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I honestly loved every aspect about Christopher Newport University, especially the homeliness and cleanliness of the campus. The feeling that overwhelmed me as soon as I stepped on campus was a sure factor it was the place for me. I have no overall complaints about this university.
CNU has a beautiful campus and a lot of the professors are more than willing to help you achieve your goals. With CNU being such a small school the professors usually know you personally. With that being said, CNU does not provide a great experience if you are a minority. As an African American I have come to realize there is not very much diversity or push for inclusion on this campus. I have been harassed and have even had issues with professors being racists toward me and friends of mine, going so far as to write "black" next to a student's name on the attendance sheet. In another instance a professor alluded to the fact that minorities score lower on entrance exams and if schools wanted more diversity they should lower test score requirements. It is not the ideal school if you are a minority. CNU has made many strides in the cosmetics of the school but definitely has a long way to go in this department.
This University has very good programs in every field. It is a perfect size, about 5000 students, and an organized campus. Everyone that I have met at CNU, both students and faculty, is lovely, and I am always greeted with a smile.
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I love the atmosphere and how everyone looks after one another. If I leave my bag on the lawn, I know that no one will even think about taking it. I love how all of my professors work with me to help me pass my classes.
This university has provided me with wonderful opportunities for research and volunteer work. Most faculty members are highly invested in their students and take great care in preparing them for the future. The dorms are great, food is fantastic, and the campus is gorgeous. There are a few too many required courses (part of the liberal learning core) such as dance/theater, etc that tend to lower student GPAs and take time away from priority coursework. Other than that academics are great.
It is a beautiful campus that I have heard so many great things about. I am very interested in applying for next year. A recent graduate of my high school currently attends and highly enjoys it.
The campus is a clean and safe environment. All students and staff are friendly and supportive. Academics is rigorous and plentiful of clubs and organizations to participate or volunteer in.
When applying to colleges, Christopher Newport University was originally my safety school, so I never truly considered it to be an option for my future. I never researched the school; the only detail I knew about it was that it is near the beach and is small in size. However, once I was accepted into the university, I decided to look into the values and set up of the college. When I visited the school in the spring, I fell in love with the campus, people and environment as a whole. The most prominent reason I decided to attend Christopher Newport University was because of the university's policy of living a life of significance. Being here only a month, I have seen this incorporated in classes and everyday life. There is always an activity to do or a class to take, but I would appreciate more communication and marketing of events. Overall, there are many things to do and accomplish, and CNU promotes all of it.
I loved my time at CNU and felt like I got a great education here. The professors are wonderful, dorms are great, buildings are immaculate. I wouldn't trade my experience at CNU for anything.
Words cannot begin to describe how much pride I have every time I say I am a Christopher Newport Captain. CNU was my first pick university and each and everyday I take a moment to reflect on how thankful I am to be at such a well-respected university where the facility, staff, and students take pride in their work and challenge themselves everyday to be the best they can be. I take the values CNU expresses, service, character, and integrity, to heart
Christopher Newport is a small school that the students either love or dislike, there's not much of an in between. I am one of the students who loves it. I live an ocean away from home so the small campus and community environment is exactly what I needed. The teachers and administration is involved, the facilities are top tier, students are great, and the campus itself is gorgeous. Some people don't love cnu because there aren't tons of people, so if you didn't meet the perfect group of friends like I did, you may have to work a little harder on your social life. Frats throw parties every weekend and tailgate season is a blast. If you are tired of the frat scene I found older friends with houses who have kickbacks that are just as if not more fun.
I have loved my time at CNU. I like the small class sizes and personable professors. The small campus size is perfect for not having to walk miles to class like some larger universities. Overall, it is a very good college.
Christopher Newport University is one of the best small, public school experiences a student can hope for. The campus is alive with Greek life, academics, and community interest groups. Everyone is very polite and holds doors for strangers in a traditional, kind southern fashion. Overall, a wonderful school full of wonderful people.
The environment is great on campus and many facilities are available for the children to use. Some of the dorms are kind of grimy, but it's bearable. Some very extreme opinions are present at this school, but you just have to find your group. The president is a great man and very easy to talk to. Overall, a great experience.
What I liked about Christopher Newport University was when I first arrived on campus I felt like I belonged. The one thing that I would change about Christopher Newport would be, honesty I don’t know.
Christopher Newport is honestly a fantastic university if you are going there to focus on sports and academics. The facilities, as well as the faculty, are unmatched compared to others nearby schools. However, the downfalls of the school include its diversity. The majority of all minorities going to that school are going there as a student-athlete, and the party scene could be more desirable, but due to the schools moderate size it limits how much of a party school it can be.
Great campus, good food, caring professors and overall great school. Near the beach, dorms are spacious and nice, and campus is small and a very tight-nit community.
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I studied at Christopher Newport University for one semester and hated it. The classes were super easy and not challenging whatsoever. Also, the school was not very diverse at all; in fact most of the students there were very racist. The food was never fully cooked at the dining halls which resulted in food poisoning and I had to resort to eating off campus. I will admit, the campus is nice and the facilities (gym and student union building) were very cool and where I spent most of my time. I could not stay there and came home almost every weekend (Dry campus so all parties were far away). They offered club sports but the people there were very cliquey and said that I could not join. I would sum the school up as a place where everyone you hated in high school ended up. Also, the area around this school is very boring aside from the beach. There is not much to do and it is very unsafe at night.
CNU puts on a beautiful front. But then you discover they are overcrowded, constantly under construction, tuition constantly rising, full of entitled students that are as fake as the administration. Everyone fears graduating late because classes are capped at ridiculous sizes so they can brag about the small class sizes. The school only does things to benefit their bank account, they don't care about the students.
Think long and hard about sending your kids here. Yes great school as far as physical grounds, good academics, diversity, food etc. Be warned however, the campus police are predatory. My freshman was arrested walking to his dorm and charged with drunk in public and minor in possession of alcohol with no alcohol on his person and a breathalyzer reading of .06. No angel, he clearly had been drinking off campus underage. But a .06 is ridiculous to physically arrest a college student. The CNU police literally stalk students at night on campus to stop them for "suspicious behavior." Spent the night in the city jail, 6 month probation, suspended driver's license (although no car involved), and a honor violation. All for walking to his dorm with a .06 blood alcohol content. Not the college experience anyone deserves. If your kid will not party at all, then this school may be worthy of your consideration. Otherwise, take your $26,000 to the next VA state liberal arts school.
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