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City Colleges of Chicago - Kennedy-King College Reviews

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Kennedy King College is a great school to attend. It is a diverse school, the professors are great and there are many resources there that will help you achieve your academic goals. I have had a wonderful experience here at Kennedy King.
For the money, you can not beat KKC. The Professors really care about your education, close to home and safe transportation is right outside the door.
they offer classes that fit my schedule after work. The staff is really helpful and patience with student's like myself.
Review City Colleges of Chicago - Kennedy-King College
I am enjoying my educational life at Kennedy king. Great professors, wonderful learning environment and awesome students.
I am a first time student, but I have lots of help In this area so I believe that's it's not a hard process.
The online courses help to prepare you for technology use in today's world.
There is no real services in this school. Everything is out of place and things such as transcripts get lost in the system.
There are too many students in a class, very little diversity in classes and student, and professors lack knowledge.
There is not recruiters and value because the quality of the school is below average.
Teachers are not trained and lack knowledge. The curriculum and the homework is too easy and nothing can be learned from it.
The school is not organized at all. This school takes weeks on something that other colleges do in a day.
My advisor worked around my culinary classes to get me into my academic classes.
Online classes are different from a traditional classroom because you don't get the needed help from the teacher explanation of the work.
The career center helps students find jobs within their degree. They help out through the entire process.
My experience with the courses and professors are good. Whenever i need help the professor is always there to help out.
There is always companies and businesses coming to the school to recruit students to their business.
In culinary arts there is a lot of hands on experience, and the chef has one on one time with students that need help understanding the information.
Review City Colleges of Chicago - Kennedy-King College
Kennedy-King is a great school because the chefs, advisors, and the rest of the staff helps out with everything that a student needs help with.
I am unsure if the post grad options of this school
This would be closer to the experience of college success class, and the experience is something you can use in everyday life.
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