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I had a teacher who went to Circle, and highly recommended it; so I auditioned, and gratefully was accepted. The acting training is phenomenal. Though I had previous theatre and musical theatre training, I specifically went to Circle to get more serious acting training experience. At that time, they only had the acting program. The musical theatre program came later. I loved it because the training and teachers challenged us, supported us, and encouraged us to take important risks as actors and human beings. If you are dedicated to your acting or musical theatre craft, and want full-time training, I highly recommend Circle in the Square Theatre School.
I was in the 2-year acting program, and am so grateful that I was able to train at Circle. The classes gave us well-rounded, important, professional acting training, and included Shakespearean, Chekhov, and modern scene study; classical text analysis, Alexander Technique, physical acting, movement analysis, body training, stage combat, acting technique, speech, voice, and many more, including various seminars and workshops with professionals in the industry.

All the teachers, staff and administration care about the wellbeing and success of the students, and there's a lot of support.

I think Circle's 2-year program can be best for people who have some experience under their belts, and are looking to further and deepen their acting or musical theatre training. I highly recommend it.
I loved every second of my time at Circle. If you're open and hungry it will be the perfect school for you.

It is not a normal college schedule, it is a conservatory certificate program. Your job is to be in school 5 days/week, 9-5, depending on your track: Professional Acting or Professional Musical Theater. All students take the full acting curriculum, and 2 years of dance. MT's get additional musical courses.

Education wise the faculty is top of the line. The majority of teachers currently work and teach at Juilliard or NYU. The faculty is dedicated, and passionate and will push you to be your best self and the best artist you can be. I often say I got a Juilliard Education in 2 years, minus the facilities.

It's exhausting, it requires mental and physical strength, but it is so worthwhile. Overall this is going to be a school that gives you the opportunity to make the most of it, but you have to be willing to do the work.
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The acting training I received at Circle was excellent. They have a library with plays, sheet music, monologues, books about acting, and more. There are rooms for rehearsals, free admission to many Broadway shows, and educational outreach opportunities for alumni, which includes a paid arts ed training program (that teaches actors how to be teaching artists). The school is inside a Broadway theater, and students perform on the Broadway stage, which is an incredible experience. Circle is also located in the heart of the Theatre District and Times Square, which is right where I wanted to be when I moved to NYC. I went to a few different acting schools, and the most comprehensive and professional training I received came from Circle.
I graduated in the musical theatre program about three years ago, and I had a mostly positive experience. The teachers were great and, while it was challenging, I definitely learned a ton (which I am applying to my current theatre career today). I have been booked consistently for the past two years while making my way around the Seattle theatre scene and the training that I got at Circle has definitely been a testament as to why I've gotten consistently booked.

My only issue (hence the not perfect score) was I wish that there was an extra year (a 3 year vs. a 2 year program) because I felt that the music theory class (having it only offered once a week) was put to the wayside.
I graduated from the 2-yr Professional Acting Workshop back in 1993, and now work here. The teachers were top-notch, and still are. Some of the greatest ones are still here: Ed Berkeley for Shakespearean Scene Study & Classical Text; Alan Langdon for Scene Study & European Scene Study; Lucille Rubin for Voice, among others. It's an intense and thorough full-time training, so the 2-year program is not for beginners. Circle also offers a summer program for younger students who may have less training under their belts. There are Professional Theatre and Professional Musical Theatre programs available. This is the only accredited conservatory located inside a Broadway theater, so it's a unique and deeply worthwhile experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about their theatre or musical theatre training.
Circle has a lot of potential, with some great teachers. Unfortunately the school is incredibly disorganized, and students don't get what is needed. They pack four years into two, and for some actors that may not be ideal.
You can certainly learn in this school if you have not seriously studied theatre before, but you will be at a disadvantage, as the program is set up for fairly experienced actors, and does not have a lot of important things offered in regular college theatre programs.
I would warn off “newer” actors, and urge them to attend a longer program that will provide them with more opportunities, such as performances, auditioning, and networking. If you are older and have already had those opportunities however then this school could be a very good experience for you, as it is an intensive two year program that will give your the opportunity to really hone your skills- a cheaper versions of graduate school.
You don't have any choice regarding your schedule.
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