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Chipola College has some amazing teachers and professors. The admissions and financial aid staff are friendly and informative. The available parking is terrible.
This is a great college to go to. It is a great location for those who live in the area as well as those who come from other areas. It allows a good foundation for those who want to start their educational career.
Overall Chipola is a great college and i don't really have any negative things to say about it. The professors are all really helpful and actually interested in what the students have to say which you don't see very much anymore.
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Chipola is a great environment for all students. Small classes make one on one learning easier and more accessible. All the classes and professors are exceptional. Definitely recommend Chipola College to students who are considering their options.
My experience at Chipola College was beneficial and worthwhile. The professors showed me that they had my education in their best interest and would go above and beyond to help if one is willing to put in the effort to excel. Chipola College itself stands for success through their Ace Lab program that helps students succeed by providing free tutoring sessions, class reviews, and a nice spot to engage in group projects. In addition, the library is another great place to study, which provides computers, individual cubicles for privacy, and best of all silence. Overall, my time at Chipola helped me to grow and develop tremendously in my studies.
Chipola college is awesome! I love learning at a college where the professors actually know your name and can give you one-on-one help.
This is a truly great school. This is less than half the cost of most 4 year universities. It seems like the professors here genuinely want their students to succeed. The ACE Lab has free internet and tutoring services that make a huge difference in my test scores!
Chipola College is a very convenient campus, every thing is centrally located around the circle. It is a very small campus but there are plenty of student organizations to choose from. The professors are wonderful and are very understanding.
I am a dual-enrollment student here, and I thoroughly enjoy this college a lot more than my high school. It is so calm and peaceful. So far, my professors have been amazing, helpful, and full of personality which I love. They treat everyone with respect and are aware of how many dual-enrollment students attend this college. It allows a lot of highschoolers and college students to do more with their academics despite their financial background.
Campus is convenient to get to. Good small town area. Athletics are great. Lots of outdoor activities in the area.
Chipola College is a VERY GREAT school. It's a GREAT College experience that sets in a small Southern Town called Marianna Florida. The Teachers at Chipola are really caring. They Cares much about the students and want their Students to SUCCEED.
I can say that Chipola is an amazing college! Not only the academics but the cleanliness and friendly people make the experience there great. The only downfall to Chipola is parking, other than that. It's the best!
Affordable, easy access, and the professors are wonderful. They actually enjoy students who are eager to learn and work to make sure students are successful. Courses are offered at convenient times. Administrators, counselors, and staff are equally great at promoting the success of their students. I have attended Chipola full time for two years now, including 3 online courses, and I absolutely LOVE it. I live 45 minutes away and my academic advisor worked with me to schedule all my classes for the same two days per week so I wouldn't have to make the drive every day. WONDERFUL school!!
I have gone to Chipola for almost two years now and I have nothing bad to say. The teachers are always kind and the material is well explained.
the lunch is pretty good and the people are friendly. However, I do not like the fact that the professors can give you a zero for not coming to class, we are paying for our education we should be able to miss one day without it effecting our grades.
I was on a softball scholarship at Chipola College. Dorms on campus are only for athletes. I loved my classes and professors and I learned a lot throughout my time there.
All of the staff work very hard to help in any way they can and the teachers put in much effort and care into their work for the students to succeed.
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I enjoyed attending Chipola College. Although there wasn't much to do on campus, I enjoyed the small class sizes and the individuality you felt as a student. Professors were kind and willing to work with you if you were having any problems.
I do not know much about post grad services at Chipola
Chipola is a great place to attend college
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