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I really enjoy the environment of the college. It is comfortable and welcoming. With such a small college you really get to know the people around you quickly. The dorms need repaired, but they are being worked on now.
There I dc s guard on patrol. It is unnecessary though, because students are very morally upright and respectful.
The professors are incredible. The courses are engaging, deep, intellectual, and challenging. The Catholic Faith is lived and breathed on campus, in the classroom and out.
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As a liberal arts education, it can serve as a springboard for ant kind of future. It forms one as a good human being.
I dorm with 4 other girls in an all girls dorm. The dorms are great, I have 4 windows in my room. Only all girls and all boys dorms, which is great.
Excellent, but not world famous or anything. Great gym.
Christendom is amazing and incredible. In only one semester, I have changed as a human being and learned incredible things.
It is challenging academically; the professors are great; and it has a wholesome Catholic atmosphere. Although there are some rules that annoy me, the previously mentioned factors more than make up for it.
I have never been involved with such a warm open community. Christendom is all I could want in a college: vibrant social life, riveting academics... need I say more?
I live on campus, but it's Front Royal. Nuff said.
There are parties, but I usually don't care much for them.
While there are no fine dining restaurants, there are a few good places to eat.
Christendom is very strict. There are some things, such as drinking and drugs that they need to be strict about. However, the dress code is rather absurd, and you have to pay fines for violating it.
I did not receive any financial aid, when I actually needed it.
I am not one to complain about food, but the food at Christendom is terrible! Every time I eat the food at Christendom I get sick. The eggs are especially bad. I've seen the kitchen staff pouring egg mix out of a carton to make the omelets. My friends and I have found bugs in our salads and sandwiches. The coffee is frequently burnt. The meat is almost impossible to chew. Everything is greasy and oily, even the cookies!
It's clean and the buildings are nice, but it's very cramped!
Parties are an interesting topic for this school. There are two kinds of people on this campus: people who party with swing dancing and good food and people who drink and smoke. I prefer the former, and I believe this campus is one of the only places where one can have a genuinely good time without getting wasted.
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It's not hard to apply for financial aid (except for the whole "we don't accept FAFSA" thing), but financial aid is okay. It's definitely not great, but it was enough to get me there.
Yep, college food isn't the greatest. Omelets are the best things that ever happened to the dining hall. Desserts are to die for, though. They really try to have some variety, but with such a small school, there's a limit to how far you can take it.
The best thing about living on campus is separation of men's and women's dorms. It really encourages healthy friendships and relationships between men and women at school. The dorms are pretty average. There's a crowding situation, however, and it's likely that your room will have one more person than its intended capacity. The atmosphere is fantastic. Everyone is very welcoming, accepting, and courteous.
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