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I really liked that the campus is big but everything is nearby. The professors are amazing and very attentive to the students because they want them to succeed. It is a great college to start your college journey before transferring to a university.
I have been going to Citrus College for two years now, and I have had a really great experience there. The school has some really amazing professors that have helped me gain knowledge for my future career, confidence in my writing and academic capabilities, as well as a complete understanding for what I want to do with my life. One professor in particular is Shelley Hahn, who is one of the main professors in the child development department. Shelley has helped me, and so many others, become proficient in facilitating optimal development in young children. That being said, I know she has personally impacted so many students life for the better. She has made me so much for confident in my skills as a future educator and I could not have been more thankful to Citrus for having her as a staff member. Citrus College is full of amazing opportunities, as well as resources for students and community members.
I personally loved my experience at Citrus College but it isn't like that with everyone. Your attitude makes up a positive or negative experience. Try to have fun and get in and out within 2-3 years.
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The thing that I like about Citrus is that the campus is very nice. The thing that I would change is on the fact that there are no door room.
I love how easy going Citrus College is. People are just there to get an education and that’s that. It’s inspiring to see so many people with different stories to tell pursuing a higher education despite any setbacks they might have encountered.
Citrus College unlike its other counterparts do not have as much students enrolling each semester, so its relatively easier to get classes. The campus is pretty much a huge block so it is easy to get around campus.
Great proffessors, the counselors, however are very lazy and will make you wait a long time for nothing. If you want to see someone, you have to call in ahead, they will never go out of their way to help.
Citrus College is the greatest college I have attended so far. The elegance of the campus and the awesome teachers that are there to guide you in the right direction.
Citrus has many different majors to choose from allowing students to really explore their options. The classes here are offered both on campus and online. I have taken a few of both and feel like they are equally rewarding although I prefer the online classes because of time management.
I have been studying at Citrus College for about 2 years now. Overall it is a very pleasant learning environment. To be very hypercritical, I would rate it 4 stars. The lack of star is due to my opinion that their facilities can still be improved; a few renovations would be nice but not really necessary. It is just my own taste in architectural design taking over.

I migrated to California from the Philippines in 2010. Ever since, I have gone back and forth between those two countries. It was only 2 years ago that I decided to permanently stay in California to continue my college education. What stood out to me the most was the quality of professors. Coming from a third world country, I expected a lot from the American school system. Being immersed in the school for nearly 2 years, I have encountered various professors coming from different fields. It is very evident that they care for their students' future. I applaud Citrus College for great deliberation in hiring professors.
Love and enjoy all the serves citrus has to offer, they are very helpful. The student services office is very helpful and offers a lot for students from different workshops for students to success in school to the people in the library being very helpful and nice when assisting students, and keeping it organized and clean.
Also the entertainment they have in between classes, and the amount of choices they provide outside to sit to study or just hang out till the next class begins.
Excellent cosmetology program lots of hands on work. The teachers are friendly and the school has good policies. The campus is very pleasant and peaceful and also a good size.
Citrus is a very welcoming place for all students of different backgrounds and education goals. Teachers are very helpful.
I like it very much totally different experience , nice atmosphere , cool professors . Nice environment and great classrooms .
I had a good experience at Citrus but it is harder to make friends since there is no dorms and people commute. I made a couple of friends and have kept them, but definitely hard when people do not live in the area. Also, not a whole lot of clubs there but there are some. Area is okay. Nighttime I would be careful. Had great professors at Citrus too.
I am in my 40's and headed back to college after raising my kids. I like the students and have had several great professors. I am happy with my experience, overall. However, a couple of the professors (tenured) need to be fired. I am a 4.0 student and I had some terrible experiences this semester with a rude, prejudiced (against white people) and disorganized professor. She is retiring this semester, but something should have been done about her long ago. I think the overall environs of the college are good - opportunities for honors, financial aid, counseling services, etc. are good. Excellent online program.
I'm currently a student here and I enjoy it very much. Classes were easy to get into and some of the professors went above and beyond to make sure you understand the material and are learning it. As for the classes in general, because of the great professors, learning about new things was very fun.
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I really like this school. Parking is not terrible with classes in the late day. The professors really care and often go above and beyond for students as long as students try their best. For the most part, staff and students are there because they really want to be and make a difference in everyday life. I recommend this school to everyone.
Citrus College has taught me to be a responsible adult. It has inspired me and really made me realized what I want to pursue as my career and where I will excel. The professors have been wonderful and are a great source of insight.
Citrus College has its pros and cons. For pros, the teachers are very knowledgeable on their subjects and are willing to help you with any questions you have, the many resources that Citrus has are very accessible, and the students are friendly. For cons, some teachers can be snarky and rude, there is always construction and maintenance being done, which can be annoying, and the restrooms are not the best. Overall, being there for two years is as long as you'll want to stay. I'm glad to have gone to Citrus but two years was enough for me.
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