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CCSF is a great Community college with multiple campuses, Ocean campus is gigantic and very clean. You can always see friendly people walking around and most of the professors are extremely nice. The library is well kept and always quite, the food on campus is also very nice. Ocean campus also has a good tradition, it is exceptionally rare to see unfriendly events and incidents.
Coming to this institution straight out of high school, I truly feel like this experience has been fruitful. I’ve been given many opportunities to succeed by faculty and staff and have been able to truly hone in on my major.
City College of San Francisco is a great school. I say this because of the diversity. The teachers have a friendly vibe.
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Overall it's grade because the school fees cheap and the food on campus are few but the surrounding have some great restaurants. There its no your personal advisor in school and it really hard to get a good advice from them. Most of the professor are great. Sometimes, it hard to get friend in school. The school has many campus but mostly course are available on Ocean and for the one in downtown most of them are night class.
City College is a wonderful school for a variety of people with different ambitions. Whether you just take one class for enrichment or plan to earn an associate degree, the school has a welcoming environment, wonderful teachers, and useful academics. The school is now free for San Francisco residents, and I wholeheartedly recommend the institution.
City College of San Francisco is very friendly and the counselors and the teachers offer a great plan to get you thru college and even transferring further into your education.
City College was able to help me continue my education plan when other schools and services could not. They gave me a second chance to redeem my academics and build my repertoire needed to continue in a higher education career. I am very happy CCSF was available to me and I am very content with the staff and services offered there.
I enjoyed the professors, lessons, and overall campus - however, it's quite a maze of buildings all separated by academic divisions and there is a bit of timing restriction getting from class to class in some situations.
City College of San Francisco is a well diverse place to go to with great professors who are willing to help guide you through your goals.
To get Free City, one must show proof of San Francisco residency. Some classes were lack luster, but others were truly enlightening. They seem to put the money where it needs to go, but are always hurting to keep classes on the schedule, which can be disheartening. The equipment one can check out, the programs available in the computer labs, and the wellness center are all what they need to be. Get the most out of your time there.
CCSF is the place where I started to pursue my dream school, UC San Diego. Most professors here are friendly, patient, knowledgeable and responsible. I learn a lot of new knowledge in the classes. I still remember Professor Pico, who is my abecedarian of computer science when I just came to the US and had no English skills to understand the materials. Hopefully, Professor Pico is so nice even though students mostly considered he was a serious instructor in the house. He gradually guides me to the right way to study programming, and finally, I truly became a learner of CS major.
City College of San Francisco was a great experience for me because it helped me get ready for a 4-year. When I got out of high school I wasn't ready for a 4-year college and CCSF allowed me to become a better student so when I get to a 4-year college, I'll be ready. Things I would say that could would be better is staff wanting to see students transfer on to 4-year colleges. Some staff give wrong information and don't do things in the best interest of the students. Thats the only things I would change.
Free City College for San Francisco residents is fantastic but of course led to making it more difficult to get into classes and larger class size. However, it's still well worth it and I've loved my experience at ccsf.
amazing overall, i would give this place 6 stars. they go above and beyond and extra to make sure you are educated, happy and satisfied. I love CCSF so much because i really feel like i found my place here. this place is for everybody and anybody and anyone who comes here will feel welcomed on the spot guaranteed. I have no complaints and only positive things to say. A++
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The area is nice, but recently there has been buzz about budget cuts. So I’d take that into account, but the “free college” thing is a really nice way to get into the swing of college if your fresh out of high school and don’t want to start to far from home yet.
I enjoy CCSF. I think they have an excellent chemistry department and tutoring program for students who are interested in pursuing STEAM majors. However, they can improve their communication skills. Often many important announcements don't always reach each student because of the communication boundary. I also think it would be more than great for students who are 18-24 to have the ability to get housing. The teachers and staff are lovely! I recommend CCSF to anyone who has the drive to further their education for FREE!
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City College firstly has a variety of resource centers for a diversity of students including LGBT Queer Resource Center, Asian Pacific Islander Assist. Center and numerous counseling offices as well. There is also a very nice college feel to the school and the ages of the students are wide, probably more mature than 4 year colleges in CA.
There is always an abundance of classes to choose from each semester and many different options for campuses and hybrid courses. This makes it very easy and convenient to finish school. The best part is there are always counselors available to help you with any questions about your education journey and they are very knowledgeable and actually helpful.
Having Free City has been a life saver and life changer!! I feel as if more doors are opened now since money is not blocking the way of my options. San Francisco City College has a lot to offer and campuses all over the city. If you're not able to make day classes, they offer night classes. If you can't go to class, they offer online classes! I feel as if they work with the average adult who has other responsibilities.
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