, things got better with the relationship with the professor and the students, but I would not recommend taking this professor's class.
Tutors are always available .Night classes are offered and most classes involve online homework .Only bad is that classes fill up quickly so you have to pick classes ASAP
i love that the school is in the heart of chicago, accessible through public transportation, and fairly priced school. They also provide events for students to know one another or prepare for jobs. One thing that i did not like was that you have to really look into the professor you get because some do a poor job, while other professors exceed expectations
While attending Harold, I have encountered many wonderful and caring Professor's! I really enjoy the diverse side of Harold! It is so amazing to meet people all around the world and get introduced to more cultures. The only I do wish was that Harold Would bring back food into the School but then I can understand that it wouldn't be smart because its in downtown and surrounded by my food establishments. But overall I have always enjoyed my education at Harold. And I would totally recommend student's to come here and get their degree.
the quality of the teachers are great. what I like most is the art department. what I might won't to see a change in is security protocols.
The school is in need of funds to support all students properly. There are many amazing professors but just as many below average professors. Success in the school will depend on the students involvement in finding resources and opportunity's that are not adequately shared.
Harold Washington is a great college. It has excellent professors who are masters in their fields and a very comfortable learning environment. Its diversity stands out.
I like how they prepare you for a 4 year university . I think they should lower the tuition for out of state students .
Coming into Harold Washington was a very new experience , it gave me a new outlook on my academic career. The professors and staff are very welcoming, the campus is very nice I am very excited to begin my academic career again. The upside is small classes with hands on academic teachers, the downside is the campus could be expanded for more student use. Located downtown Chicago it gives you a great feeling of being successful and being ready to work, over all I rate the school as a 10. Please consider my application and consider me for the scholarship.
There are good quality education and professor you just have to find the right fit for yourself. I think this is the best route for people who do not know what career path to take because you will not spend a lot of money on an expensive college. I like how Harold Washington treats and handles everything professionally. The whole building has a lot of places to get help and offer a lot so everything easily accessible.
I cannot say enough good things about HW. Over the past two years, I really felt like I was a part of something. Students here are super involved on campus and they truly have a passion for everything they do. I've loved every single one of my professors from day 1. The transfer center is amazing too.
I enjoyed my experience at Harold Washington College overall. There were some issues with continuity and communication among the staff. It seemed like if you asked 3 people the same question you would get 4 answers. Otherwise it was a nice place to learn.
My professors are amazing and the resources available to students on campus are great. I would like to see more school spirit even though Harold Washington is just a 2 year community college.
This is my first semester at any college. I love it! The professors are very strict but they care and they push every student to their highest potential. The school location is in the heart of downtown, easy access with public transit, lots of sites to see, very diverse and calm environment.
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Harold Washington as a community college has been a pleasant experience and has been helpful throughout my two semesters. Professors reach out to you and advisers continue the wonderful hand of announcing up coming events that can help with preparing for future of career.
The experience at Harold Washington College was a good starting gateway in order to transfer into a 4-year university. The professors and students share a mutual understanding of what it takes to succeed and the professors. The staff in different departments on campus offer their resources in a welcoming manner toward students. I would definitely recommend that students attend Harold Washington College if they attempt to transfer to a 4-year university.
I like Harold Washington College is ver easy to take transporation and it very good school because many other student come from different city and country.
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