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I loved the small classes and community. The vast majority of the faculty and staff are doing all they can to help you succeed.
I experience a lot about first year of college at Cincinnati State like how hard to be a first year freshman. Other than that, there is a lot of diversity and I have learned about other culture. What I like about Cincinnati State is that there tuition is cheaper than other and everyone can afford if they want to go to Cincinnati State.
At Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, every student is offered an excellent education with a little investment. Compared to a four-year university, attending Cincinnati State allows students to save more than fifty percent of what they would be spending in college tuition. In addition to the minuscule cost of the tuition, there is also a great return on investment since we are top in the nation for our cooperative programs. Being a part of a cooperative program allows students to network in their field of study and it gives them an opportunity to let employers know who they are. In the classroom, if a student is struggling, Cincinnati State also offers plenty of tutoring services so that the students can succeed. This college wants every student to be successful and I am proud to be a student at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.
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My advisor is very helpful of the classes that I need to take to finish my degree on time, and the work load depends on the student.
I have not taken any online courses as of yet. maybe when I get a laptop.
It is relatively convenient. I see a lot of adult learners and part time students.
I believe I will enjoy the practicum of health and fitness technology
The classes are very small. some of my electives were cancelled due to low enrollment.
It has been challenging to fill out all the forms and contact all the professors, but once contacted they are usually helpful.
3 of my elective choices have already been cancelled, which was dissappointing and really threw off my goals for academics
I am in my first year at Cincinnati state and so far it's been difficult to enroll, file financial aid, and 3 class electives have been cancelled. However everyone is helpful.
they offer many classes online to make it flexible for many students. they also offer almost every class on every day of the week (including saturdays) at some point in the day. For degrees the availability of classes is less than a core class. Those are more set in stone but they do have some flexibility for them as well.
classes are small, and hands on. it is great for students who often question their learning ability like myself. there are many different degree options out there and cincinnati state offers many different options. not just in the medical field either.
in my degree specifically you get a lot of clinical hours in with many different departments which helps get your foot in the door for potential careers.
The Paramedic Science degree is alot of work but it is a great program. There is always homework to be done- sometimes alot of it. But the professors in the degree area really know what they are doing and are always willing to work with the students before/after class to help get them more hands-on time and better thei skills.
Cincinnati State is a very friendly and helpful school. Teachers and Advisors are always willing to help and are great with giving advice on calsses to take from this point on. Classes are rather small which creates a bond between the teacher and their students and allows for more one-on-one time when needed.
My school experience has been very convenient for me. My campus is less than five miles away; there are many classes to choose from that work with my busy schedule. I've had no hassles transferring credits from previous institutions.
Review Cincinnati State Technical & Community College
The online coursework is phenomenal. It allows the work to be done in a manner easiest for the student. Workload can be a bit larger, but they're expecting the student to have time for more work since they don't have to travel or appear in an actual classroom. The registration process is just as good as with on-campus courses, and the student/professor relationship is just fine. Sometimes, professors will even meet with students during their office hours to go over material. Students also sometimes meet and go over material, just like in a traditional classroom setting.
I haven't used the post-grad services at my school, but I've heard they're phenomenal. I know that I won't have any issues getting a job post-grad, as long as I take all the proper steps to do so.
The professors at Cincinnati State are generally well receptive to students and their academic needs. There is always tutoring available, if you choose to pursue it, and most of the work can be done in a group setting, so there is not too much stress on a student to do work without help. Classroom sizes are reasonable, and from what I've seen, student retention is pretty high (most students there day 1 are still present for "final words."
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