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I enjoyed attending Chipola College. Although there wasn't much to do on campus, I enjoyed the small class sizes and the individuality you felt as a student. Professors were kind and willing to work with you if you were having any problems.
I do not know much about post grad services at Chipola
Chipola is a great place to attend college
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The admissions process was very simple, everyone was very friendly and helpful
Love going to a small town college, I get to stay close to home!!
Classes are semi-flexible, and can be rescheduled sometimes. Teachers are somewhat understanding of work/responsibility of students.
Online courses are not calibrated to the student. A general course is given and the teachers/monitors only want to here there opinions on the material.
There is little alumni and the career center isn't the best.
The professors are normally very happy to help and work with you. Classes are normally medium to small, and allow a lot of debate.
Most degrees only go as high as an associates. There are few degrees you can go all the way through with.
I can't go straight from Chipola to my career. In my major I can only finish the first two years, then switch colleges to finish my degree.
Started at this college in 10th grade. I love and hate it. The campus isn't the biggest, and there are never enough parking spots. There are a lot of really good sports teams, and a lot of opportunities to join clubs. I would probably chose to go here again if I had the option, it's affordable and close to home.
Flexibility at my school is great especially the professor, they are lenient with the students that have responsibilities outside of class, I have not transferred to another college yet so I haven't had the experience of credit transferability.
I never had to experience an online class through my college.
Being a junior college it is hard for networking and there very few degrees offered at my college so very few alumni. Most big time job recruiters do not recruit out of this college.
The class sizes are the one the best parts being so small that it is easy to raise a hand get help with the professor right away instead of struggling with material and not knowing what to do when doing homework. The professors really care for your well being and want to see you succeed.
Like I've mentioned in a earlier statement the resources are very limited at a smaller school such as mine so job/internships and networking is very rare.
Review Chipola College
My intended major is Sports management but I plan on going to med school education wise my school is great the resources is tough to get at smaller school such as mine. The teachers make up for it because of well they care for you and want you to succeed.
Chipola College has made become a better student and better person. Chipola has made me mature in the way i carry myself and all my great study habits are credited to Chipola College.
I haven't really started my major I am dual enrolled but I like the basic classes that I am taking out there now.
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