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I'm a current LPN program student. So far I am very satisfied with the quality of professors and the atmosphere of the school. If you live in Navarre, FWB and Destin area and you want to go to inexpensive nursing school, I recommend my school.
The program I am enrolled in is a fast track nursing program, in result, the workload is heavy, but it is worth every assignment. I'm learning how to care for the sick and how to help people not only physically, but mentally and holistically. Attending clinical at the hospital gives me a rush and sense of being like nothing else. It reinforces every doubt that ever may pop into my mind that I have made the best decision by becoming a nurse and that what I'm learning and preparing for in schools matters and that if I'm not at 100% all the time, peoples lives are affected.
Many technical schools are looked down upon by people who have never gotten to experience what they have to offer. Before attending CHOICE Technical Center, I attended Florida State University, and although FSU is a great fit for thousands of students, it wasn't for me. Applying to the nursing program at CHOICE was the best decision I ever made. My class and instructors have become my family and I wouldn't trade that for anything.
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Its a fast moving program so the workload is often heavy but not so much I feel I can't complete the work.
The professors have a good knowledge of the curriculum. Class registration process is all inclusive upon entry.
There really isn't any programs available for us but we find ways to stay close as a class.
I like that the classes are small and close knit. I also think that as a whole I have learned better in this environment than I would in a big campus.
I have learned a lot and enjoy the program I am in. I am confident in what I am learning and feel that I will be ready to start my career when I am finished.
The financial aid department at school is hard working and does its best to be quick with responses to any questions we have.
We have a small class of 23 but it is a diverse class and we all get along really great.
More supplies in the lab would be very helpful.
We have laptops available for us to use when needed and we have a printer in our classroom but we supply the paper and ink for it.
I am glad to know that they allow pell grants and scholarships.
LPN program.
The 1st term has been very interesting. Learning is always fun.
the professors were very helpful with each topic. They made learning and healthcare very interesting. I
I don't take online classes and hardly do work on computers it's always pen and paper.
Is Good but No Excellent. this school doesn't have a regular PE classes or health classes, I think all the schools has to have some kind of regular PE.
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In High School Uniqueness Is Limited – There are limited unique classes that are offered at my school. There are regular classes like Culinary arts, construction, anatomy, medical teminology, and computer classes. The work load for these classes are substantial for the type of cirriculum that these classes fall under. The facilities that are provided for these classes fit all the needs of the classes and are designed for those specific classes.
Some Teachers Are Simply Not Teen Friendly. As a student you can tell when a teacher is into there job and is trying to get the concepts across to the students and that they enjoy there jobs. But, there are those teachers that you can see hate coming to work. Those teachers are short fused witht the students and are not willing to work with the students that arereally trying to understand.
Credit Recovery Program – It allows students to recover lost credits during after school hours so that they don't fall behind.
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