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City College - Altamonte Springs Reviews

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City College is a really fortunate college if you want a more hands-on experience. Attending a more career focused school makes me feel very good about being there because they are flexible with their hours so I'm capable of going to work , school and tend to my child. Everything works out pretty well in my favor. I highly recommend other people to come just because it will be well worth it at the end.
It has been an wonderful experience. The Professor's really push you and get you to learn. My counselor was amazing, when I felt like giving up at times she pushes me that extra mile. If you ever try it look up DR. P (Parenti). All the Professors a great But she's the Best.
I thought it was a good school while I was going to school but they lie. She gave me the option of sending my fanancial aid to the house or a box they had at the school to pay for school . Now no one knews what happened to my money or what box I'm talking about. Dont do it go to ucf or velencia!
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My major is Surgical Technogist. I am in my clinicals rotation, and the person in charge is always checking on his student, and shared his knowledge as a Surgical Tech.
I like this school, because is a small college and professors know you by name, and they offering tuttoring one by one, and they try to help the students to achieve their goals.
Tuition is very high including books, uniforms and other important items needed for college. I will be greatly appreciated to recieve this scholarship..
There is a lot of pride.
They really focus on preparing you for your job
They really worked with you
I really enjoy City College.
The lady in the financial department name "Kim" is the best she only help online students she help me out a lot.
I need financial help right now to receive my bachelor degree in healthcare administration.
My class curriculum is very easy to understand all for my assignment if, I ever be missing anything all, I have to do is look back at my curriculum.
I really can't say anything about the campus because, I attend school online.
We have a discussion once a week with our classmates on the chapter were working on.
I like attending school online it work out good for me because, I have children's.
I am attending City College Online for Healthcare Administration, I have learned a lot about the health care field, I am currently working in the hospital as a lab assistant, I enjoy working in the healthcare, I love to help people.
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once I finally got everything in order and realized what I wanted to do everything went smoothly beside financial. I really enjoy student appreciation week.
library Is small but not too bad. no student center.
internet works perfectly wifi not so much
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