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One of the top military institutes thus far. The citadel has came a long way. My experience was NOT a piece of cake freshman year but i pulled though it with the help of my fellow classmates and faculty motivation.
The Citadel is one of the best schools in the south. The professors are well educated and they have a wide variety of programs to offer. In the classes that I have taken, the classmates are friendly and of diverse populations. They also have a veteran's center that specifically caters to the veterans that are enrolled there. I like the convenience of the online classes and the convenience of the evening classes for the working adults.
The Citadel is a perfect college for me as I am a Army Veteran. They are so welcoming and are ready to help any of us with anything that might come up. I would defiantly recommend The Citadel to fellow military members.
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Went on a college visit, the people are very welcoming. The campus could use a little clean up around certain places.
Great academics mixed with a challenging physical regiment. If you're not working out, you're probably studying, and vise versa. If you're looking for a challenge, you'll definitely find it here.
Food sucks, early mornings blow, and your administration generally has it out for you. However, your classmates make it the greatest experience in your lifetime.
It was great. When I went to visit the school during a preknob visit everyone was so nice and the surrounding community is great
I love The Citadel. The environment is fantastic and the professors are world class. I'm a mechanical engineering student but the civil engineering major at The Citadel is one of the best in the country.
The Citadel is your average military college. There are strict rules and the system instills discipline to the cadets.
I enjoyed my visit to this college greatly. The life of the cadets is quite exciting to me. I believe that I would enjoy another visit or possibly enrollment into this college.
The experience at The Citadel is unlike any other college experience. This college gives the student a chance to learn discipline and respect while understanding how to grow and maintain one's honor. As far as changes to the college I believe there is nothing major I could recommend at this time, being that have not completed the "Citadel Experience."
I'm currently in the evening undergraduate program at The Citadel. I'm a rising Senior and so for my experience has been great. I'm definitely considering The Citadel for grad school.
The Citadel is a small barracks based, campus with a corps of little over 2000 Cadets. Students are enabled to have more one on one time with their professors. Cadets are taught discipline and pride for one's country as they are enrolled in an intensive freshman year. This life is not desirable to everyone as cadets are taught to march, wear uniforms, disassemble rifles, and properly prepare for uniform inspections. Many of the operations that take place on campus are cadet run and supervised by Cadet rank holders. Responsibility is delegated through cadet officers, and NCOs and most importantly students are given a firm education in leadership.
If you can sacrifice four years of your life to become a leader that's respected, then The Citadel is the place to be. In one year I feel like The Citadel has molded me into a resourceful, problem solver with the characteristics of leader in the making.
I like the small campus. I was very impressed with the cadets and the manner they behave.Their staff was very helpful and very supportive during my visit.
I chose to attend The Citadel to be challenged academically, physically and mentally. The challenges I have faced have brought me to reach my fullest potential and rise up to challenges. I am more focused, have greater self confidence and have formed a patronage with an elite brotherhood that I would not have had the opportunity to do so at a more traditional college. I am working toward an army contract and hope to achieve this goal by then end of my junior year. If someone is not certain if the military may be the right choice for them, The Citadel will give them a glimpse at what that avenue may offer. I highly recommend The Citadel to anyone looking to take the road less traveled.
The military structured environment makes for a stable learning environment. The school requires discipline, but delivers a quality product.
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In the few weeks that I have been at the Citadel, I have changed drastically, and for the better. The professors here are really in the business of helping you and trying to get you to succeed. The environment of the Citadel, sets you up for success for all 4 years that you're here and even after that. This is definitely the best investment that I've made in my entire life.
The Citadel is full of solid guys who care for others and they are given a bad rep in spite of who they are and what they do.
This is the nation's hardest school and if you go there you will know it, but no one else will. Everyone will think you are a immoral person and a troublemaker, but you will be crafted into a strong man. Even girls are turned into strong men as the system is not designed for them.
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