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I found the professors at Chicago State University to be invested in student achievement. They make themselves available if you need help or guidance. If I could change anything it would be the funding the school receives. More funding would mean better upkeep of the campus, more activities for the younger students.
My experiences at Chicago State University has been a bitter sweet ride. The school has so much potential, with loving and compassionate teachers, active student body and a dedicated work environment but lacks the funding, proper guidance and
I attended Chicago State for one year. The funding for extra curricular was limited and very low. I joined a cheer leading team, went to practices faithfully only to be told my dedication was a waste of time because the time was cut before the first basketball game. The education is not good. Many courses seemed too easy, I did not learn much and felt like my high school was more challenging. The school is also not located in a nice area and does not seem very safe. The dorms are small and the cafeteria does not offer much and is not open for long. I would not recommend going here.
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I am a current student at Chicago State University. In 2013, I took a break due to some personal issues and I was welcomed back this semester(Jan '17). I have had no issues with reinstatement. My discrepancy is that college tuition and other costs associated with attending college are even higher now than they were before I took my break. Overall, the school has great instructors and really want the students to succeed.
I had good experience at Chicago State. The reason I choose Chicago State is because, they have the courses that I needed. I am to the end of school, and now I have ran out of funds. In order for me to continue my education, I need help. Other than that I can't continue my education. So I am asking for help. I am a A student. My GPA is 2.8. I also work for Chicago State, as work study student. So I am asking for you all to please consider me in this scholarship.
Chicago State has great programs and great teachers but the administrators is what make CSU look bad. They really messed up the students by messing up the funds.
My overall experience has been challenging but rewarding. I am constantly pushed out of my comfort zone daily. As time progressed, I have come out of my shell and have been more vocal in class. I feel confident that upon graduation this Spring, I will be most certainly ready to take on the new challenges of starting my career.
Nice Teachers. Boring Campus. But you learn a lot academic wise. Very friendly people. There is plenty of resources for people if you are need in help. This is a good school to go to if u want to get the job done.
I have been attending this college since 2013. It is affordable and cheap for the academic part, but the campus life is very dull. The professors are nice and educated. It would be better if it was more organized. Overall, no complains. Good programs are offered!
School Life at CSU can be very engaging and spiritual, but it begins to fade over the semester.
The school really prides itself on keeping the students safe.
I'm grateful that they accepted me but I feel like you are at a handicap graduating from here.
I would give a lower rating but I had one decent semester while in the dorms.
I would not personally know about the Greek life but I do know people who are involved in it really enjoy it.
I would honestly say that the school spirit is very lackluster.
I applied to this university as a last minute resort of my college choices.
The courses are there for me to get the proper education I need to pass and get the job that I really want.
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Being the area that the school is in, it is looked down upon because it seems too "ghetto".
Our school has part of the sheriffs department working with the University at all times to help keep the school safe.
The housing is very basic and not much should be expected when compared to other university's.
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