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Coming from a bigger city I expected more from Chowan university but instead I was met with a relatively small campus surrounded by a very small town. There isn't much to do off campus unless you have a vehicle because there isn't many places to go that are walking distance. The housing wasn't the best but it wasn't horrible. The staircases and bathrooms do need an upgrade, at least in the building that I was in. The staff and professors are very good people and the classwork isn't that hard. College is what you make it so as long as you make friends and go in with a positive attitude your experience should be good.
I went to Chowan University about 1,500 miles from my home with little expectation. I just wanted to play lacrosse and they had started a team. The town is pretty small in Murfreesboro, NC a town of I believe 3,000 but I think the university makes up most of that number. With less than 10 places in town to eat including two on campus dining halls, I would say a car is definitely necessary. Now, the best thing about Chowan is the people. College will be what you make it, so will night life. But, Chowan has some of the best and truly nicest people you will ever meet. These are those lifelong relationships people tell you about from faculty to staff, students and everyone in between. You can find your people here at Chowan.
My experience at Chowan was amazing because I really enjoyed myself my first year the teachers were amazing I made some really good friends, and the classes that I took were really easy also it made it more easier to transition from high school. I would encourage all new incoming students to come to chowan because it is alot that you can learn from here and it has a really good academic programs.
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What I like about Chowan University is the staff. In college, it is hard to find staff and faculty who care about you, let alone remember who you are. I was always greeted by staff and Chowan always made me feel welcomed. I learned chowan would do a lot for their students, though there are some staff members in specific who choose not to help. In the area, I would like to see more things for students to do, there are barely any places to eat. I wish the students had more ways to have fun, rather than no events happening on campus that would actually be enjoyable.
I am enjoying Chowan because I am enrolled in the Adult Degree Completion Program that allows all adults to complete there education as they work full time and go to school full time. I work at my own pace and the staff encourage me to keep going and keep up the good work. The staff are so supportive of me of every thing that I do. The staff there have help me out so much and I am very thankful for that. The staff are so amazing.
My first experience and impression of Chowan University is that it is very mellow, I enjoy the small classes, the one on one contact with the professors, and all the events that the school host for the students; such as the paint run, movie nights and etc. It is isolated in a way due to being located in a small town and not having a lot of options for food places or grocery stores that are walking distance. Without a vehicle or knowing someone with a car it is a lot of walking and when it rains it floods bad, but it's great exercise. The changes I would like to see change is the Food, fix the bad flooding, and to have a work-study or uber to take students to local stores.
Although the staff weren't very helpful when it came to advising students on academic guidance. A number of students who were juniors or seniors said to have their credits to be too low for graduation because advisers and staff would place them in classes not needed upon graduation. I happen to be one of those students and forced to take summer classes because not wanting to stay another year. i was given a adviser that wasn't even related to my major so had no idea of the classes needed for me in that particular major. i had went through two advisers because the ones i had were doing a poor job within advising me. The food choices are poor. this school is in an isolated area so there's not much around. the people in that area don't want to change the town because its historic or a bad place to put college students with a worked up appetite.
Chowan was an overall good campus but not a college I could see myself attending in the future. The academics were pretty good but the overall cleanliness of the school is what caused me to not like the school.
My experience at Chowan University has been amazing! Coming from a small town, much like Murfreesboro I really felt like I was at home. Chowan is my home away from home and everyone on campus as well as the community welcomed me with open arms. Chowan is a small and diverse university, and I have developed so many new found relationships with the students as well as the staff!
At Chowan I really excelled. I was on the deans and presidents list, tutored, joined psychology and criminal justice association. I was involved in clubs and other extracurricular activities. This school really pushed me to the limit and challenged me as I student. Definitely a great school and I enjoyed being there.
The fact that they show so much energy and spirit towards their new oncoming students, it gives you a sense of achievement by picking a great school, but also picking a environment that you are setting yourself up for greatness.
The experience was so bad. They kicked me out and the disability service is so terrible and the counselor didn't do her job right. The school system should be shut down,they're not doing there job right with helping students
My son has currently been accepted to Chowan University. His plans are to play football with the team. My husband and I took my son to Chowan University for a visit. We were able to tour the campus and be introduced to some staff members. The campus was very nice and the atmosphere were great. The small class setting were perfect for our son. We even had the chance to speak with a few students about their experiences with the university. Everyone we spoke with had nothing but good things to say about their experiences.
The campus is nice and small which makes it easy for the students are able to get guidance from the staff. The football coaching staff are not supportive and unprofessional. The players are not respected nor are they encouraged the coaching staff.
Chowan university is a small campus in the center of a smaller town. It is a very quiet place with no distractions, everyone is nice and friendly. The atmosphere is calm also everyone knows everyone. There is a lot of history within this town and the natives here are very proud of the events that have occurred here.
I think that to make it through you're experience, you have to work on it on your own. You can ask for help, but you don't always get the necessary help you need.
At Chowan University it is what you make it. If you do not know how to make something out of nothing Chowan is not the school for you. I say this because the town that this school is located is very small and has hardly anything there. Chowan can be a great school if you put yourself out there to make new friends and just enjoy the time you all have together.
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It's a school in the middle of nowhere so if you dont have a car you better like walking or make friends with a couple people that do but other than that because it's small and it the middle of nowhere the school is really friendly and like a big family and really close-knit. you meet people there that end up your friends for years its really what you make it
I had a great time at Chowan University due to the people I was surrounded by. The only downfall of the University is that you have to go over to the next city which is about 15-20 minutes if you want to have some fun outside of school.
Chowan University is a very excellent HBCU to attend the school is very beautiful and lovely the campus is very nice and its a very nice christian school. The cost is very expensive I may must say but with the help and support of my family and scholarships and grant.
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