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I absolutely love Christopher Newport University. I'm a rising junior and a member of Greek life on campus as well as a part of the CNU varsity Women's Soccer team. There is always something to be involved in on campus no matter what you're interested in; involvement is the key! The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, truly making CNU a home away from home. The only thing I would like to see changed is more parking for students!
close to home, friendly, good food and dorms, clean, not much to do in the surrounding area, no local transportation via school, decent sports teams.
I have really loved my experience here at CNU so far! My favorite part has been the academic sector. The professors have been amazing, really seeming to care about students and being willing/able to explain material in ways that are effective. They are completely willing to work with you in whatever areas you may be struggling, and want to see you exceed here. The campus itself is a beautiful place, and the classrooms/labs are up to date, making class time really pleasant. The only thing CNU lacks is more support for commuter students, of which I am one, but it seems that my fellow classmates really enjoy living on campus. Overall, I would highly recommend coming to CNU, and will thoroughly miss it here once I graduate!
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It's a wonderful university where students have a great experience in growth and learning. I would change nothing to this university.
I just had my interview and I loved my interviewer. We bonded personally in ways that even if they matched our interests it might not have lined up. She made me feel welcome and that I had a great shot at getting in. She was reassuring and promised that I would feel a part of the campus life. It is now one of my top schools.
The campus is beautiful and I love the people there. I would like to see more scholarships available for those out-of-state.
Christopher Newport University has a beautiful campus and knowledgeable professors! Due to their smaller class sizes, my professors can actually learn my name while developing real relationships. CNU also has a great support system in place for their students. I honestly can't see myself anywhere else and do not regret choosing to come here!
Christopher Newport University is definitely a very good school, but there are some things that I would change if given the chance. The housing is definitely as nice as they advertise, but it's difficult to get into the better dorms because of a lottery system that certain students get an edge in. Class registration has also been a bit of a problem because it opens up for everyone at the same time, and the same group of "honors" kids get an advantage in this as well.
I absolutely LOVE everything about the campus (minus parking)! The environment is truly storybook. It is so welcoming, easy-going, and productive. I made the right choice
Christopher Newport University is an excellent school both in and out of the classroom. It offers an open and welcoming atmosphere perfect for studying and forming long lasting meaningful relationships.
This University is absolutely breath taking. Beautiful building, everyone is friendly, and it has everything a college student needs. This is a very tight knit campus and the people running it really do care about every single one of its students. I learned all of this from just one visit.
CNU is a small school which means you get to know your professors very well. There has been a lot of construction lately, which has led to many new dorm buildings, library, and dining hall. This has resulted in more available apartment style dorms, study rooms, and space in the dining halls so you don't have to worry about taking your meals to go all the time. The campus is also small and only takes about a 7 minute walk from one end to the other, so you're always able to get places on time. The dorm buildings are all relatively new, with the exception of two older buildings. The upper classroom dorms are apartment style with separate bedrooms and bathrooms for each student with a shared kitchen between 3-5 students in the apartment.
Lots of rich, privileged white kids. Little diversity. Little slack is given for students who dont pay out of pocket. Housing is supposed to be the best in the country yet they run out of housing two hours into housing day and have to randomly place students over the summer. Overadmitted students so class sizes are getting bigger. Money is spent on dumb things like ice sculptures instead of better housing or parking

If you dont get involved in greek life, then youre an outcast. But if you try to do greek life, then you are ridiculed into the last remaining sorority you virtually sell your soul to.
The campus is well kept, people are very friendly, lots to do in the surrounding area, and the focus is well maintained on student success.
I am so grateful to call CNU my home for the next five years while working towards my masters. The faculty is amazing and everyone is so kind on campus. It really feels like home. The teachers truly care about each and every student's well being both in the classroom and at home.
Cnu makes the students feel like a family and that they are always welcome to talk whether with the staff or the professors. It is a place that could be considered home and when you're a captain, captains hold doors for others. There is a large number of clubs that can be found on campus that is used to create a sense of community and a place where you can truly be yourselves. It is great given the relationships that you build with the professors even after you have already finished their course.
I found out about CNU the summer before my senior year started. I had already planned out where I was going to go to school but decided I'd give it a chance anyway. I went for a tour and the moment I stepped onto campus, I immediately fell in love with the beauty of it. Everything looked new and the grass was very green. Loved everything the tour guides had to say about the school. Fast forward to now, I've finished my first year and still love the school as much as I did then. I've been challenged a good amount academically and have made friends with people I didn't think I would.
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Christopher Newport University is a unique institution. From the small class sizes to the luscious green grass and numerous columns that surround you when you enter in, it is a breathtaking site. Not only does the campus look good, but students here feel good as well. Small class sizes allow professors to actually know the names of all their students and provides for time for which one-on-ones can be had. There are so many good things at this university.
I enjoy the people that I had the opportunity of meeting. Luckily my roommate and I quickly became best friends and got along well. We were able to meet people easily and everyone is friendly.
Christopher Newport University is nestled in Newport News, Virginia. It is a modern and beautiful campus. The dorms are modern and nice, the professors work with you in order for all to succeed, and the food is good!
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