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Small college and wonderful campus. Great teacher to student ratio for a more personal experience. I would recommend any high school student to come make a visit!
Great teacher to student ration. Classes are not over crowded. Teachers are very reachable. It is a campus to feel safe on. Great parking as well. Looking forward to earning my degree.
Christians Brothers University is truly an amazing place. The University is educationally stimulating in regards to the obvious sense as well as assisting students to make connections to be more successful in the careers of their choosing. The professors are experienced in the majors and apply the material in a way no textbook can; not to mention the overall involvement said professors have is immaculate. However, the university should consider acknowledging some of the concerns of the students including but not limited to the conditions of the dorms, campus security, equal benefits for on-campus and commuters as well as student life.
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The university have some pretty good programs, especially for engineering. Also, it is a small campus which is a positive for some and a negative for others.
I would say Christian Brothers is a great private liberal arts school in Memphis. My favorite thing about this school is good the professors are here. I feel like they know exactly what they are talking about and are decent at teaching that material.
I'm going to start college this year but when I visited the campus I loved the atmosphere. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The college has a good class size and excellent staff.
What I like most about Christian Brothers University is the small campus size. It is easy to establish connections and friendships with other students and it is easy to get to know your professors. What I would like to see change is the quality of the food here and I would love to see more minorities on campus.
The campus is small which makes everyone closer. The only thing I have a problem with is the parking lot is too small for all the students.
While the small class sizes and friendly staff were great, my experience with the School of Business has been very disappointing. The unprofessionalism amongst faculty members and ignorance were distracting and un-motivating. Halfway through the semester, I debated on whether or not I should go to class because of all my class cancellations. In one semester for a single class, I had at least 10 classes that were cancelled or our professor simply did not show up.
The lag and untimeliness of communication from administration and Business Office and Registrar made financial payments and organization extremely difficult to keep up with. I was charged twice, with a late fee and penalty because of miscommunication from workers in the Business Office.
Ultimately, my personal experience has been very poor here at CBU, and because of the reasons above and the lack of academic rigor offered here, I decided to transfer to a better fit university where I will hopefully be more challenged.
I went to Christian Brothers University on a cross country scholarship. My mom went here when she was my age and the school has not changed! The university offers a bunch of actives at the start of the year and they die down toward the end. I wish to see Christian Brothers help the residential and commuter students come together more often.
The people are kind and the staff is very nice. As soon as you walk on campus you feel welcomed and you don't feel like a outcast. The environment overall is calm and peaceful, there's kind people all around campus as well.
An excellent university where the small community allows you to create valuable connections and relationships with others
Christian Brothers University has been one of the best choices I've made since graduating high school the campus is safe, they offer a variety of scholarships the professors and staff are attentive, professional and easy to talk to when you need more understanding of subjects and my peers are like family, we look out for each other. I love CBU. The campus is safe my mom gets stopped wveryrime she comes in campus and she's there everyday lol the campus cafeteria food is great with a variety of options.Laundry is free so I don't have have to lug clothes home on the weekend
Christian Brothers is a very good university. When I first came here I was so nervous, but the teachers and students here are so nice and welcoming they made me feel apart of the campus as if I had been here for years. The campus is not that big, so it is easy to learn your way around. The only thing I would change about the school is the cost.
Academically it’s has been very enriching and fulfilling. Campus life is good. The overall academic, social, and campus life exceeds expectations.
Christian Brothers University is a great school to further your education and connect with people from all over he world. The connection with the teachers is great and the class sizes are small. Campus life is good and helps with sleep and studying. the school has on campus facilities and academic success centers to help students succeed as much as possible. Overall, Christian Brothers University will provide you with a great learning experience.
Lacks social interaction. Dorms are below average. Food is lacking. Faculty are good, classes are good. Class sizes are smaller than high school class sizes.
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Christian Brothers University is a great University to attend if you would like to receive multiple academic scholarships and sports scholarships. A high percentage of students that attend this university receive a large amount of scholarships academically. I had a 3.0 in high school and i received over $12,000 in for an academic scholarship! The class are also very small so getting help from the professor is a lot more accessible. The class size on average is about 15-20 students. Many of the professors have office hours two to three times a week and they are very friendly and helpful.
Christian Brothers is a very good community to learn in and can be very good to build close relationships with people. The university is fairly small so everyone is kind of close and the professors do truly care about the learning and success of the students. However things can be pretty hectic at times with the high expenses and a great deal being asked of the students as far as academics. There is a lot of rigor and much studying has to be done to keep up with the pace of things which can honestly be very stressful, but in a way rewarding. Personally as a bit of an introvert though I must say I feel like sometimes building relationships with other students can be quite difficult if you're not actively participating in clubs and organizations.
Christian Brothers University is a great college! All the professors are very helpful, and one great thing about them is that you can always go to them for any question you might have. They are very helpful and supportive. Overall, I really like the campus, it's safe and provides a great academic program. Most importantly I really like the career counseling team at CBU because they make sure that you have selected the right career for yourself, and provide the right guidance that will help you in the future. I would definitely recommend someone who is looking forward to applying to a four year college.