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I had great experience with most professors and loved most of the classes. I didn't have the best experience with the customer service while trying to apply to the college a few years ago.
Love CVTC! Teachers are great with communication and helping you succeed in each and every class! Students are super friendly too!
I would like to see less "high school" treatment within the liberal arts program at CVTC. I feel as though I'm still in high school in some of these classes.
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I really liked that when I called their main office at cvcc they're very helpful and kind and understanding with the questions that I had in answered every single one of them and I loved it and I don't think I would really change anything about cvtc it's really a great place and just and open amazing college
I have only just enrolled in a CVTC program but the financial aid office and admissions have been immensely helpful in getting me prepped for the spring semester
Amazing instructors who loved what they did and had a passion for their major. Everyone at CVTC was always willing to help and so kind. Love this school.
I go to the one in Riverfalls but it is not listed I have visited the eau claire campus and they both are structured and thought out very well. The courses are very hands on and easy to learn and understand
CVTC is a great place to get an education that will open many doors for you. I have completed two degrees at CVTC and am very fortunate to have found a career before I graduated and that I still love. I would recommend CVTC to anyone, young or old!
I attend the River Falls campus. It is small and all of the staff and instructors are amazing! The campus offers some on line courses but most are traditional classroom. Class sizes are small - usually under 24.
The teachers are very helpful, and will work with you. If you have any problem, there's tons of resources to help you out. From tutoring to paying your bills.
Transferred to CVTC's nursing program. The teachers are wonderful and very helpful and I have formed so many friendships due to the small community. There's so many places in Eau Claire to hangout and do homework with friends. I'm happy I go here!
CVTC is a wonderful college, with teachers who honestly care about seeing you succeed. There's a lot of opportunities (clubs, work-study jobs, student government positions) to get involved and plenty of resources for if you end up needing help on schoolwork. There's lots of benefits for the students there (health benefits, bus passes, food pantry options, etc). Unfortunately, there's not many art classes or classes that allow for creativity, but the classes and programs are still really interesting and fun.
I am a non-traditional student. I work full-time during regular standard business hours. What I enjoy most about Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) is that they have created programs and types of classes that cater to working students. When I decided to go college later in life, I was nervous about being to do an all-online college experience. CVTC offers hybrid classes where you have a day of "in class" with your instructor and the remaining part of the class is online. I have really enjoyed having options and opportunities the CVTC has to offer.
Great school with a great community. Beautiful sights and easy going travels. Good place to live and school.
It is great going to a technical college. I was happy to not have to take generals. Great location and great teachers.
Chippewa Valley Technical College is a great school. I personally haven't had any problems with anything here. Everyone has been great about answering questions and helping find everything.
CVTC is a great technical college if you are looking for a small classroom environment, less costly tuition, and flexible schedules for all individuals. It is simple and easy to apply and get on the rad to succsess right away.
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I think the online classes work best for individuals who can learn without being hands on. I, however, I'm not one of those individuals. I don't like online classes. I find it a bummer when I'm required to take a course at this school and discover my only option for that specific class, is online. My strengths learning educationally fall in a classroom.
The instructors are great here. Very thorough and helpful. However, the work load is huge. This career in general is a work load so you can't blame that on the instructors.
It's great for other fields of education but weak for the paralegal program. There is no paralegal club. This is because homework is very time consuming and no one has time to do a club. That's okay though because as a paralegal student we share similair interests. We don't need a club to get us together. You will often find a group of paralegal students working together in the library. This is because you need to work together as a team to be successful.
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