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My experience with city college is excellent and i love the curriculum. I also love the fact that the professors help you and guide students in the right path.
Class in the morning.I work at night
Very different but still very helpful
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They offer many medical,law and business classes
They offer great internship programs
Financial aid advisors are useful and friendly.
The hands on learning is overwhelmingly helpful.
Tons of selections on many topics of books.
The school is very resourceful.
The facility keeps current with all medical advancements.
Everyone knows who you are and you get personalized help
Computers are available in the library but sometimes classes are held there and they don't let anyone use the computers when there are class rooms on the second floor with computers for class purposes.
very expensive. Have tuition fee plus program fee. They charge so much but don't give us enough supplies or outside resources. Id rather pay this money at a university or community college and get better hands on experience. way too expensive, had to get loans
Too stressful. Classes began with only 6 almost 30/class. They just want more students for more $, we are just numbers to them. Very stressful, had to teach myself the first few semesters. Then certain teachers were not qualified for the job.
there is nothing on campus expect a tiny library with computers
My experience of the nursing program was not the best. This is a very expensive program, but it offers very little structure and organization. As a student, I would never be informed of anything until the last possible minute. Some professors do not offer consistency or transparency with the syllabus, and decisions are made aimlessly as they see fit. As a student, it was very stressful to deal with this unpredictability in addition to the expect stresses of nursing school. I think its important for people to know about this before signing up for the program.
Everything was handled well. the only thing is, is the credits went up in prices.
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Everyone does what they can with the resources available.
It seems to take awhile to complete the process. I get assistance from the staff which is really appreciated. Hopefully future semesters will not be so tedious.
Career Opportunites – My college has so many different career choices and opportunites to choose from. There are tons of classes I am able to take for my specific major. It is truly exciting to be able to choose from a wide variety of classes.
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