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The professors here will really push you to your academic limits. Academics are very intense here. CNU has a great campus, dorms, and academic facilities. There are tons of clubs and organizations to join. Over half the student body is in Greek Life, so it's a big deal here. Academic diversity is lacking, as well as student diversity. Many students are from the same area in Virginia. The party scene sucks, unless you are in greek life. Safety is really good; I've never felt unsafe on campus.
Tuition is kind of high, but it's a great school. Professors are helpful in every way, the other students are so kind. The campus itself is beautiful, and there's always something to do on campus.
My first year at CNU was amazing! The outside scenery is beautiful. The grass, flowers, buildings, equipment, etc is very well up kept. The University President is extremely friendly and proactive within the community, which gives a very welcoming feeling. The dorms are very nice compared to other colleges surrounding the peninsula. The student to teacher ratio really helps students become comfortable with asking questions in a formal setting and learn more hands on.
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The campus is absolutely stunning, the classes truly are small and it is easy to have personal relationships with professors and faculty members. Almost every faculty member is passionate about their job and will do anything to invest in their students either academically or by supporting their other endeavors. Campus is very safe and there are a multitude of opportunities for extracurricular involvement and community service. The residence halls are relatively new and dorms are much larger and nicer than what other public universities offer. Only downside is that available scholarships are small compared to other universities and it is rather expensive for a public school, and most scholarships only apply if the student lives on-campus.
CNU is a beautiful and friendly campus. I absolutely have loved my time spent here! It is a small school which allows you to make friends quickly as well as get to know your professors personally so that you are known by name, not a number.
CNU is incredibly diverse and all around welcoming to any and everyone. There are multiple ways to get involved and everyone makes you feel at home on campus, from staff to students.
The campus itself is beautiful and an incredible place to live. The education is hit or miss, like most schools. I have had great professors, okay professors, and angry and unhelpful professors. I have been able to find out things that I love, and pursue them here on campus, which has been amazing! I enjoy spending my time in the theater department as well as working on shows. The campus is tight knit and a great place to be. It has its ups and downs, but I am glad I chose to attend this university.
One of the cutest campuses ever! Everything is very organized/easy to find plus the buildings are fairly new. All of the faculty is helpful and willing to go out of their way to assist students and visitors alike!
The campus and dorms are absolutely beautiful and the student body is very welcoming and fun to be around. I completely understand why so many of my friends love it there.
I am a freshman at CNU and I love it here. Its not much of a party scene, but theres plenty of things to do on campus and the surrounding area. The food is amazing here especially on theme meal nights. The professors are nice and understanding here and really make an effort to get to know the students. Safety is not an issue here on campus I always feel safe walking around on campus no matter what time it is.
I came in to CNU expecting to transfer but I absolutely love it! Amazing professors, incredibly nice students, so many clubs and amazing organizations! such a beautiful campus!
I love how small the classes are. I have a personal connection with all of my professors. I also love how beautiful the campus is. My friends and I love to hang out on the Great Lawn.
Campus is absolutely gorgeous! The buildings are all very pretty and plenty of green space provided. It is a small school so its not for everyone. They are pretty strict on the rules, as it is a dry campus. Cafeteria food is not the worst Ive had but not the best either.
Everyone on campus is very friendly and the teachers do their best to make sure their students are able to make the most out of their education. Because it's a small campus, students and staff often become familiar with each other which helps to make the atmosphere much more friendly and comfortable, and almost like a small family. Whenever there was an issue I ran or someone I knew ran into with others on campus, the staff was quick to help us and try to find solutions suitable for all involved parties, and they never hesitated when someone felt like they were in danger. All in all I've felt very comfortable here and I don't regret my decision in choosing this school one bit.
The professors and administrators here at CNU will do everything they can to help you out and the people at CNU generally care about you and your success at this University
What I like about CNU is the campus environment and the people who are friendly. My peers, advisors, professors, and faculty members were willing to help out whenever I need it. CNU has special lunch meetings for transfer students like me to meet and greet with each other and also learn how to become more engaged on campus activities. They also have interesting clubs and sports such as Quidditch and Star Wars Knights of the Force club.
The moment I toured around Christopher Newport I loved it so much! The school has so many great programs and its such an amazing environment to be in.
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Students are given endless opportunities to help them succeed, however, some professors have bad ratings.
The campus is beautiful. The food is pretty good. There is a lot to get involved with on campus. The sporting events are fun to go to. The professors are very nice and helpful. It is easy to find whatever resource you need from the officers to financial aid.
Christopher Newport University has a ton of really smart people, and is spectacular in appearance for its campus. I am a high school senior and all my teachers say that Christopher Newport University is one of the "best kept secret" schools out their, and their class courses are amazing as well. I spoke with some of the university's advisers, and from what I have heard, they have the best class courses and teachers for the career path I am to fulfill. Though the college has very high expectations for the incoming students and is a bit expensive, I am striving for the best, for my desire to attend this college is very high.
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