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I have only taken four classes so far at city college, but have been happy so far. I've taken two online courses using their Insight learning system, which was easy to navigate and keep up with. This semester i am taking a tech enhanced class that combines the usual lecture-lab model with Canvas online learning, and it makes completing and submitting the assignments very easy. Classes are appropriately challenging, and the instructors are professional and supportive. Tuition is free for city/state residents!
The teachers and counselors are all very passionate about their fields of focus. The art department has many resources available to those who have always wanted a free art education. I don't have any experience with the math or science departments so I don't know how resourceful they may be. I love my Asian American Experience class because my teacher lays out the concepts well so it's easy to understand certain new concepts.
Loved CCSF. Most of the teachers here have Masters and PhDs and are great. Tons of freedom here. There's every type of student here.
The campus looks pretty run down though and there's not much for student life besides clubs.
Review City College of San Francisco
The environment, the classes , the professors do a great job on teaching. The departments here at city college is also very good like the Disabled students programs and services ( DSPS).
City College of San Francisco left nothing else to be desired. There is an incredible array of invaluable staff who support each student on a personal level, work tirelessly to improve the school, who take pride in their work and are passionate about teaching, and who seek to inspire their own students to have that same passion in their lives. City College of San Francisco has been the single greatest educational experience of my life, opening unseen doors and encouraging me to pursue the objects of my inspiration. With compact campus, friendly staff, diverse classes, and a student body that perfectly captures the San Francisco spirit, I have nothing but love for CCSF.
Financial aid staff seriously need a class on how to serve students. Not only are they incompetent in their duties, but more importantly, they lack the capacity and capability to perform their duties.
It has been a truly rewarding and fun experience going to school at City College of San Francisco. I love the diversity of classes offered and the even more diverse student and teacher body. Attending this school was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life.
City College is a good school if you're on a budget the first 2 years of tuition is waived by the BOG Waiver if you apply for FAFSA.
Overall, City College is a great college to attend to for the basics and foundation of the various majors included in the school. With many variety of classes and students here it's a great learning experience for all whether you're getting a degree or transferring. Yet the school is a little on the old side, it's still a fabulous place to learn and meet new people in a wonderful environment.
The variety of courses at CCSF is simply incredible. I have taken classes here that I wouldn't be able to find all in one place at an average 4-year institution. From sign language to salsa dancing, CCSF helped me fulfill my general education requirements in unique, exciting ways and put me on the path to transfer and earn my B.A.
This college is one i would definitely recommend the people are great the academics are a marvel and the campus life where everyone is hustling to class was quite intriguing. I loved, everyone wanted to learn unlike high school. The library had an immense collection of knowledge at your finger tips and the computer labs were stocked with the best equipment to get whatever academic work completed.
The classes are vey much diverse..
It's not great but you just have to do everything on your own even counselors will tell you what you need to graduate. Some counselors will give you classes you do not need then on the other hand you just basically have to do a lot of research to get out the school faster.
The online courses are hard but its not that hard until you get use to them and just making sure you do the homework ahead of time it will make your life easier.
Is a very good school
I've learned to put more effort in my craft tremendously.
I broke my writing hand one semester, and a couple of my teachers refused to give me enough time to cope, so I ended up dropping out. Additionally, it seems some classes are almost never offered at night, which makes it difficult to be a day student.

That said, most professors are willing to work with you, but some of them are hard asses. :)
Review City College of San Francisco
Professors can be hit or miss, so make sure to read reviews first or ask other students, if possible. It is possible to get through some major courses while skirting a lot of responsibility (not recommended), but there are plenty of professors which are very rigorous and prepare you well for a four year institution!
City College will accept pretty much anyone as a student and has amazing opportunities for advancing yourself. Whether you are looking for a skillset which can be had in ~2 years or to transfer to a 4 year university, you will get mostly quality here.
Unfortunately for Engineering students, you should take care that your classes will actually transfer using For the schools I am interested in attending, very few of the courses would transfer, so I did not take them. All of the pre-requisites do, though!
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