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The staff are fairly nice, but i think its just facade they put on to have the students thinking everything is fine. As far as teaching goes they are fairly good at their jobs and the students seem to be happy about learning at the school. Although, some of them tend to be very friendly with their students crossing the teacher - student line , they in all give off an alright vibe depending on which teacher presents your in , but i get a sense of unease when in the school. if you decide to go you will have a lot of on hands fun.
The best at City College, I love the new experience for it being small, its still big and me being a new college student, makes me a very educational, intellectually in twine with the classes and teachers. What I would love to change, is have a 4 year(Bachelors) Degree programs instead of having 2 year(Associates) Degree program. It's a start, you know what they mean "New beginning ", my field is Business Administration 2 year (Associates) Degree program and I'm loving it so far.
I love this college! It completely changed my life. I love going to school everyday. I can't wait to start working in my career.
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I enjoy going to this campus but I feel like the library could be better. All the teachers are very informative and know what they are talking about.
I have been to other colleges, but by far City College is the best I've been to. The moment you walk through the door, you are introduced to an advisor and they treat you like a human, not a number to meet a quota. I met with the Department Chair of Cardiovascular Sonography - Mark Berges, and we talked for about 40 minutes about the program. They only want dedicated students and not concerned about filling seats to whoever wants to attend. The professors are all very knowledgeable in there field of expertise. The students all help each other out and the atmosphere is somewhere you want to be. There is also free tutoring and financial aid help whenever needed. This is a non-profit school and fully accredited. I strongly recommend this school to anyone looking to change there life.
I learned a lot of interesting facts and how to do and handle some things.
The best choice I made.
Don't have any troubles with schedules.
The teachers help you understand if you have a problem.
I don't know any of the post grad if they had luck finding what they wanted to do.
I love my classes and the people. I had a few problems with financial aid. Overall, I love city college.
Really nice people, they helped a lot.
I love my major. Vet tech!
I'm glad I choose to go to City College.
All my professors are understanding and will work with any problem that appears.
Professors dont over do class work or homework but still makes sure lecture was understood.
Lots of jobs in my profession accept a lot of aspiring students/graduates from City College.
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Lots of great feedback from graduates and outside sources.
Course are organized, small setting class size, variety of programs offered.
How involved my professors are.
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