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It is a small community, friendly people, nice quiet environment, it's in the country which is miles away from civilization. Overall Chowan is a great university, has amazing academics and several sports teams that are apart of D2.
Chowan University has been a great school over the past 3 years. As we all know college is what you make and I'm still making it home.
I am a rising college freshman but in my experience so far with chowan university it has been very pleasant. The offices and professors are very helpful when it come to new students and making sure that you stay on the right path to success.
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This a small university, but its still growing. The classes are made easy because the professors are willing to teach. They are available to to to me personally. The only problem is the location. When more places are built around the school, it will attract more students.
my experience with chowan university has been good so far. they are just a little expensive. they are a good christian base school. the students on campus are friendly and they have a lot of events going on for the kids. if there was something i would like to change, it would be the in state tuition. it is to expensive for students such as me. and they need to offer more scholarships for students in my major.
Chowan is amazing! I'm a senior, and I wish I wasn't leaving just yet. I came in very uncertain about my academic potential. I will now be graduating with honors and an impressive resume. I owe it all to Chowan University!
The university is very nice, and historical. Located in Murfreesboro, NC there isn't much to do off campus. The school itself is put together with great professors and instuctors that care about your education.
Chowan is very homey. I love how small the classroom are and how the professors interact and get to know each student. What I would change would be more sociable places to go around Chowan University. For example a movie theatre and bowling allies to go to on free time.
Overall experience is alright. The college is not what I expected from my first visit. I have adapted to the boring campus with barley any places to eat near by. Academic wise is great! The only bad thing is comfort, finding joy in staying here.
I think my overall experience has been okay
Chowan is a very safe campus
I think housing is very organized, I had no problems with housing
Greek life is a major part of chowan university
Our athletic department is like any other athletic department
My overall experience at chowan university has been an okay experience.
I'm not involved in the career prospects on campus.
I have complete access to my professors and they make themselves available to help me at any time. The courses they teach are pretty enjoyable and the class sizes are never too big. There's enough to where the professor can remember your name quickly.
Review Chowan University
We have campus security and public safety that we have 24 hour access to. There is hardly and campus crime and i personally haven't witnessed anything in a harmful manner. Therefore i feel safe, and being a male i feel like i don't have as much to stress about as a female would.
Living on campus is one of the best and worst parts in my opinion because meeting someone new each year makes it better with being here. However, rooming with someone is what sucks because you have to conform to their schedules and realize that you must be completely considerable about everything you do. The cost varies but to have your own room can become very costly.
Greek life makes up most of the campus, it is important and even looks really good to be involved in Greek life. Greek life isn't ever viewed as a bad thing but most non-Greeks are not too sure on how to view Greeks so they tend to stay to themselves. Greek housing isn't provided at my University however, it is a great school and is still really good to be in.
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