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love this jr. college! so many courses to be able to take around your time. the professors here are amazing and some also teach at the major universities so you're truly getting an amazing education at a fraction of the cost
Overall, Cisco College has been a great opportunity for me! I have enjoyed my first semester attending Cisco. Cisco has allowed me to the my courses online so that I could attend school while being pregnant and having a baby. the professors are great. The modules are very organized and provide a way for students to feel like they are in a classroom.
Cisco Texas is a small town, the college itself allows a good foundation with little distraction to help you move to the next level if you are there for the right reasons. When you have a mindset to finish and do your very best cisco is the best place to get that start.
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This is an awful place to go to school. There are only 3 decent professors and the rest of the staff is not only corrupt, but completely unqualified. Everything is broken and maintenance will not do anything. The cafeteria food is horrendous. The only good thing about this school is that it is cheap and they give good scholarships if you are on a team or part of an extracurricular.
Its a nice school to get your basics out of the way. My whole family has all gone to it over the years.
The people are great and the staff is extremely friendly. Campus could use more activities and maintenance needs to be kept up a little more. The professors are easy to work with and try to help you succeed in every way.
The school is great. Students and teachers are friendly. The Cafeteria food is horrible. Other then that everything else is great.
It is kinda confusing on what I need exactly for my career.
The classes are easier, but you dont really get to the real college experience.
my overall experience so far has been good, and I look forward to the future at Cisco
All of the classes I am taking now should be able to transfer to a larger university. However, I am only a freshman and I took dual credit english in high school through a community college and that transferred to my college now. It was not too difficult to transfer these english credits, I just did not know if they had successfully transferred for like a couple months due to horrible communication.
Online classes at Cisco are nice because you can do the work at your own pace. The only thing you really need to worry about is turning everything in on time. These classes are much easier to do well in because the workload is way smaller compared to normal classes. Although, the professor/student relationship is not very good. The professors don't usually like to be involved that much in discussions or assignments other than grading them.
I am at a junior college and would not feel good about getting a job after I get my associates. I have no idea if we even have a career center on campus that would actually be useful in preparing us to go out into the work force but we might have one.
I would not like to get a job with my degree from Cisco because it is a small school that does not really prepare you for the real world in educational ways. I don't even think we have a career center on campus to help us in making resumes for potential jobs. Then again it is only a junior college so I guess that's ok.
All of my courses have been relatively easy to earn an "A" without really studying too much. The best professor I had was my psychology professor and she actually taught us new things during lecture. She was more interactive too so the learning environment was boosted. There are not very many courses that are offered at Cisco and the classes are not big what so ever. The most I have had in a class is about 50.
It is not difficult to be a kinesiology major at Cisco because the professors are not very difficult. The classes I need to take for my major so far have been unexpectedly easy and hardly challenged me to excel to learn more. The facilities in Cisco are very old and rather outdated. We do not have the privilege of new equipment for chemistry labs or biology.
My school is a great stepping stone for students who are struggling academically but are still student athletes. The professors cater to these students and make the curriculum easy to understand so that they can be eligible to play their respective sport. For me, the academics are not difficult enough. They do not challenge me to be a better student, so looking back at that I would have chosen a different school for academics. However, this was the only school who wanted me to continue playing soccer at a higher level so I went to Cisco to save money for my first two years of college.
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I go to a community college. They have great starting prices for you to get your basics knocked out. The faculty and staff members are also great. They let you choose from morning or evening classes which is also pretty great.
The only frustration I have encountered was with an online class that I had not had the chance to become familiar with yet at the time. I was on a school-sponsored trip and I requested to take an exam earlier or later than its due date and ended up having the exam postponed for the entire class. However, after feeling awful, I learned how to manage my time more efficiently and never that problem again. Other than that one instance, Cisco College has been more than accommodating to my success and a student.
Four out of five stars is what I would rate my overall experience... so far. My school is unique in that the atmosphere is unlike any other school I have been inside. Cisco College is up to date when it comes to technology and resources and I would choose my school again if I could do it all over because it has served me extremely well and I am taking so much more, educationally, from this place than I could have ever bargained for. It has also restored my faith in not only the educational system, but in myself as a student.
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