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Cincinnati State provides a financially smart opportunity to pursue a college education. With tuition rates over half the cost of surrounding universities, you receive a reputable community of faculty members dedicated to ensuring your success as a student. Cincinnati state has small class sizes of approximately twenty students to ensure one on one attention from professors. The quality of student resources on campus including free one on one tutoring for every subject, a challenging honors program, and a student led food pantry is sure to make any student feel at ease.
I had great communication with my Professor, even with an online class. Grading was kept up to date and the directions for assignments, paper, and tests were clear and easy to understand.
I am a highly ambitious, determined, and focused individual. I am committed to finishing what I started and to be successful. My Academic Foundations courses were critical to my success. These classes taught me “how to navigate and succeed in college”. My Academic Foundations Language class challenged me to do my best. I began to believe in myself as a writer and a successful student. I was inspired to excel. With this new-found confidence, I offered to take on a leadership role helping my classmates. I took the time out of my day to form study groups for those who need help on the subject outside of class. My College Strategies has helped me manage my credit cards.
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What I like about Cincinnati State is that the prices are affordable. Not only am I bettering myself I am also saving money taking my general education classes there for a lesser price before moving on to my transfer school University of Cincinnati. I also enjoy the professors there. Almost all of them have been extremely helpful and resourceful during my time at the institution.
Lots of support and diverse opportunities for everyone. The professors care and go out of their way for your success.
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College is an amazing educational hub with a broad array of majors and fields of study. Most especially, it is very affordable.
It's an okay college they aren't the best but they aren't the worst. I'm pretty satisfied with going here for the time.
I have not started school at Cincinnati State yet. I'll be starting in the fall of 2018. But, I've been around and on the campus multiple times. It is beautiful, and the professors really engage with students. I can't wait to start my experience at Cincinnati State.
Cincinnati State is a great and convenient way to go to school for two years if you're short on funds and time. Most of the classes, besides labs, can be taken online which have turned out to be a good option for me. There could be more help from the staff, but for the most part they are kind.
Great college to go to a welcome atmosphere! A nice size college with a lot of activities to get into after your studies are done!
In Cincinnati state college you can able to choose your major that fits your goals and what you like, if it is Technician programs and to transfer for 4 year school.
They give you an excellent advising about what you looking for, and most of majors have Co-ops that helps you while studying to practice what you learned and find your right career.
For me it is the best place to study because it have a good area and the city is very . The main campus have a good location, no industrial near and the campus is very big. The space of main campus it nice the first time I came here I like because it is very beautiful and the campus is very clean .
I went to Cincinnati State the first time when I was nineteen and was unsure of what I wanted to be when I grew up. This is a great place to get the basic classes out of the way that you will need for a bachelors degree because the tuition is by far the cheapest in the area. And the credits transfer everywhere very easily. I am now going back to college at 31 to get my masters and become a physician assistant, and I need to retake a few science classes. Cincinnati State was a great choice because I can do this without breaking the bank. My only negative review would be that for the classes I need there are not many sections, which makes going back to school with a family difficult.
They would like to help students. Lots of reminder emails, and calls. Wish they have more class options for night time, since it is a community college.
I am a HUGE fan of the college campus. I enjoy spending my money at the school store and going to the cafeteria and the bakery. I feel that the teacher I have does a very good job explaining the concepts and getting straight to the point without wasting to much time. I also would like to take the time to say that the homework load is manageable and that it helps me refresh on what I learned in class that day or week. Overall, I have had a fantastic experience at Cincinnati State.
Lots of amazing teachers and staff that make most classes enjoyable, however, there are very limited food options,
Way cheaper than your average university. Great professors, great environment. Student body is really diverse particularly in age.
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I liked how friendly every one there seemed and I loved how the staff there were always willing to help you. The fact that you can literally go for any degree at this school is amazing to me! You can be who you want to be with this school!
One thing I want to see changed, though, is having to take a Math test even when you're not going for something that involves Math.
I have one degree from CState and am currently working on my second Bachelors. I have taken classes at CState during trying to get my second degree because it is much more affordable. Aside from that, the classes are a lot smaller and more personable. Your professors are able to get to know you and hold you accountable to complete your work and be successful in the course.
Wide variety of programs offered at a much lower cost than traditional colleges. Most credits and programs easily transfer to other colleges and programs so you can start your education here, then move to the one you want listed on your diploma.
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