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Citadel Military College of South Carolina Reviews

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Citadel is a place you love not while you're there, but after you graduate. The first year they cit my hair and then decided to change the rule 3 months after my hair was all gone. Dumb right ? Everyone at the school has it engrained in their heads that physical activity and working out are much more important than an education because they all just want to go shoot guns. I was told that it was a great school to come from, but realized that the academics are not great at all. The structure you create for your life is what you really take from it, if youre lucky.
Citadel Military College of South Carolina is a great place for structure and discipline. This school teaches you all the needs of what it takes to be a great cadet. The volleyball team creates a great family and a place for love, support, and encouragement.
I love it here . It is truly amazing here and the environment is just great . Everyone here were willing to help me find my way around campus .
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So far, I have had a good experience. Everyone is very helpful. They will get through with every step of the way.
I am a future Citadel graduate but an incoming freshman this year. I had my mind set on taking a year off before going to college until I received the acceptance letter from The Citadel. There was no was I could ever pass up this opportunity. I visited the Citadel with my mother and became even more excited abut my upcoming college years. Everything that the Citadel stands for is everything I'm looking for. Growing up with my mom in the Army I have grown to desire the camaraderie and the family friendship that develop. To have others be there and push you to accomplish you goals. To know you're never really alone and see genuine concern for those around you. The staff is genuinely concerned, care for the students and want to uphold their legacy. I am more excited now than ever to be a part of this organization.
Its a place where the students look out for one another, theirs a bond that is formed during the first year that you will carry on for years to come. Academically the teachers are always willing to help and the class sizes are relatively small.
I am currently a freshman and if you know anything about being a knob than you know its rough. Even though it is a very difficult first year, it all prepares you for your future in college and in life. This school teaches you discipline, leadership, and hard work unlike any other college out there.
It is a difficult but rewarding school. There are obstacles and challenges that you must overcome in order to move up here.
There has been lots of changes recently that are unpopular with lots of students. However, I believe that without change there can be no improvement. The 4th class system enforced at this school has taught me a lot about leadership and followership. I also learned time management and prioritization.
This Is a Military College in which it holds a very high foundation for leadership to provide and holds all cadets to same standards of honor, duty and respect. I have enjoyed the friendship and brotherhood developed as a student and will carry these relationships for years to come. The academic level holds high standards and are always helpful when needed.

Some changes I would recommend some of the choices of Leadership with in the cadets. The professors should meet with the Commandant or President of the school to get a better understanding of the required cadet system so that the cadets are successful.
Standards, Goals, Leadership Development, Responsibility, Attention to Detail, the ability to attend this historic university which will allow me to set my future for the best
It's a dream land, where you get to live in a castle. You recieved the warmest of welcomes soon arrive as a freshman. Everyone helps mentor you as college begins.
The professors truly care about how well you do. They will do anything to help you. I couldn't ask for better professors!
The Citadel is not a tradition public college. Along with the tradition college environment a vigorous military lifestyle is also apart of your day to day life as a cadet. Overall I know enjoyed my time at The Citadel and have learned a great deal about myself and my ability to endure hardships. I have also learned the true meaning of friendship as I have already made friends that will last a lifetime.
The Citadel teaches you not only how to become a principled leader but it also develops you and pushes you to become a better person, one with good morals and values.
One of the top military institutes thus far. The citadel has came a long way. My experience was NOT a piece of cake freshman year but i pulled though it with the help of my fellow classmates and faculty motivation.
The Citadel is one of the best schools in the south. The professors are well educated and they have a wide variety of programs to offer. In the classes that I have taken, the classmates are friendly and of diverse populations. They also have a veteran's center that specifically caters to the veterans that are enrolled there. I like the convenience of the online classes and the convenience of the evening classes for the working adults.
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The Citadel is a perfect college for me as I am a Army Veteran. They are so welcoming and are ready to help any of us with anything that might come up. I would defiantly recommend The Citadel to fellow military members.
Went on a college visit, the people are very welcoming. The campus could use a little clean up around certain places.
Great academics mixed with a challenging physical regiment. If you're not working out, you're probably studying, and vise versa. If you're looking for a challenge, you'll definitely find it here.
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