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If you can sacrifice four years of your life to become a leader that's respected, then The Citadel is the place to be. In one year I feel like The Citadel has molded me into a resourceful, problem solver with the characteristics of leader in the making.
I like the small campus. I was very impressed with the cadets and the manner they behave.Their staff was very helpful and very supportive during my visit.
I chose to attend The Citadel to be challenged academically, physically and mentally. The challenges I have faced have brought me to reach my fullest potential and rise up to challenges. I am more focused, have greater self confidence and have formed a patronage with an elite brotherhood that I would not have had the opportunity to do so at a more traditional college. I am working toward an army contract and hope to achieve this goal by then end of my junior year. If someone is not certain if the military may be the right choice for them, The Citadel will give them a glimpse at what that avenue may offer. I highly recommend The Citadel to anyone looking to take the road less traveled.
Review Citadel Military College of South Carolina
The military structured environment makes for a stable learning environment. The school requires discipline, but delivers a quality product.
If you are a short, ugly, unpopular nerd in high school who could never speak up for himself, but always wanted to, the Citadel is the school for you. Join the chosen leader and do his dirty work, stab the target in the head, poison his food, hit him until blood comes out of his stomach. At the Citadel you will be rewarded for this, especially if the target does not leave the school. Especially if the targeted victim shows the development of PTSD. At the Citadel you will also become dual trained in psychology, because you can now diagnose the victim that you have committed felony offenses against as schizophrenic, asbergers, paranoid, depressed. After all, you are in a group now and have bestowed upon yourself a superior sense of all knowing.
In the few weeks that I have been at the Citadel, I have changed drastically, and for the better. The professors here are really in the business of helping you and trying to get you to succeed. The environment of the Citadel, sets you up for success for all 4 years that you're here and even after that. This is definitely the best investment that I've made in my entire life.
The Citadel is full of solid guys who care for others and they are given a bad rep in spite of who they are and what they do.
This is the nation's hardest school and if you go there you will know it, but no one else will. Everyone will think you are a immoral person and a troublemaker, but you will be crafted into a strong man. Even girls are turned into strong men as the system is not designed for them.
You will live in the barracks all 4 years of undergrad. The bright side is you live around the same guys so it is pretty cool to be around them, it sucks though because you are locked in half the time.
As a huge sports fan, it is hard to be at a school where you are judged for your enjoyment of school sports. Very few people attend and even fewer get excited about varsity sports. Intramurals are the beating heart of many companies at The Citadel including mine.
The Citadel is the hardest school in the nation. If you are not the right kind of person you will hate every second of it. If you are the right kind of person, it will be very painful, but very rewarding.
Th campus is super safe. There are cadets always on guard and the gates locked at night. the campus police also have a great presence.
there are no fraternities or sororities on campus.
The school is more than an academic education. They educate on how to be come a leader and how to have a successful life. It is the road less traveled because few dare to lead.
due to the structure of the school this is not a major part of campus life
this is the main focus of the school along with discipline.
Review Citadel Military College of South Carolina
Wide range of racial, social and religion represented on campus. There is a variety of political views, but mostly moderate to conservative.
Very strong drug and alcohol policy.
Students are hired faster after graduation from here than other schools. Alumni are very active in the school and contribute to the graduates being sought after.
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