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My experience at CDKC has been medium at best. It's a pretty small college, but it's easy to get stuff done. We live in a town filled with misfits so it's easy to fall into a trap. I think going to this college gives our people a chance at a brighter future. It really helps our people at bettering themselves and getting em' off drugs, alcohol, and jail. I would recommend this college to my Cheyenne people because we need to focus on the empowerment of our nation. We got to focus on our new way of life not for us but for our children
The faculty was awesome here but when paperwork went out I didn't hear back after a few days. Then got a letter saying I need more information and to send it right away. Finally waiting so long I dropped classes cause I feared I would have to pay out of pocket and I was not working at the time.
I like coming to my local college because I know faces and students but if I had the choice I would be went big but the distance is to far.
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I picked a degree that I saw was a benefit to me in my future career.
There is slim Pickens for degrees here at a two year college but they are making an effort to change.
Attending classes here has been an eye opener to what can/should be adjusted for the students to want education.
Its pretty much a normal campus but I enjoy the Native American traditions that we hold on campus.
There is the gym, learning center, library, activities, and welcoming campus. If feel very comfortable here at CDKC.
There are groups and all different ethic people that attend here. I don't feel that the student body has a issues with anyone one type of person. Its a small school from a school town so everyone pretty much knows each other.
The computers are available but need to be updated. The wireless is low on signal and very picky. Needing new computers for my school is on my wish list for Christmas.
The financial aid here is sufficient, the staff is really helpful and go above and beyond the call of duty.
I choose here because, I knew it would be more easier to go back to school closer to home. This school has helped me to kind of ease back in to school as well. I'm hoping to further my education, and have the confidence that this school well help me 110% as well.
They don't have a gym, we use the old high school gym for basketball. The library is decent with resources on there library website for research papers. not really any place to hang out besides the cafeteria. no stage for plays or any other performing arts that i know of
Mostly tribal members attend the college here, some of them have been out of school for awhile, most or just getting generals out of the way here where it's more affordable before they transfer to a 4 year university.
When I'm at CDKC I feel as if I'm around family. Walking down the hall ways people can always get a hug or handshake. When you need help the staff is always willing to help you out. Most staff members will go out of their way to help. I really like how the social scene is, always hear people laughing and joking around. It's really nice to hear joy and laughter.
I really love CDKC. It has a great staff who is willing to help a student out whether it's with school or out of school. They have great events for us students. But I really wish more students would give CDKC a try. It's a great stepping stone to the other universities or colleges. I'm happy with my school and with the education I am recieving from Chief Dull Knife College.
Network Is Awesome – We have the most awesome network. Anything we need or need to finish a paper is right at our fingertips. The computer guys are always on top of that stuff.
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