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City Colleges of Chicago - Richard J. Daley College Reviews

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I got my first associates degree from Daley College. The teachers there were helpful and available. The environment as friendly with great computer access and alternate methods of study. The college allowed you to take classes on-line, which can be very convenient for a student who has to work or have other responsibilities.
I was enrolled for two semesters back in 2014 to this institution. I had two professors that stood out for me due to their connection with the students. Community college is not only beneficial for saving money but they also look out for high quality education. I was glad I took this choice of saving money and getting the good quality education I deserve. For this who are graduating high school or are considering to go back to school in Chicago, this college is the right choice if you truly value education and want to watch your finances.
I do a great school with a very good academic potential also you see that there are very good teachers and I have had friends who studied there and studied there in richard daley and they say that it is a great school very good and that the teachers teach very well
Review City Colleges of Chicago - Richard J. Daley College
I love Richard J. Daley College. They have a wide variety of classes that you can take depending on your degree path and college major. The thing that I would improve about Richard J. Daley College is to open up another computer lab for the students who can't find an open seat in front of a computer.
What I like about this college is that I love my classes and my professors. Also, the food at college are good.
Really recommend going here for your basic classes. They are helpful at the career center to know what career you should choose.
it's ok very different from the university i went
I have been a good experience in this college; I have been studying here about 4 years and everything is ok. The classes that I have taken were a good parameter to let me know what major I had to choose. The flexibility of my classes are interesting because the profesors teach their classes in a way that you like the course. Until now, I haven't experienced frustrations or hassles.
The online courses are good for people that don't have enough time to attend classes on campus; the registration process is quite easy if you know how to do it. Sometimes the assignments are easy, and you have to submit them via Internet. Also, there are some proctored assessments that you have to do in the indicated campus. The relationship between student and professor is via e-mail; sometimes the professors make a mini class via video to allow students ask a question if they have.
I think that the quality of the career center is okay because there are different career advisors that tell the students what are the best options to chose a career. Also, they show students different job prospects that can help them to get a better job in their major that they want to study.
The college has a big variety of classes that offers to students. The classes are conducted from instructors that have experience in their field. Some classes require to do a lot of assignments, and also make some assessments. The class sizes can vary from a small class to large class. The professors are great, and they are helpfulness to their students.
This college helps to students to have a better prospect about what could be their major. The career services are a good tool to have a better understanding about how a student can chose a major and the benefits that can offer them. Also, there is program called Work Study where students who have Financial Aid work in different locations of the college.
First, my major that I want to study is Accounting. I am taking classes to get an Advanced Certificate in Accounting. I stopped taking these classes because I want to apply for scholarships to help me pay the cost of them. I need 5 more required classes to get my Certificate, and transfer to a four year university. This college offers a variety of different types of certificates, so that's why I chose this college to finish my Advanced Certificate in Accounting.
My college is great because the instructors are a very good persons. In my case, I have some disabilities, and they help me in what I need. Also, the Disability Access Center that offers the college made me some accommodations according with my necessities in my classes. That's why I feel very good attending this type of college.
If you can register early, do so otherwise you are kind of stuck with what is left. There are always classes available.
The career service office has plenty of jobs that are interested in working with students. They also have a work program at the school. It'll help you be more prepared for your job by interacting with students and having to listen to a boss. It's a friendly environment.
Their are professionals at the career service that will help you in any way with finding work and writing a resume. They are very accessible as well.
Review City Colleges of Chicago - Richard J. Daley College
The professors here really want you to learn and go at your level and if you have questions they encourage you to ask. Also, the professors seem to always have time for you and direct you in the right way.
This school has many different programs and building blocks so you can easily access. If you ever wanted to take a different class just because it looks interesting or may build up a new skill for you, you are able to take it with ease.
I look at my school as a good starter school or a school that can get you in the working field of your choice pretty quickly. My school also has administrators and professors that are willing to help you and are polite about it. This school is also apart of the working class, so the students have a good sense about different attributes in the world.
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