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When I attended the open house, I was right away greeted by the staff which made me feel very welcomed. I liked how the instructor I had had very detailed information about the programs, accademics, student life, and clubs.
Harold Washington college is an excellent institution to attend if you want to receive your associate degree or if you're looking to transfer to a 4 year university. The professors are hard working and dedicated to each students success. The one thing that can change is the attitude of the students and the staff. Most of the students aren't too serious about their education and a lot of the staff hired to assist students in financial aid and business processes are rude.
I mostly had good professors. Administration was slowly improving before i transferred to a 4 year institution. I wish they had a track and field team.
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I would like to see more text alerts regarding meditation. I would like to get positive affirmations regarding life, books, community and friendship. I request receiving less texts about campus alerts and negative news. To create a community of positive people co-existing together, we must eliminate the illusion of fear. Ethnicities work well together in environments that foster together.

I would like to see Harold Washington College have more color schemes throughout the campus. Take a look at Columbia College-Chicago's campus and you will see various colors, reds, blue, orange, yellow, green, brown, purple and so forth not just the dull white colors throughout the hallways.

We as students would study better and retain information if there were color energies.

I would also like to receive one full financial aid refund reimbursement instead of two installments
I liked the organization of the employees. It's simply understandable. Professor are welcoming to the new student. Financial aid office are helpful
Not very easy on enrollment. Too many things to do just to get in. Teacher to student ratio needs to be worked out we need more teachers. Classes are not offer sometimes.
I highly recommend any of the city colleges as a starting point for any future college students, It is a stepping stone in figuring out the correct path you want to take for your future academic goals.
The teachers in Harold Washington are very helpful. I would love to see more activities for students such as sports teams.I really had a hard time reaching out to my adviser, because of the appointment only policy.
The professors and the workload that's given is pretty much easy and manageable to do. I can say that my college experience here feels like a high school all over again but with more freedom. It's way cheaper to go the community college route and opens up doors to other big universities. I recommend going here and just to get the General courses out the way and to save money while you can.
You can do whatever youve dreamed of doing
The same as taking live course.
According to statistics a lot of students graduate with a provided job in their career field
  • 7 months ago
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I seen it really prepares for your profession
I have not started yet, but great group of people who seems to really care about us students so far.
They make sure they give you time to study and submit assignments in a timely manner.
The professors give a chance to make up work and help you work at your own pace.
Work-study and internships opportunities are readily available and career fairs are always happening at this school.
  • 8 months ago
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They make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful and graduate.
Every student is given a chance to do internships or work-study, which I think is great because so many people get the chance to actually work in their career fields while they study.
  • 8 months ago
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The professors really care about your ability to retain information and apply them to the coursework.
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