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City College of san francisco has been a great college to attend, I have taken classes here after receiving my BA from San Francisco State and have found the quality of the teachers and the courses to be better then at SF State. I would like to see more class sessions offered for a particular course.
Instructors are helpful and very resourceful. I have found learning so much easier and the instructor really cares about the students , ensuring we get the most from the course.
I like that it is now free for people who live in California for over a year. It really makes a difference because us as students can worry less on how to pay for school and more on doing the work in school!
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They have a lot of staff that care about students. Classes are helpful. They help you through your studies and you learn everything you would need for a 4 year. couldn't think of a better 2year to go to honestly!
I like how City College of San Francisco is affordable for students that want an education, but might not be able to afford it. They offer classes that most UC's and CSU's have and professors push students to do better and become better. When you're hungry, you can go to the City Cafe or the cafeteria on the main campus and grab a bite or have a full meal. The food from the cafeteria is made by the culinary students at CCSF and it tastes just as good as food from a 4 or 5 star restaurant! There are also other places to go near the campus for good eats, to study, or to shop.
Every teacher I have had so far seems to genuinely care for the students. Faculty is nice, even in the financial aid office. The breakfast and lunch are make by students in the Culinary Arts department, and usually it is delicious.
Great school, overrun with LOTS of entitled teens, intending to transfer. Don't expect studentship that cares about the campus. Staff overall is amazing and cares a great deal.
Staff and Instructors are professionals but the elevator in the library bldg. is broken since last semester.
I absolutely loved the campus.. although it was so big and had to walk a lot .. but teachers were awesome !!! Good experience
The school is undergoing a transformation in the IT field by brining into new tech, instructors and large base of professionals eager to meet with student and get them into the work force.
There were helpful professors who helped your with your assignments. The career counselor and the club I'm in helped me connect and be informed with many opportunities being offered for CS. The free city program took care of my tuition and made it free, which is another burden lifted off my shoulders.
CCSF have really excellent teachers very patients and professionals. All the campus are in good conditions for study and also have a good system of health.
I am glad that I decided to go to CCSF but not any other community college. The campus is well-located with a lively vibe. The course range is pretty huge and the professor I met so far (8) are great! Many counselors are there and ready to help the students finding the right courses or the right path. There are a gym and a swimming pool in the Wellness Center you can take advantage of. The thing it needs to improve on is probably the diversity of clubs and more volunteer work, sports activities that help connect the students better!
One thing I like about City College are the recourse centers. They are really helpful and they are very welcoming. I go to 3 resource centers called APASS, Students Supporting Students, and Tulay. They are all programs that'll help you with your homework, tutoring, education plan, they have computers, and they have counseling to help you with class. The community is very diverse and everyone is friendly to each other. One thing I would like to see change at City College are the parking lots for the students. I would be nice to make them bigger.
What I like about City college of San Francisco is that it's free and that is has a pretty diverse community full of brilliant minds and equality with all people.
This is my first semester of college, and by far, I love all of my professors. They all have different, yet applicable teaching styles; I can tell teaching is their passion. I have already learned a tremendous amount, only being on my second week at City College of SF.
I love CCSF very much. My biggest wish for it is the administration to be honest and make students the priority in their decisions. We need good quality, low-income housing for both students and teachers. We need for student workers to be paid SF minimum wage for the duration of the semester, ALL student workers. Make Free City enrollment more simple. Make dealing with Financial Aid easier and more accessible. Protect undocumented students. Protect and increase the amount of student spaces. We love you CCSF. Love us back.
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I've been there for 3 years and so far I've enjoyed the classes that they offer. They have a lot of classes to chose from and I like that about the college. I even considered taking extra classes that they offer just for fun and because of how well the teachers teach them. The teachers have either worked in the field that they are teaching and they are very knowledgeable and makes learning fun.
first, city college of san francisco is located in good area, san francisco. Also, it has a lot of campus all over the city. so, it is easy to take class in different area depends on my schedule, home. second, city college has free class for foreigner.
City offered superb opportunity for growth as an individual. I was able to explore what subject I wanted to major in without the expensive of a 4-year university. It has a ton of majors to choose from--one of the biggests selections in the Bay Area--and there are campuses all over San Francisco. City was just an overall fantastic choice.
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