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Citrus College has a very friendly environment, all the students and staff are very welcoming. The one thing I was not content with was the parking at citrus, you must come an hour early to find a parking space.
My dream has always been to go to college .i will be the first in my family to do so and I am so glad I chose Citrus ! They have great programs and when I first applied it was very easy and at first I didn’t know how to apply to any classes but luckily they make you go to make you plan in which a counselor talks to you and helps you sign up for the classes you need for whatever major you are interested in . It is a very nice campus and I wouldn’t have chose any other !
Citrus College offers many opportunities to be involved; there are many student-run clubs. The student/faculty ratio is amazing--my biggest class had maybe 60 people in it.
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Citrus College has been a very enriching place, where I have been able to seek out my education. I am in the Early College Program in my high school, which is a dual enrollment program with Citrus College. Citrus has professors come to my high school and give two hour classes. The professors have treated with great respect, and maturity. They are open to coming before class begins to answer any questions that we might have. Not only do we have help from the professors, but we are also open to use any of the tutoring facilities at Citrus College. With the I.D. given to us we can go on campus and use the study rooms, library, and computers. Over the summer Citrus also opens their campus for us to go and have our lectures on campus. By the end of my senior year I will have completed one whole year of general education, thanks to the program with Citrus College.
Citrus College has a vast clean campus. located in the city near many locations. Great programs to help study and stay on track. Good campus security. Financial aid office is very helpful, staff explained everything very well as to where I needed to go and be, the counselors were very helpful and attentive when picking my classes and helping decide where my best transfer would be.
I enjoy attending Citrus College because the faculty is always helpful. Any department that I have stepped into for any reason or question they always make me feel comfortable and I know I will always receive the correct guidance.
I loved going to this school. Class sizes are a lot smaller and the campus is pretty nice. they have a greats sports program with many sports to choose from. Citrus really feels like a tight-knit community. Plus, there are many restaurants near by and parks to hang out at in between classes.
Its a good community college dead center of Los Angeles. Good community and really good scenery. The college has new structures. surronded by many places to eat. right next to the metro so you can go where ever you neeed to go. and have many sporting events and good cousnling. i really recommne citrus college.
Getting into any science class requires a lot of patients and many lost semesters. The classes are often only offered during the main, spring and fall quarters, so if your placement to enroll isn't the first day you most likely won't even make it onto the wait list. I've had some teachers who are very passionate about their work but on the flip side, I've also had teachers who are just collecting a paycheck. It is hard to stay motivated surrounded by dispondent professors and student's who've all but given up.
Citrus offers an environment for students in which they can begin their college journey before having to pay for the expenses of a four year college. They have faculty that cares about their student and their students progress. The campus has recently been renovated in order to offer the best work place for the students.
There is a Forestry and Natural History course that get's one in to the forest to experience what they are learning, amazing. The instructor wants nothing but your success which makes the course totally dependent on your participation. We need more classes like this. If you want to learn about nature and what you can do to help preserve it, take Forestry classes at Citrus.
I love this college because here I found great professor. They are really helpful, and they help their students to achieve their goal.
I did not know the school from the beginning, but because my cousin studied dental assistant courses in the school, he highly suggested that I come here because the tuition fees on the first side are relatively higher than those on other universities Cheaper, and then there is less need to choose courses and grab a lot of students in this school is very easy to choose courses .As professors I think there is an easy professor but also difficult professor, but in short we are all trying to be here I have a very good teacher in this school so I highly recommend this school
About your average CC experience i would say, friendly faculty and students. Cant say much more than that...
Citrus College is a great school with a friendly atmosphere. The professors are wonderful with a variety of classes and majors offered to the students. A friendly, safe, small campus with a lot of resources for the students along with many clubs, sports, and programs to take part in.
The classes are fairly full. However, a majority of the professors are great. I also work on campus, which is incredibly convenient. There are many opportunities to gain work experience while also earning college credit.
This school is really awesome. Most of the professor actually care about the students there. The faculty try really hard to keep the campus clean for the students to enjoy. The Facilities are top notch as well.
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Great community college with amazing and helpful instructors especially those in the science and math departments.
the teachers and counselors do their best in helping you continue with your education. I'm majoring in child development and my teachers are so amazing really in a professionalism that they show is great. besides that i have had night classes and the campus safety is really good at walking you to your car if you feel scared or unsafe.
My overall experience at this College was okay. At the time I went there it was for Cosmetology and I didn't really take much out of that course. What I should have done is gone to my degree route. Till this time I have not received my degree from citrus. Instead I got a license which is close to the finish line. I am glad that I did go to that college though. It was close to home.
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