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My experience at Citrus College was great. The counselors really guided me in the right path to graduate on time. They helped me understand and become familiar with the opportunities that are offered to students. It was a friendly environment.
I love Citrus College. The campus environment is beautiful and clean. The school is very diverse which I love. It is a friendly environment and do feel like I belong here. My professors are amazing, and I'm getting a lot of help from them in pursuing my goal. The only thing I wish Citrus College would improve on is their safety. There has been cases of breaking into cars and sexual assault. Campus safety should partrol the campus more and especially at night.
Citrus college has been an amazing experience. I joined eop&s and that changed everything. Through the program i was able to receive priority registration, free books, and one amazing counselor. She helped me plan all my classes until i graduate. And now i am on track to transferring. Don't be afraid to get involved, because that is how you get the full experience.
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I really liked the experience I had at Citrus College, specifically the student life and meeting many different types of people. Financial Aid and most Student services are very helpful with question and any problems I had. However, academically, I feel as if I'm not getting great teaching from some of the teachers I had, as if they just wanted to get through the class and leave. Classes that are usually hard to learn, like math wasn't fully taught with enough details to have students understand the material, but the tutoring services were fully qualified in teaching students, when the teachers couldn't. I've had great teachers, but math and chemistry is usually the subjects, where it was hard to learn from the teacher. The only other problem I had with the school was the advisors, because the first counselor I had messed up my fall 2016 schedule and had me take an English Class I had already fulfilled with the college I went to before over again.
i like it here because it is not expensive and you are still getting a good education. i like it because you are able to do sports and have a job at the same time.
The Professors are wonderful. The school is well organized, which makes it easier to learn and move on. I joined the honors program which has several benefits making your time there fun and easy.
I enjoy attending Citrus College because the professors here know what is more important. They help motivate you rather than bring you down. Its a beautiful campus with a variety of helpful resources. I would definitely recommend others to attend Citrus College.
As a first time experience, it was really nice. Most of the people are friendly, and it is a smaller campus.
From the past two years of going to Citrus College, I've met some amazing people and learned a lot about myself. That would not have been possible without such great teachers as this school has to help me blossom in my field of study. Although I get into most of the classes I need, it's still very difficult to land the math classes and the English classes. I wish there were a way to make sure everyone had a shot at those classes instead of people waiting for class registration day and seeing every teacher that offers the class you need is full. To me, that's the only real flaw with the school.
a big part of the faculty is rude and it just so happens that about half of the professors I've had seem to be racists. I chose this school because I thought I was going to get a high quality education but it was less than average.
Transfer process has been smooth so far. No real issues, everyone seems to want to transfer as quick as possible and are also willing to help.
Getting a degree from my school is pretty great my professor that I acquired my certificate from is getting me interviews with future company's I can work for and even internships as a summer job experience to see which company is best for me.
My overall experience I have for my school has been pretty good I enjoy the tutoring and programs they offer to help with classes and they also have programs to try and help with financial services and book rentals so finding support for your education is not so hard to find.
The school isn't that big, so there are not as many professors available as other school, which makes it difficult for me to get classes that work around my work schedule. It is doable though. I transferred credits from a class I took at APU during high school and it transferred easily.
I haven't really gone to the career center, but it seems okay from what I hear.
The are a variety of courses at Citrus and my experience with with most of the professors at this school has been good, besides a few of them. The class sizes are smaller than other schools I know of, which makes it a bit difficult because classes get full quick. However, the small class size is better for learning, in my opinion.
Citrus has a lot of job opportunities to help out students and there are always readily available internship and scholarship opportunities as well.
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I'm a nursing major and they have a really good nursing program here. Unfortunately, it is really difficult to get into because spots are limited. However, I think it is a great school to get all of your prerequisites out of the way and it's cheaper than other schools as well. I do wish that the science labs weren't as small as they are, as it makes getting into science classes difficult. They fill up fast.
Parking is pretty bad, so I always show up at least an hour early. I've gotten some really great teachers as well as some horrible teachers, specifically in the science department. I love that it is a small campus because there are less students per class than other schools which is great for one on one with a teacher. I feel like it's easier to learn this way. The school can definitely improve in student services. Every time I go to ask for something, they always say, "go online." I just think they should be more personal with these things and actually help out in person rather than just sending a student online for resources.
online course helped me get threw school and work
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