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I commute in to CCSF and attend daily classes. Campus is filled with hard working people and so far the staff has been friendly.
my experience with City College San Francisco, give me a chance to succeed to proceed my major in psychology and I'm taking advantage of their resource on how to get in a 4 year and how can I get enough financial aid. to pay my college tuition.
It's a great starting point for transferring for a bachelor's degree, and also offers a ton of certificates 4-year colleges don't offer.
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The teachers are awesome. They go above and beyond to get you excited about the learning process and are eager to make sure you are getting the right advising about your path. The classes are taught at the highest standards and are recognized as such from everywhere. Classes are free for locals and are affordable if not.
City College of San Francisco is a good start for college. The teachers are very open-minded, the campus is nice except the fact that some class rooms are pretty old, as well the equipment. Online classes are great! There is an LAC where students can get free tutoring which is a good opportunity to not only study but also make new connections.
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Challenging. Great teachers!

Parking is plentiful and the college is now free for San Francisco residents which is amazing!
I just started going to City College but it’s very fun and interesting and they’ve got classes on almost anything.
City college is very unique since you can attend courses throughout the entire city. The Ocean campus is decent and the most you'd have to walk to get a class is about 5 minutes. The center of the campus is atop a hill so you get a nice workout if your classes are spread around the area. Everyone attending the school is majority friendly and feels as if everyone has the understanding that they are there to achieve there goals. One thing I would like to see is the campus maps located around the school to be updated as well as have a, "You are here" symbol.
City college of San Francisco provides variety of programs for students to transfer to different public university. Most of its courses are UC or CSU transferrable. It also offer certificate and associate degree.
A diverse community of students and faculty. A great environment to engage in learning and supportive community. Many resources available and help to guide students towards successful academic careers.
The Fire Science and Administration of Justice programs here are perfect and the teachers treat you on a first name basis
It really makes a difference if you picked a good professor by researching them first that helps makes the class better to follow. The tutoring and math resources are more time available compared to San Jose State University. City College has more tutors ready to help with many scratch papers to use, and all weekdays that you can come attend. San Jose State has only 2 tutors that are only available 3 days a week which isn't enough. The math classes are well paced compare to SJSU that really tries to cram everything down.
City College has been a wonderful college to help prepare for further education. I am currently taking prerequisite courses to prepare for transfer to a bachelors in nursing.
The school has issues, but it's better than many others out there. Avoid community college/transferring altogether, if you can, but this school is a decent option for those who need to go the transfer route. Profs are fair, admins and staff can mess up (but will correct if you nag), and overall this is a great school for the cost.
CCSF offers many courses, easy scheduling for those with other commitments, multiple campuses throughout the city, helpful counselors and other school personnel, and superb professors.
I don’t think that a city college can get any better than CCSF. City college is not at all what I expected form a city college. It’s a. Nice community, makes you feel like you’re at home. Something I dislike about. CCSF is how old some of the buildings are..honestly.
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Great experience at City College of San Francisco. I met a lot of great professors and amazing students. City College helped me expand my options in four year universities. I will be transferring to University of Hawaii Manoa.
City College of san francisco has been a great college to attend, I have taken classes here after receiving my BA from San Francisco State and have found the quality of the teachers and the courses to be better then at SF State. I would like to see more class sessions offered for a particular course.
Instructors are helpful and very resourceful. I have found learning so much easier and the instructor really cares about the students , ensuring we get the most from the course.
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