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Taught me everything I needed to move on to another college, very great Christian school. Everyone welcomes you with open arms and gave me a chance.
Although i have met interesting people the school was poorly taken care of, the staff was extremely rude and they did not handle money professionally.
When I first walked on campus everyone was very welcoming. I really like the professors there, they're always willing to help. I have met some of the coaches fro different sports and they are really helpful when it came to needing to know where to go for certain things, campus visit. The food isn't always the best but there's always at least one option for you to eat if you can't find anything to eat. The school kind of reminds of a high school because it's not a big or medium sized college but small is good sometimes for everyone. I did learn that most students are apart of sports that attend the university and almost everyone never pays full price to go to school here. The dorms are kind of small but ideal. I love the diversity of the school and programs they put on to bring groups of people together. I wasn't a huge "go to church person" but their church is different and makes it more fun and interesting to go to.
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There’s a great support system the help insure success. Also group and individual session to help be successful in the college setting. Also I feel extremely safe while staying.
I will be an incoming Freshman, I enjoyed how small it is, how everyone seemed very friendly and it has my major (education).
Being that I will be an incoming Freshman most things I have no opinion on, I received a scholarship to play basketball and when I attended a game it was good to see so much school support and team spirit!!
Cincinnati Christian University is a school of excellence where the student progress is first and the Lord is exalted. Your education here will carry you through life better equipped and ready to serve Gods people and his community and be prepared to work in your field of study with confidence.
I love it here at Cincinnati Christian University it has an amazing campus atmosphere. The people are all friendly they all care for each other. They help each other whenever it is needed. the professors always are ready to help whenever you need it. they care a lot about you succeeding they will listen to when you are struggling and try to help explain it better to you.
most of all the love the coach ! he is a great man and they are offering me the best deal right now thats why i like them.
Lived in Cincinnati my whole life and have never heard of Cincinnati Christian University. Found out about because of basketball, after deciding I did not want to go to the school that I previously decided to go through CCU came around at the perfect timing. I won't lie I did not/ do not love this school but God lead me to CCU and I do not regret going there because I met people who will be in my life forever.
Being a off campus student, CCU is a good school. Comparing CCU to other colleges, you might not choose CCU if you're looking at the party life and social life. But academics is really a main focuses point at the school and how Christianity is very huge as well. I will be walking out of CCU with a better relationship with the lord as well as becoming a man. CCU has saved my life
This is not the place to be. The school is very neat, but the people are not. The staff and faculty who run the school have problems they need to overcome very soon. There needs to be more things for kids to do . Its college !
I attende CCU as a bridges (dual-enrollment) student. My mother is an alumni of CCU and worked there as a piano professor. Three generations of my family have been through CCU, but recently things have changed. Its not as challenging (academically) as it once was and it has taken focus off of Christianity.
I loved when I went for a visit, everyone there was great. The coaches treated me like I was apart of their family.
I love how we are all willing to come together on one campus with different backgrounds but not letting that interfere in the journey we have before us as far as God, school, and maybe sports. Small campus means more fellowship and that just rocks
I Like the fact that Cincinnatti Christian University really cares about their student, it's in a very clean and quiet area. The dorms are nice and the faculity is great. I feel that with the mentorship their that is provided will help me in exceeding my goals.
The school excels in providing an excellent degree program for Biblical Studies, beyond that and the amazing view of downtown Cincinnati, there isn't really anything spectacular about this school. It's comparable to many other small, Restoration-movement affiliated Christian Universities. As for anything negative, communication on campus between the administration and the students is often abysmal.
I like the community and the commitment to providing students with a solid christian education. I would like to see them find more ways to invest and save money, as well as a big overhaul of their dining services department.
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My experience with Cincinnati Christian University has been a pleasant one overall. The education that you will receive is a quality education and the professors are nothing but caring and supportive. Campus life creates many different opportunities for the student body to be engaged with each other and have a fun time on campus. Worship services are always an enjoyable experience to be filled with God and listen to his words. The one down side to campus is the dorms and food. The dorms themselves are normal dorms and have nothing wrong with them, but being a christian university prevents students from being able to openly listen to music or watch movies that have profanity. There is also the food which is below average tasting and there are some variety that can be had, but there are only so many options that one dining hall can provide. It is easy to predict what you will be eating from week to week which can become unfortunate.
CCU is a great University for people of any faith. In addition to the core theology/bible classes, CCU is an accredited University and they offer multiple programs for students to major in such as Psychology, Organizational Leadership and Business Management to name a few.
The school has been historically conservative and was founded during the Restoration Movement however, they are taking steps and have made strides in becoming less conservative and more open to the idea of people from different backgrounds.
Most notable for me, the professors and the faculty are more than willing to extend grace if you ask.
It's a great school. Love the people and love little community the university is. Professors are very helpful during and after classes. You will have many opportunities to work on figuring you education with classes and with God. You are very warm welcomed right away and really easy to get to know people. I would suggest this college to everyone I come across.
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