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Cisco college had many good things about from the friendly staff to the helpful professors. The Professors help each and every one of their students inside and outside of the class. And the college living is great too. Lastly they have something that other colleges don’t have like getting a tutor for free and also something in the class that help us improve.
This college is affordable. It is easy to be a successful student while working full time. There are good scholarship opportunities. The library is well stocked.
The professors are very helpful and the staff and counselors really help I highly recommend the school to anyone interested in seeking an education that is affordable and reliable
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I enjoyed the atmosphere that this Cisco College provides, and I feel they also see what needs improvement in the building such as the food court they have expanded options for the times you need a tasty snack.
I also enjoyed the Nursing Program very intelligent professors to help and provided extended education if needed. It wasn’t as if you were alone the whole program and you were welcomed by the staff to ask questions or seek help they were always there.
What a great place to start easy, pick up where you left off, ease anxiety, get a vocational degree and more.
Cisco College was a good beginning into the college life style. Cisco being a small campus and athletic base created a connection you wouldn't get at a 4 year school. Playing sports there helped with time management and also with academic support becuase everyone gets a schedule and everyone has mandatory study hall. The only concerns i had with the school was probably just the sanitation of the cafeteria and the security of the campus. In the fall semester the school had a cricket problem which started a stinch that stuck to the cafe's outside as the crickets started making there way into the the cafe and the food. The security problem is only a worry becuase of the schools model. The football dorms are isolated from the rest of the campus and hasn't been remodeled in a while, so the doors in the dorm are always open and anyone can walk in.
Cisco college is a good start to getting your basics and they are flexible to work with. The expenses are cheap and very affordable and overall has a nice environment. The teachers are willing to work with you in any situation
Mediocre professors, few clubs and organizations, few academics, poor cafeteria, little student to student interactions, low graduation rate, etc
I was offered a two year soccer scholarship to continue my soccer and academic career at Cisco college. Cisco college is a wonderful school if you are looking to get away from home and build close relationships with other peers.
I love the campus, the housing, the sports teams,the campuses lunches and the environment and atmosphere at Cisco junior college.
Every professor I have had except for one have been great. They all really work with you to help pass the classes. One thing I would like to see change is that if many people are failing in the same teachers class they should get rid of that teacher. Overall Cisco is a great school to go to the majority of the teachers are excellant.
I love Cisco College, it has great experience and enjoy the atmosphere. Cisco college has so much when it comes to a college. Cisco has wonderful professors that help and love to see college students achieve a degree. When going to Cisco there is many groups and activities to do.
Cisco College has amazing counselors and Instructors. The cost for classes at Cisco are a lot cheaper than a bigger college and the programs are just as good.
My experience at Cisco College was a very calm one. The school itself is small which eliminates the stress of trying to find your class on a giant campus. The classrooms generally hold few students like a traditional high school classroom. Because of this, the professors are more attentive to each individual student's needs and progress which I really liked a lot. Even the online classes are very personalized. I really enjoyed this college.
My first two semesters at Cisco College were good! The teachers were very helpful and sweet. I enjoyed every moment I spent there. The college is very active with their students. They host a "Round Up" every year for the students to come together and eat and play games together. I enjoyed it.
I currently attend online so I do not interact with many people out of my class. The online teachers are very helpful and straight to the point. I enjoy online classes way better than going to class because I am at my own pace and it's one on one with my online teacher
Cisco College is a great 2 year school. The education is top notch here and there are many opportunities for you to find your place to fit in!
I love that the professors are always there to help you and genuinely care about their students. I love that it is affordable to go to this community college. To me, it is a much smarter idea to get some basics done at a cheaper price before transferring to a larger university.
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I am currently studying as a sophomore in Cisco College Abilene Educational Center. It is a pretty small community college. It lacks of sports and activities, it doesn't have any football field or soccer field or tennis court or basketball court, only one academic building. It does have a "cafeteria" but they only sell snacks, beverages and some frozen sandwiches. The Abilene Educational Center does not have any dorms. There is not student life, you only go to classes and return home, there is no school spirit nor party scene. Teachers are mostly good and so education. Classes are affordable, about $150 per credit so it is a good college to start if you are planning to transfer to a 4-year university.
Overall great school. The teacher said I have taken so fat are very helpful. The online courses are great. I wish they were a little more informative on the student email.
Cisco is in locate in West Texas . There is not a lot to do there but you have to enjoy the little things that are there . Cisco college shows the real character you truly are . For me coming from a big city like Houston it was a huge change . A lot of things were not available to me ,such as food places , being able to go out , and just living the city life . Things I would to see change in Cisco , if the city would give chance to change . Everyday living there is the same nothing change at .
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