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Their reputation is what exceeds their name. When I tell peopme I attend Aveda Institute they know it's serious and they pay attention more asking questions about skin concerns and so forth. Education wise they train me as of I'm in a salon it goes beyond the basics.
I came to this school to become a makeup artist but I ended up falling in love with doing hair, makeup, nails, massage
It's a beauty school, and offers access to computers, though they are minimal. You are pretty busy throughout the day, the schools runs like a salon so there isn't always time to work on the computer, but it comes in handy when needed. There aren't many homework assignments. Many can be completed while at school. There us a lot of study required, most you don't need. Computer for though it is helpful. There is no printing available from what I know, but you can email your assignments to your intructor.
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It's hands on so it gives you an opportunity to find out if you like it. I'm lucky, I love what I do and am thankful that I'll be learning more. in the field of beauty, it's necessary to continue studies once you've completed school.
It's a heavy workload in the beginning. Once you get through the introduction phase it gets easier. From what Inhear, the CiIDESCO program is demanding. You have to work in your field while in the program so it could be both challenging and easy.
I really like my major. I just completed the Esthiology program and will be entering the CIDESCO program, and like all that I'm learning.
The school is a vocational school and it has classrooms, but not many additional facilities or areas to study or research. It doesn't have a library. The computers are in certain classrooms, but there is no computer lab. There are no athletics, or typical university extracurricular activities. You can work with on the creative team, fashion week, and volunteer at the Academy of Art to gain experience.
I like my school. The price is high, the education is good if you are really into your studies, and it he's cool has a good name. If you need to keep cost low, this school may not be for you. I love it because it is based in natural care and is in line with my belief of using natural,products.
It's very diverse, representing people from all walks of life.
It's a vocational school so much is packed into a short period taking up much of your time. The courses are hour based, and the class schedule is 3 days a week, 10hrs a day. You can work, you have to make adjustments.. You can study at school, but because you are trying to accomplish a lot in a short period of time, make time to study outside of school.
There isn't an opportunity for work study. The financial aid package is good. There're are opportunities to apply for scholarships, but the school is not listed on many scholarship sites.
My school is located in the financial district in San Francisco. It is close to China Town, Shops, and the Embarcadero. The the spa is beautiful and there are many spas in the area for one to apply for employment or internship.
Cinta Aveda offers a job board, externships, and is affiliated with the Art Academy of San Francisco, where students can volunteer to gain experience and build a portfolio. The instructors all have worked in the field and are a great resource for connections.
Most students are pretty intelligent and becomes very successful in their field of choice.
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