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Citizens School of Nursing Reviews

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All the staff and students at citizens are so welcoming, caring, and knowledgeable. The nurses that come out of the school have exceptional nursing skills.
If you are looking forward to a great clinical experience and great teaching staff then i will strongly recommend CON.
I am a new incoming student who has heard very good things about this school. I am looking forward to being a student
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I have successfully worked part time as well as attending school with minor schedule conflicts
Graduating Cson will enable you to sit for nclex run exam which will give you your license to practice nursing
The sizes are great. Around 50 for lecture, maybe 15 for lab, and 6 for clinical
It's a nursing school so all of us have the same major
I have been pleasantly suprised with Cson. They teachers have found a wonderful balance of structure with lecture and supportive but accountability with their clinical approach
its a old hospital turned into a school once the hospital closed down.
A lot of no traditional students and working while going to school.
Really need to keep on them and keep copies of everything
they have set schedules due to the material that needs covered but they will try to help work around life.
the schedule is manageable but it does take a lot of work like any school but you will get lots of clinical experiences
Very helpful staff and resources free printing and copying and no wifi access but they are working on that.
It isn't easy, it's a full time school but the schedules aren't terrible and the education you receive outweighs anything else
Not Too Bad – Computer lab is expanding, printing and copying are available, no wireless access
Do Not Procrastanate – Nursing school is very demanding and fast paced. I study every single night. There is a quiz once a week, and possibly a test that week also. Lectures are usually 4-6 hours a day, and clinical is 8hours 2-3 days a week. Traveling is required for off sites and clinical experiences.
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Its Worth It – The education I am receiving is very much worth the tuition that I have to pay. The problem is that I am unable to get finicial aid for a remaining 7,000 dollars due. It comes to be over 600.00 dollars a month out of pocket that is unmet by my finicial aid. My experience with the finicial aid office is good.
Lab With Mrs. Smith Hickman – I absolutley love everything about my school. Learning is made interesting and enjoyable. It is not an easy walk to in the park. It is challenging, but the challenge is worth the reward. From talking dummies to dressing out friends up in diapers you never know what to expect.
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