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This is my first semester of college, and by far, I love all of my professors. They all have different, yet applicable teaching styles; I can tell teaching is their passion. I have already learned a tremendous amount, only being on my second week at City College of SF.
I love CCSF very much. My biggest wish for it is the administration to be honest and make students the priority in their decisions. We need good quality, low-income housing for both students and teachers. We need for student workers to be paid SF minimum wage for the duration of the semester, ALL student workers. Make Free City enrollment more simple. Make dealing with Financial Aid easier and more accessible. Protect undocumented students. Protect and increase the amount of student spaces. We love you CCSF. Love us back.
I've been there for 3 years and so far I've enjoyed the classes that they offer. They have a lot of classes to chose from and I like that about the college. I even considered taking extra classes that they offer just for fun and because of how well the teachers teach them. The teachers have either worked in the field that they are teaching and they are very knowledgeable and makes learning fun.
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first, city college of san francisco is located in good area, san francisco. Also, it has a lot of campus all over the city. so, it is easy to take class in different area depends on my schedule, home. second, city college has free class for foreigner.
City offered superb opportunity for growth as an individual. I was able to explore what subject I wanted to major in without the expensive of a 4-year university. It has a ton of majors to choose from--one of the biggests selections in the Bay Area--and there are campuses all over San Francisco. City was just an overall fantastic choice.
The teachers here really care about you and your education. If you are struggling and need help they are there to help you out and get the best possible grade in the class, unlike other junior colleges where they do not care and students end up dropping out, here its different.
City College of San Francisco is an amazing place for residence of California who want a free college education, but not so great for out-of-state students. Like most community colleges, there are no housing options. I had to figure everything out on my own, even when I went to the counselors for my first semester. There are amazing students that go here, most are friendly and theres a general comforting vibe surrounding the campus. There are also campus police that work day and night. This campus is very outdated and so are most of their technology available for students. Each classroom is different, some have chalk boards and some have white boards. Some of the professors are amazing and love their jobs, while some are just there for the money. There is a lack of school pride and most athletic games are not announced, same with clubs too. If you are dedicated and willing to push yourself to become more independent and save money, this school is for you.
Enrolling at City College of San Francisco is a fairly easy application, and though still there are multiple of counselors who would help you and guide throughout these steps. There are no complaints about the tuition since it has been free now for two semesters! The professors are academically excelled, the atmosphere of attending a four years university is there, making it transferring to four years a smooth transition.
I have really enjoyed my time so far at City College. You can tell the teachers really care about their students and go out of their way to help them succeed. The classes are filled with people diverse in race, age, interests, reasons for attending, and more which means you meet lots of interesting people with different stories. City College is the first college to be free for local residents which is really awesome and another way they've shown they really care about their students. There are programs for every interest and prospective major whether in class or online.
I love how interactive the classes are, how the community is very supportive and how the professors love and encoruge the progression and development of their students. It has a great learning enviroment and evokes as sense of belonging and safety in the students. I would love too see more technological advances that promote learning in a better way.
Free tuition for San Francisco residents makes it very affordable for anyone who lives in San Francisco to take classes!
They will friendly that help with find your class and room and help with your book they are pretty alsome
City College has helped me get back up on my feet after giving up on college. They may only be a city college, but they offer so many classes and opportunities that other city colleges don't have. I know many classmates that are successful chefs and nurses due to the programs offered. I wasn't in any programs, but being able to freely talk to my professors was great. They were able to give me strong advice about transferring, which classes to take and now I feel prepared to move on to a 4-year university.

If there's something I'd like to see change at City College, it would be updating/renovating the older buildings as city college has been around for a while.
I was surprised by the challenging classes that I found and attended. The accreditation scare made me wary of my time there, but I would say the quality of education for the most part was good. I am a business major. The facilities are also good and getting better. The only complaint that I have is the financial aid scholarship department. We are encouraged in many of our classes to go and apply for the myriad of undistributed scholarships that the school offers, but the few staff members that head that office are extremely unprofessional and make you jump through hoops to get anything at all.
I really liked the time I had to myself. Because I was involved in programs like the BOGW and EOPS, I went to the college for free. Generally, with the help of rate my professor, I have had agreeable professors. Not much happening on campus, so don't expect a huge social scene. However, if you look hard enough, you'll probably find something, like a club or a fraternity you could join.
I attended City College of San Francisco 2011-2012 and in my time there I can say whole heartedly that it is a run down. The campus is very diverse, and maintains a very active student life.
High school definitely did not prepare me for what was to come in college. I did not expect to learn so much inside and outside of the classrooms. I have met some of the nicest, most down to earth people and also some of the strangest. My first year as a college student certainly is memorable.
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My experience at City College was great. The professors were kind and were willing to take time to help students succeed. The campus is pretty big, but some of the classes were small and crowded. There are a lot of restaurants and coffee shops around the area.
I have only taken four classes so far at city college, but have been happy so far. I've taken two online courses using their Insight learning system, which was easy to navigate and keep up with. This semester i am taking a tech enhanced class that combines the usual lecture-lab model with Canvas online learning, and it makes completing and submitting the assignments very easy. Classes are appropriately challenging, and the instructors are professional and supportive. Tuition is free for city/state residents!
The teachers and counselors are all very passionate about their fields of focus. The art department has many resources available to those who have always wanted a free art education. I don't have any experience with the math or science departments so I don't know how resourceful they may be. I love my Asian American Experience class because my teacher lays out the concepts well so it's easy to understand certain new concepts.
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