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It is very black and white. There isn't too much to get confused as far as the courses or credit transferring.
The career center focuses on more than just helping to find a job that's available. There is opportunity for students to learn job skills or "soft skills" outside of their current field of study to help make them ready for job interviews.
The class sizes are appropriate for each field of study they have. We are a name, not a number. The instructors are caring and understanding towards each student.
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Obtaining a degree from this school will help me advance in the career field I am in. Even though I have already secured a job after completing my courses, job placement is very common with Chisholm Trail Technology Center in all their fields of studies. The instructors and staff are very good at keeping an ear out for exciting and new job openings in the surrounding areas.
Our workload is about average for my major. Should we decide to take on more than given, the opportunity is there. The ability to be involved with student organizations is encouraged as well as being involved with our own community. My instructor is always keeping an eye out for job opportunities for her students when they have completed. Also our facility and tools are always up to date with today's evolving technology.
CTTC has a warm environment and a helpful staff. The instructors are always willing to go above and beyond their required duties to help advance their students' education.
The computer system and school website here is constantly having problems. People cannot access their tests on time, our home page is always having an "error". It is not a very organized computer network at all, but I think it is coming around.
I was excited to do an online course my first time around. I quickly found out that the work load was much more than if you were actually in class with an instructor. I am not one to learn online, but I am becoming a lot better at it considering the program I am currently in is completely independent. I am slowly but surely learning how to manage my time wisely and focus. When you have 2 tests due on a daily basis, you do not really have a choice but to buckle down and get through it. An A is not an easy grade to maintain, especially in nursing school. Many of us have families and jobs on top of school, so an A during these hard times is hard to keep, but it is possible. I study and work very hard. I look at this as a better future for myself and my children.
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