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I had a great experience during my time here. There are definitely some dorms that need major updating and renovations. Overall, the campus is great! I always felt very safe and at home here. The food could definitely be improved...I got food poisoning at least once a year.
CBU is a good school if you want a quality education for a reasonable price. The teachers are mostly great, especially in the business program. However, after this CBU fails to impress. The campus is average at best, though they have started a campaign project to improve the buildings on campus. Besides their newest dorm, the others should be part of this project but to my knowledge they are not. The food in the cafeteria is the definition of subpar, and the parties are average at best usually.
My experience as a first year student at CBU was by far one of the best in my life. From the small class sizes to more than devoted teachers , you really learn a lot at the school. Every student is nice and we are like a big family its amazing.
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Overall Christian Brothers University is a fantastic school. The professors are all very committed to making sure that they're really teaching rather than just giving you grades. The quality of education is my favorite thing about being a student here.
The campus itself is somewhat modest but what it lacks in size it makes up for in resources. There are tutors in math, writing and language available by appointment completely free to students. But if the academic resources weren't already enough, the school also takes care of their students' in ways that go beyond the classroom. The student life office periodically organizes trips to Target for residential students who don't have cars. During finals week the school pays for therapy dogs to come for stressed students. One day they randomly set an icecream truck in the middle of campus and gave away free popsicles.
I like Christian Brothers for academic reasons. The material for the classes is challenging and the professors also are challenging. It is worth the stress sometimes; other times, the material, or the teachers, is just too hard. As for as reasons that are not academic, Christian Brothers isn't the exciting place you could go. The city it is in is exciting, but the school itself, is not. Also, there is diversity on the campus, but the different groups do not really affiliate with one another that much. It also seems as though the minority groups/clubs on campus do not really get that much attention paid to them. Lastly, some of the dorms are not the best, some are, but others could use much work.
Christian Brother's University is an amazing school. It's staff and students are very diverse. The campus is also small and student oriented. Classes consists of usually 10 students which makes student teacher interaction more reliable. I've met some of the best school mates as well as teachers and faculty. CBU provides a lot of opportunities to become involved on campus. There are many clubs, organizations, and events that are open to anyone. I would recommend CBU to anyone, because I believe it is the best college experience and environment.
Overall, I love CBU and in the past year it has truly become my home away home! A few of my favorite things about CBU are that there no shortage of things to do on campus, I always feel safe there, and the professors really care about the students. One thing I would like to see change is the relationship between commuters and the school. I am not a commuter myself but I have a lot of friends who are. A lot of events happen later in the evening or during week days, making it hard for commuters to get involved on campus. If we could change the commuter experience in anyway, I'm sure there would be an immediate increase in Buc pride on campus.
I absolutely loved CBU when I toured. The campus is absolutely beautiful. Also, i love the small school/class environment because I have always had very small class at my small christian school. I like that at CBU that I will be able to see the professors directly if I have any question or need help in a course.
Great student to faculty ratio so classes are small and engaging. Overall the professors are great and seem to really car about their students and their education. My only complaint is that with CBU being a small school, the sports here aren't very big.
I attended CBU for my freshman year of college. I absolutely loved my experience studying and making new friends at this incredible school. The small campus size makes for personable, individualized learning opportunities that are simply not possible at larger schools. This college provides its students with great educational opportunities, wonderful professors, and beautiful memories.
CBU is a community that takes pride in their school. THe professors are extremely knowledgeable in their fields and many are active in the huge variety of student clubs. The campus is very accommodating and classes are very personal. The food is top quality and is served as both a buffet or take-out. The dorms are 50-50 depending on the amount you spend, which at this time ranges anywhere between $2,800-+$5,000. The nicer, LLC, dorms provide a modern, homey, feel that is beyond spacious. The lower bracket of dorms, such as the common Maurelian Hall, are in desperate need of renovations and fall into the small to average size for a college dorm. The return on investment is second to none and I encourage everyone interested in our school to research our graduate student statistics.
I never wanted to go to a big school. I needed the personal relationships with my professor because of how I am as a student. Christian Brothers University gave me exactly what I needed. It was a great school as I have met many alum who loved it. The classes aren't too hard or too easy. The student body was always active- there is always something going on on campus (Events,parties,etc).
My experience so far at CBU has been very exciting. I really enjoy the small class sizes and my ability to get to know my professors. The school's small size also makes it easy to find and make friends. This makes group studying very common here, which is great. I would like to see the university increase its school spirit with more events and extracurricular activities.
Christian Brothers is a small community where everyone is helpful, friends are siblings, and the campus feels like home.
Christian Brothers University is a small, but friendly, private college located in the heart of Memphis, TN. The professors there are wonderful to work with and have earned the best education.
I visit CBU on a college campus tour and the environment seem safe to me. The classes as I was told are small and the professors will work with you. Going to a college where everyone believes in one another is a place I would love to attend. Also with my career major (CyberSecurity/Digital Forensics) I think CBU you give me other opportunities to help push me to the next level.
I am happy I was led to this school. Every time I feel like I have an obstacle they make sure I am helped. The school I came from I was not use to this. Thank You CBU for all that you do.
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I'd give it a 7 out of 10
They try pretty hard in career services to help us out. Much appreciated
We have a fairly secure campus but it is in Memphis so
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