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City College is a great college. The Classes are small so it gives you more one on one and hands-on experience. The Instructor are really into the work. My tech. Teacher never went by the books but instead made us actively participate in work. Another teacher was so efficient we finished the course early and we even missed a day due to a hurricane.
I have to work a full time job so this is great.
From what I have heard the job fair is great.
Review City College - Gainesville
Have a career fair Mar. 8, will find out.
There is one on one lots of it.
This is my first year so really no answer yet.
My school is great for me been out of school 25yr
Can't wait until I'm done
Some small details about funding could be added.
We have a great job placement program here. They are eager to help you with your resume and your job hunt. They will sit with you as many times as you wish and make sure that you are comfortable with the interviewing process, so are you more confident going for your dream job.
I have had the easiest time getting ready to attend this school. We sat down together and within 1 week I had all of my financial aid awarded and my credits transferred. It has been a very easy transition
So far I have had nothing but good experiences here. From my academic advisor to the financial aid representatives, I have been made to feel like I was important and they were really interested in making sure I succeed in my goals.
We have a diverse group of students. My college has everyone from fresh out of high school students to students that are grandparents.

We are all striving for the same goal which is having a career we can be proud of.
My school has a familial feel to it. I feel like they really care. This college is a small community so they can give us more specialized time to make sure that we succeed in our goals.

One special this they do is if you are having difficulty, such as no gas money or low on food at your home, they will help you get these items so you have one less thing to worry about while attending school.
Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Anytime I have a problem or a question, someone is right there to help me. They make me feel like they actually care if I get my degree. I love this school.
The students at my school are very mature and they know what they want out of their career. It seems like everybody gets along with each other. The students in my veterinary technician class gets along with each other and we always study together.
Could definitely have more space
Review City College - Gainesville
I have enjoyed my experience at city college.
they seem to be very hands on. but im still in my first year.
Everything is amazing. computer access. wireless access and printing.
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