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The campus is nice and small which makes it easy for the students are able to get guidance from the staff. The football coaching staff are not supportive and unprofessional. The players are not respected nor are they encouraged the coaching staff.
Chowan university is a small campus in the center of a smaller town. It is a very quiet place with no distractions, everyone is nice and friendly. The atmosphere is calm also everyone knows everyone. There is a lot of history within this town and the natives here are very proud of the events that have occurred here.
I think that to make it through you're experience, you have to work on it on your own. You can ask for help, but you don't always get the necessary help you need.
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At Chowan University it is what you make it. If you do not know how to make something out of nothing Chowan is not the school for you. I say this because the town that this school is located is very small and has hardly anything there. Chowan can be a great school if you put yourself out there to make new friends and just enjoy the time you all have together.
It's a school in the middle of nowhere so if you dont have a car you better like walking or make friends with a couple people that do but other than that because it's small and it the middle of nowhere the school is really friendly and like a big family and really close-knit. you meet people there that end up your friends for years its really what you make it
I had a great time at Chowan University due to the people I was surrounded by. The only downfall of the University is that you have to go over to the next city which is about 15-20 minutes if you want to have some fun outside of school.
Chowan University is a very excellent HBCU to attend the school is very beautiful and lovely the campus is very nice and its a very nice christian school. The cost is very expensive I may must say but with the help and support of my family and scholarships and grant.
Chowan is a very friendly school and I like how your professors try their best to successes in class.
The professors are very focused on what is best for the students. small class sizes allow for the one on one instruction that is so important for students. The student life is very involved in making sure there is plenty to do around campus. The only thing I would change is updating the school a lot of the buildings are older and could use a facelift.
It's great, professors really focus on making sure the students understand. Though the town is small student life plans so many fun activities and sporting events are always great!
I like how Chowan makes one feel welcome and included. There’s clubs for everyone and academic success is easy to achieve due to professors standards. I believe Chowan should change the appearance to make it more appealing for new students.
This school provides a plethora of opportunities related to academia along with with athletic and campus involvement.
It’s a boring school so you have no reason not to do your work you hardly can get distracted. The tuition is way to much 😫 . The professors are really nice there willing to help you
What I like about Chowan is the way the students seem so happy although its in a small town I wish it had more eating places and more shopping places so I could shop. I can't wait to start in the fall seems like a very good school.
I absolutely love this university. Everyone from the President of the University to the cafeteria staff makes you feel like you're part of something bigger. The staff and the students on this campus truly want to make a difference in the world. Personally, I am inspired every single day to become a better person and a harder worker by everyone on this campus. Chowan University is more than just a solid education, it is a family.
My experience at Chowan University overall is a great way to start my college career at. The way that the professors educate students here shows that they genuinely care about students future. The school activities are sometimes creative. This school has a lot of nice places to study and relax at on campus. They also provide free tutoring which is a great resource for first year students. The class room sizes are very manageable to learn in, they're are typically no more than thirty five students in a class room. I suggest that you apply to Chowan University if you would like to fulfill your college career in a small urban environment.
At this school you need to really get involved or it will seem boring. There is not much to do around the campus. Fern involved with people. Meet and greet new people. Don't stay in your dorm
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what i like the most about Chowan University is the class size. The class sizes are small and the teachers have a greater chance of knowing their students one on one. If i could change one thing about Chowan University, then it would probably be add a bigger student union with more options of things to do
chowan university is all in what one makes it, although i never wanted to attend a large university going to a small institute was also a huge adjustment for me, being around the same small crowd for weeks at a time was very hard to except at first, but as time went on i realized that i had an advantage simply because i was not just a number at chowan university but i actually was able to get to know my professors personally and that is what helps me make it through my Courses a lot better.
Chowan is a small school that which, I am grateful for. It really allows me to preform at my best. However, it is a bit of a party school. there is a party most weekends. The staff and faculty really care about each individuals experience. Great people! Great school!
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