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City College - Fort Lauderdale Reviews

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Experience has been GREAT so far!!!
Haven't heard anything negative yet
  • 11 months ago
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So far classes are excellent!!!
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The school has your best interest in mind.
  • 11 months ago
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I see that the school has a lot of programs and clubs centered around my degree. A Business degree.
So far this school is GREAT but i use that word loosely because it is still early in the semester. I am hoping i will continue

to enjoy coming to school. I love the teachers and the staff overall.
Signing up for City College was not stressful
I start school soon so I will have an answer then.
I love the school so far
I love how the class sizes are small, whenever a student is having difficulty it's easily taken care of. Also, the instructors are also early and stay after.
Conveniency has been very good for me, as I commute by bus.
Being a Business Major, I think the courses are out of this world.
The professors are at the students call
I am satisfied with this school
  • Dec 26 2015
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My experience at this school so far has been great. Small class settings. great learning environment and friendly staff. This makes you want to learn and come to class everyday.
the teachers are very helpful and caring
I would choose it ,again, and did.
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the students morals are low at this school
  • Feb 5 2015
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The workload is not hard and the curriculum is great too.
I have not done any of this yet but I have heard good things about them all.
  • Dec 28 2014
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