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I went to Cincinnati State the first time when I was nineteen and was unsure of what I wanted to be when I grew up. This is a great place to get the basic classes out of the way that you will need for a bachelors degree because the tuition is by far the cheapest in the area. And the credits transfer everywhere very easily. I am now going back to college at 31 to get my masters and become a physician assistant, and I need to retake a few science classes. Cincinnati State was a great choice because I can do this without breaking the bank. My only negative review would be that for the classes I need there are not many sections, which makes going back to school with a family difficult.
They would like to help students. Lots of reminder emails, and calls. Wish they have more class options for night time, since it is a community college.
I am a HUGE fan of the college campus. I enjoy spending my money at the school store and going to the cafeteria and the bakery. I feel that the teacher I have does a very good job explaining the concepts and getting straight to the point without wasting to much time. I also would like to take the time to say that the homework load is manageable and that it helps me refresh on what I learned in class that day or week. Overall, I have had a fantastic experience at Cincinnati State.
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Lots of amazing teachers and staff that make most classes enjoyable, however, there are very limited food options,
Way cheaper than your average university. Great professors, great environment. Student body is really diverse particularly in age.
I liked how friendly every one there seemed and I loved how the staff there were always willing to help you. The fact that you can literally go for any degree at this school is amazing to me! You can be who you want to be with this school!
One thing I want to see changed, though, is having to take a Math test even when you're not going for something that involves Math.
I have one degree from CState and am currently working on my second Bachelors. I have taken classes at CState during trying to get my second degree because it is much more affordable. Aside from that, the classes are a lot smaller and more personable. Your professors are able to get to know you and hold you accountable to complete your work and be successful in the course.
Wide variety of programs offered at a much lower cost than traditional colleges. Most credits and programs easily transfer to other colleges and programs so you can start your education here, then move to the one you want listed on your diploma.
I loved the small classes and community. The vast majority of the faculty and staff are doing all they can to help you succeed.
I experience a lot about first year of college at Cincinnati State like how hard to be a first year freshman. Other than that, there is a lot of diversity and I have learned about other culture. What I like about Cincinnati State is that there tuition is cheaper than other and everyone can afford if they want to go to Cincinnati State.
At Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, every student is offered an excellent education with a little investment. Compared to a four-year university, attending Cincinnati State allows students to save more than fifty percent of what they would be spending in college tuition. In addition to the minuscule cost of the tuition, there is also a great return on investment since we are top in the nation for our cooperative programs. Being a part of a cooperative program allows students to network in their field of study and it gives them an opportunity to let employers know who they are. In the classroom, if a student is struggling, Cincinnati State also offers plenty of tutoring services so that the students can succeed. This college wants every student to be successful and I am proud to be a student at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.
My advisor is very helpful of the classes that I need to take to finish my degree on time, and the work load depends on the student.
I have not taken any online courses as of yet. maybe when I get a laptop.
It is relatively convenient. I see a lot of adult learners and part time students.
I believe I will enjoy the practicum of health and fitness technology
The classes are very small. some of my electives were cancelled due to low enrollment.
It has been challenging to fill out all the forms and contact all the professors, but once contacted they are usually helpful.
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3 of my elective choices have already been cancelled, which was dissappointing and really threw off my goals for academics
I am in my first year at Cincinnati state and so far it's been difficult to enroll, file financial aid, and 3 class electives have been cancelled. However everyone is helpful.
they offer many classes online to make it flexible for many students. they also offer almost every class on every day of the week (including saturdays) at some point in the day. For degrees the availability of classes is less than a core class. Those are more set in stone but they do have some flexibility for them as well.
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