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Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science Reviews

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I thought the campus was extremely clean. you would have to travel alittle for the party life. When I first had questions. I had the chance to speak to the administrative office who then transferred me to another department. I was talked to with respect and the staff was extremely friendly
CCMS has a rich history as the oldest mortuary school in the country. It strives to better the education of future funeral professionals as well as current ones with free continued education courses to past students. Although I often find myself frustrated with the intensity and speed of the courses, I have to be thankful because of all I have learned. Some things might not be practical in the real world, but having an ideal view to strive for is important for all professions. The staff are the most approachable and helpful I have come across in my almost 10 years of college education. That combined with their practical experience and connections within the industry makes it worth attending. Currently there are plans to build an onsite crematory for educational purposes, as well. The willingness to adapt to the changes in society as well as its long history of excellence are what make CCMS the best mortuary school in the United States.
Alumna and successful service profession for 18 years now. Best decision I ever made was to pursue my dream and select CCMS as my funeral service educator. Regionally accredited as well which allowed me to pursue a Master's degree using the credits earned with CCMS.
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At CCMS we have no crime, I feel extremely safe, and there are cameras in case.
The professors relay job applications to us every time there is an opportunity. They give quality advice to prepare us for our futures.
We have no campus living at CCMS. It is up to the student to find an apartments or funeral home to live in.
At CCMS, we try to avoid the typical Greek life and focus on others instead.
We do not have athletics at CCMS.
CCMS has given me all the tools necessary to excel in my career path.
Get it done as soon as possible. I've been having issues and complications there are so many other things I have to focus on of campus
This school is really small. Small library and classrooms. Great option for students needing more one on one interaction. Seems like a small family.
There's lots of shopping options and always a short driving distance away from fun activities
CCMS has the best clinical embalming lab in the US. The training is very hands on and the instructors are always willing to help with your academics.
They are all excellent kids that are driven to succeed.
Cincinnati is a mid sized city with lots to do! There are many sporting events to see and many other attractions like the Zoo and the aquarium. The cross town relation ships are strong between the "tri-state" area (Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana) in that the three states strongly support each other and there communities.
This is the most reputable mortuary school in the united states, I don't start until september
This is one of the most reputable mortuary schools in the united states. I start in September, have not had orientation to see yet
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I received information but did not qualify for any assistance
There wasn't much clarity on prerequisites for bachelor program many students given different info.
Most of the people generally get along in my school and there is a good age variation and differing personalities.
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