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Transferred to CVTC's nursing program. The teachers are wonderful and very helpful and I have formed so many friendships due to the small community. There's so many places in Eau Claire to hangout and do homework with friends. I'm happy I go here!
CVTC is a wonderful college, with teachers who honestly care about seeing you succeed. There's a lot of opportunities (clubs, work-study jobs, student government positions) to get involved and plenty of resources for if you end up needing help on schoolwork. There's lots of benefits for the students there (health benefits, bus passes, food pantry options, etc). Unfortunately, there's not many art classes or classes that allow for creativity, but the classes and programs are still really interesting and fun.
I am a non-traditional student. I work full-time during regular standard business hours. What I enjoy most about Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) is that they have created programs and types of classes that cater to working students. When I decided to go college later in life, I was nervous about being to do an all-online college experience. CVTC offers hybrid classes where you have a day of "in class" with your instructor and the remaining part of the class is online. I have really enjoyed having options and opportunities the CVTC has to offer.
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Great school with a great community. Beautiful sights and easy going travels. Good place to live and school.
It is great going to a technical college. I was happy to not have to take generals. Great location and great teachers.
Chippewa Valley Technical College is a great school. I personally haven't had any problems with anything here. Everyone has been great about answering questions and helping find everything.
CVTC is a great technical college if you are looking for a small classroom environment, less costly tuition, and flexible schedules for all individuals. It is simple and easy to apply and get on the rad to succsess right away.
I think the online classes work best for individuals who can learn without being hands on. I, however, I'm not one of those individuals. I don't like online classes. I find it a bummer when I'm required to take a course at this school and discover my only option for that specific class, is online. My strengths learning educationally fall in a classroom.
The instructors are great here. Very thorough and helpful. However, the work load is huge. This career in general is a work load so you can't blame that on the instructors.
It's great for other fields of education but weak for the paralegal program. There is no paralegal club. This is because homework is very time consuming and no one has time to do a club. That's okay though because as a paralegal student we share similair interests. We don't need a club to get us together. You will often find a group of paralegal students working together in the library. This is because you need to work together as a team to be successful.
It can be very hard if you are not a strong writer. The instructors can be tough regarding assignments but they are teaching us the way the real world works in this career. Overal they are very nice and helpful and I'm thankful to get an education by professionals.
Excellent school. The instructors here are always so helpful. Never be afraid to ask for help if you are behind because they will always try and assist you.
We need more time to make up lab time from missing it due to snow days and from when instructors were gone on training.
They have manufacturing shows where employers come in show what they make and talk about what work you'd be doing for them. There is a welding club. They help make and teach you how to make resumes.
Everybody is really nice the teachers and the students all are very fun and creative.
I am in the welding program. We have a plasma cutting table, a water jet machine and a bunch of other robotic welders at my school. I chose this program because there is a huge need for welders everywhere. The homework is not easy but the teachers are very helpful when you need them.
I have been enjoying my experience the shop is awesome the teachers very helpful. They are very friendly and the whole learning experience has been fun.
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As with any college, nothing is perfect. As a student, you have to be flexibleffective as well. My personal struggles come from being a parent in a household with two college students who are the parents and one infant. Between my fiancé's classes and mine, it makes it hard to find a baby sitter. As the core classes for the program are only offered during the day, we cannot make one parent a day student and one parent a night student. As we both are unemployed, daycare is not an option. In our city, daycare for an infant is about $300 per week. Because of this, we have to set up our classes alternating hours so we can bring our son to school and take turns between classes with him. If the core classes could be offered during the day and at night, I think it would help us out more. Our main struggle is when we have no choice but to schedule our classes over lapping. Then we have no choice but to bring our son to class with us.
I am personally not much of a fan of online courses as I prefer the class interactions in person. It is a part of my learning style. However, for our program, a few online courses are required to help us prepare for the real world. Not everything is done through person to person contact, and the online classes offer us the ability to learn how to communicate through the online world. As it is a controlled environment, it also offers us the ability to see how to handle things when they don't work out as you expect them to, and how to deal with each unique situation.
We have the ability to stay in contact with our professors and the career center after we graduate. When our internship is finished, if we are not hired on by the firm we worked with, our head of the department will continue to help you find a job. Should that job not work out for you, you can always come back to the career center or our professors and they will continue to work with you on finding a job. We can explain to them what did not work out and what you need to inprove, and they will help improve yourself to become a better fit for a different firm.
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