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Cincinnati State Technical & Community College Reviews

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My experience in Cincinnati States technical college was nice I really like to go in this college is has a career that i like and is a nice school to go college for 2 years degrees there is nice teacher and is has a lot of people going there I really like about this college i really feels like to go there so I could be successful in my future and find what I like to do.
Their nursing program is amazing. Their NCLEX first time pass rate has been consistently greater than 90%. They only accept 60-80 students per application period, so you can receive a lot of individual attention.
I currently just started Cincinnati state so I can't give a full honest review just yet. But from my how long I've been their , they have so much resources to help you while in school. The teachers are willing to work with you and the people are very friendly.
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I love Cincinnati State. The teachers are great and they teach real life stuff. Things you can actually use in a career.
I like it because the annual payment is cheaper than the others and the education is good and there is a good Resource for students who benefit from it
The in-state out-of-state tuitions guidelines. I have to pay out of state even thou i’ve been a resident for over a year. Just because i didn’t file ohio taxes
Cincinnati State is a great affordable way to start your education. I plan to transfer to a 4 year college in my local area once I've completed my general education requirements here at Cincinnati State.
Everything I have experienced has been excellent and the professors take the time to teach me and other students.
I will be a second generation that graduated from Cincinnati state. This college has professors that care about your achievement and success. The classes are small and the other students help each other pass the class. the classes are flible and the professors have office hours that are flexible with the student schedule. It is central located and easy to get to.
I wish there were more student oriented activities. There isn't very much school pride or any common areas where students can meet. Only sport that is available is soccer, they used to have excellent sport teams.
Wonderful people who are highly educated and extremely helpful. The staff makes you feel like you are home.
I am also very impressed with the academics. What impressed me is Cincinnati State Technical & Community College eliminates remedial classes and focuses on exactly what you need.
I am so very lucky to be an attending student and I particularly like the Middletown campus.
I am a LPN in the fast track program to RN. The course content is organized and well executed by the instructors.
It is very disorganized. I was put in the wrong classes by the academic advisor, then treat poorly when I needed help to fix the situation. The online professors I have had are not helpful and it is very confusing. My in class professors are great and extremely helpful and thoughtful. Overall it will work for what I need and is affordable.
I am currently at Cincinnati State approaching this degree with time management also seeking ways to save money while I'm here.
I will greatly appreciate any help towards this mission in college as I move forward in faith .
I will trust the process with god for gods mission for me.
Although in valley it is a shadow of death , I will fear no evil for my god is with me.
Trusting the process through it all with God alone; his faith is the substance.
God has brought me a mighty long way and I can't do it without him.
I'm currently a student at Cincinnati State. When I first arrived I feared I wasn't ready for school. I was also afraid I would get lost, which I did , but I was surrounded by people who were nice enough to show me where to go. The campus is beautiful and has so many facilities. They have amazing programs and outreach for students, like our "surge cabinet" which offers food to students who are struggling and need food and other goods.
I love the dedication to success at Cstate. Professors and staff alike are always there to help me with anything I may need. Plus, the affordability on tuition in unparalleled! I think I made the best choice I could to start my collegiate career here. I wouldn’t change anything.
The faculty is so amazing cause they really want you to exceed your education and want you too success in graduation
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If you're looking for small class sizes and co-op opportunities, this is the school for you. Really that's the appeal of this school. I think the other main draws are the culinary and pasty programs, nursing, engineering, and IT-related programs. There's quite a bit of red tape where there shouldn't be or shouldn't be as much and that's a huge turnoff for current students. So, if you find your way through that, there's really nothing you can't do here.
Love many of the teachers there. They are very willing to help if you ask. Doing your best to participate in classes makes a big difference in what you get back from the teachers, because they can tell their is effort. The cafeteria is newly renovated and very good. Parking may be their one downfall. There is not enough available at the beginning of the semester when everyone shows up to classes, but as people start to drop, more becomes available.
Cincinnati state is a great and helpful school in most departments. With class help I didn’t have much trouble, the workers were there to help. With getting help with financial aid, I didn’t like the school. Most of the worker in the financial aid department wasn’t very friendly at first. If a student needs help with classes they offer a free tutor and they also have a writing center that is very helpful. The writing center is also very easy to use and that’s great for first time students
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