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I like how big yet remote the campus at Citrus College is. It seems scary at first, but once you find your navigation, it's very easy to get across. All of the staff are very helpful, and the student services building is great for resources and help with financial aid or any issues you may have; as well as the library for studying or finding books for your classes. Many of the classes you take are also cheap, despite having to pay. Most teachers won't require you to spend $200 on a textbook you'll use for a few months because they understand you spent $300 on the class itself. The whole school is incredibly resourceful and helpful. Citrus is also located in between the train station for travel convenience and right after all the local stores, shops, and food joints.
Citrus College helped me prepare which classes I should take for my 2 years until I transfer out. The councilors guided me step by step on which courses would benefit me and which would not. The classes/lectures themselves have their own unique style for the students to focus more or have a hands on activity to learn. Students on campus are friendly or they would have their own things to do as they would walk around themselves. On my first week at Citrus, there were many opportunities such as clubs and groups for upcoming freshman to be more involved with the school. Citrus is recommended compared to Mt. Sac. because the distance wise is much shorter and better commute. I have overheard from peers that it is difficult to obtain the preferred classes per semester. Overall, I will enjoy my 2 years here at Citrus College before I transfer out.
Citrus College is an amazing place to be. From the faculty to the student government, Citrus has a focus on seeing the student succeed. My time here has been valuable and I have grown as a person. I feel Citrus was the place for me because of the performing arts programs and diverse student body. The clubs and honors societies are the best. Honors societies on campus such as PTK and AGS have reached out to the near by communities to make a difference. I have made strides in academics all because of the professors and counseling staff. I recommend Citrus College to anyone and everyone who is looking to further their educational goals. Overall, Citrus has become a second home to me. I couldn't picture myself at any other community college to help me to transfer to a four year school.
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Citrus College is such a great school. Whenever you need help, they are always they for you. The administrators there want to see you achieve you goals and be there for you when you need help. Everyone there are so very kind and helpful. They have so many majors for you to choose from with extraordinary Professors who know what they are doing.
Citrus is a compact spaced environment, filled with resources and clubs to accommodate their students. It is easy to get around due to the college being small scaled but not cramped. Citrus also has great programs for transfers.
Overall there really is not much to complain about other than their parking space and cafe, which works because Citrus is pretty near fast food places.
Citrus College is small, has great opportunities for success (if you take them up on them) and varied programs. The campus is somewhat old and the bathrooms are TERRIBLE. There are some safety issues and the professors are overwhelmingly liberal and pushy about their theology. However, the good definitely outweighs the bad. Students have lots of opportunities for enrichment and prep for transfer is great.
I absolutely love Citrus College. The professors I've had since I've been here have all been very caring and helpful. From the beginning, I was made aware of all the resources Citrus College has to offer. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate through. There are many transferable courses offered and I have (almost) always gotten into the courses I needed.
I've only been attending Citrus for the past few years but I've never had trouble getting around campus. Communication with my counselors has always been up to par, no real complaints on that end. As far as my professors go it will always be a hit or miss. Some are passionate about the material they teach and others throw the lesson at you without real devotion. What I would like to see Citrus improve on as a campus is to introduce a workshop for new and even tenured staff to become a more better acclimated with the student body.
Citrus college is amazing! I love the campus. The staff is very helpful and caring. The counselors and professors truly care about each individuals education. They offer so many programs to help, and guide students along there educational journey. Citrus has free tutoring for almost every subject which is very rewarding if you attend them. I would definitely recommend this community college!
My experience with Citrus college has been a tumultuous one. I first came here to be a guitar teacher. I soon found out that with the faculty at this college, I could aspire to be more. I soon became more involved with the music program, even joining their premier group, the Citrus Singers, and have chosen to become a choir teacher. This place is a great place to learn WHAT you want to do before you truly know what you want to do.
I like the location and the plethora of music classes available at this college. I recommend citrus to any aspiring engineer or musician. Most professors on campus hold ratings at 4 out 5 on average, and it's away from the busyness of central LA. The campus itself is clean and the atmosphere feels safe and welcoming. The bathrooms are not filled with graffiti, and the financial aid office is not cramped. Many classes were available for enrollment even after priority registration. My personal experience has been positive and I expect this trend to continue. Enrolling in classes on their online student portal was simple and straight forward.
Nice, small college with good classes, good teachers, and within walking distance to plenty of restaurants. The classes can fill up quickly and, though there is currently little to do on campus besides school, they're trying to make it better. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Citrus!
I loved citrus college!! I just finished my last class this past semester (spring) and I have to say citrus college is one of the best community college out there. It’s easy to get classes, I never had a problem getting a class, was on the waitlist one time only and even then I was able to get into the class. The campus is pretty big, amazing student life events, a very clean campus, and the professors there are very friendly and helpful. My time at citrus was very enjoyable.
The fear of community colleges is that one won't get a good education there. Citrus College is well known for a variety of majors, and they are only getting better. The school is full of students that are involved in the community. They want to see their school be the best it can be. The faculty is generally wonderful. Teachers are passionate about their area of expertise.
Citrus College is exactly what you would expect from a community college. A majority of the students are unambitious, the administration is inattentive, and most of the professors are mediocre. However, the Honors Transfer Program is the one redeeming quality of Citrus College. It is filled with motivated students as well as knowledgable professors, such as Carsten Dau, Dale Salwak, Denise Kaisler, and Gerhard Peters. The administration does little to aid students with questions they may have, scheduling classes, arranging a meeting with a counselor, etc. Students must fend for themselves and figure things out without the help of the staff.
I found this campus quite convenient. It's small enough that classes are pretty easy to find. The classes themselves are fun in the sense that the instructors are laid back, have great senses of humor and make the classes interesting. Parking is convenient if you arrive early enough, and for those who ride the bus, it drops off on campus! I also really liked that they have a cosmetology course and anyone can come in as a visitor and have their hair done for a great low price and parking is cheap. The campus itself is very nice, very green.
I guess they could improve on the bookstore size and prices. College is expensive enough and I think this goes for most colleges... food courts and bookstores are a bit overpriced. Also, although I had my own place and it's not a university, I can't rate dorm or housing, they had none.
Overall, I would return, I do miss it, but I've switched majors have since moved and work full time so I had to choose a college near my work place.
Only community college that offers the program that I am interested. ALL the staff there in every department is extremely helpful and respectful. They have many classes and majors to choose from. The parking is not bad at all, the campus is rather small, so you will not get lost.
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Since I'm going to be undergraduate freshmen at Citrus I'm going to experience a lot of adult stuff and etc.
I like the school. I wish the financial aid for nursing school students improved. It's a rigorous program and we do not get very much financial help
Citrus College is great for transfers and students looking for an Associate's Degree. They offer great programs and academic pathways so that students can actually know what to take and not waste time on classes they do not need. It is a small community college and there is not much student life since everyone commutes.
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