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Overall, I enjoy being a student at Christopher Newport. The professors are very good and teach in a way that makes you understand. The campus is lovely and allows you to reach your class in time even if you do wake up late. The only annoyance is the strictness of the rules.
CNU is great school, the campus is beautiful and it gives you a sense of being at home. All of the students are really nice and polite and everyone is welcoming. As a student athlete, the combination of the two is a challenge but it will definitely prepare you for major hardships later in life. The campus is also very diverse which is great because you meet so many different people from all over. It has been a great experience so far and I cannot wait to spend my last two years of college here.
Christopher Newport University offers a diverse place to be unique. It allows and inspired you to grow as a person and help the community grow. It offers a wide selection of opportunities to branch out of your comfort zone and discover new cultures.
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Christopher Newport was amazing to visit, the environment was so pure and the people there were very nice.
The campus is a beautiful and inviting place. It's small enough that it's not overwhelming, yet you get to meet new and interesting people everyday. It's a campus that is dedicated to being friendly and inclusive; everyone I've met is just so nice.
I love the sense of community. The speaking and door holding tradition are a real thing at CNU! We do this because we believe that every person matters and an easy way to show others that they are seen and cared about is to simply hold the door and say hello in passing.
This school is by far one of the best school in the US. CNU has amazing facilities, staff and professors that actually care about your academic and personal success, and a multitude of involvement in and off campus opportunities to grow as a student and professional.
I like the atmosphere that it gives out. I love the people, the community, and overall, the experience that it has to offer. This college gives me a different feeling than when I go visit other colleges, it makes me feel welcomed, it makes me feel happy, it makes me feel like I'm home.
CNU is a great school with excellent professors and a great environment, yet it does lack diversity.
The campus is beautiful and everyone on campus is extremely friendly. The professor are invested in helping students succeed in their classes.
I love the atmosphere of the small campus. The professors are so helpful and really care about students. It also does not hurt that the campus is so beautiful. My only complaint would be to stop trying to expand and do construction because I think it is perfect just the way it is.
I thoroughly enjoy my college and most of its facets. I would like to see more funding for the arts.
Christopher Newport University as it seems in the beginning may seem as it is a wonderful school to live and study in. However my experience was terrible especially when I just first arrive as a freshman. This school does not put you in the classes that you will need to be able to get your major in time for the 4 years which puts you a bit behind in classes if you are not put in them. The professors here do not help you a lot in trying to succeed in the class. Overall, CNU is not the school that they say they are the best in.
My Freshman Year at CNU has been better than I could have ever imagined. Being from out-of-state, being tossed into a sea of conservative, christian, Virginians (9/10 people are all of these) was a bit daunting at first. But, I quickly realized that this school was the perfect choice for me. The campus is stunning, with buildings that are far nicer than some Ivy League caliber schools. I have never felt unsafe at CNU, even at night. The dorms are a step above every other school that my friends go to, including Santoro, which is often referred to as the inferior dorm building (But it's really not that bad). The food can be repetitive, but it's usually quite good. The academics, although challenging, are very good, and most professors care about your success and are very approachable. My only criticism of CNU is it's parking situation, which is absolutely horrendous, and you can circle the parking lots for a solid 30 minutes and still not find a spot.
Christopher Newport University was a school I was hesitant to attend, but have been enjoying the experience thus far. The staff is truly there to help you and are of the highest educators I have seen. The students are friendly, but as a small school it can be easy to get caught up in certain cliques. Overall I recommend this university.
Cnu has been everything I hoped and more! I am home here and the facilities, faculty and classes are all amazing.
The courses in the school were tough but it well prepares me for my future job and graduate program. The only thing that CNU needs to improve is to open more classes and avoid providing unfair favor for students with Presidential Scholarship.
Review Christopher Newport University
I visited the campus and it was pretty alright I suppose. It was mainly just a courtyard with most of the academic buildings surrounding it. The surrounding area is rather run down and lackluster. Also Newport News isn't the safest place in Virginia.
My experience so far at Christopher Newport University has been wonderful. I have made friends with common interests thanks to the university's use of learning communities. I have been able to get involved on campus in my first year here and I look forward to continuing my education and involvements in the coming years.
I fell in love with CNU as soon as I first visited. To begin, the campus is absolutely gorgeous and I have many fond memories of sunbathing on the Great Lawn people watching and shouting to my friends to join me. The sense of community that surrounds the school is palpable. It's small enough that you can have a close group of friends you'll keep in contact regularly, but big enough that you can meet new people everyday and add to your social circle. There are well over 200 campus organizations/clubs and about twenty Greek life organizations to choose from. In general everybody is friendly to one another and will even go out of their way to open a door for you. While it isn't the largest party school, you'll get more satisfaction out of the smaller gatherings where you can truly get to know your fellow peers on a deeper level. Highly recommended!
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