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My experience at Chicago State University was Amazing!! The teacher and staff are amazing and very helpful and understanding. The students are also very helpful and understanding. The dorm rooms are great, the food is great, and the parties and events are great too. I love everything about Chicago State University and I'll love to go back.
Very good professors. Small Classes. Nice building and good food at cafeteria. Small classes. Professors are compassionate and understanding.
I love how they offer a variety of degree programs. They also have friendly staff who help you to meet your needs, teachers who care and want to see you succeed. I also love the low cost for tuition. The only thing that I believe should change is the requirement to have a student pin to register when the upcoming semester is approaching.
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The teachers are very kind and helpful. Staff are really friendly and full of energy.People in the office aren’t that helpful they never get back to you and never answer the phone. It takes about weeks for someone to help you with a problem.
I love that Chicago State has a very small environment. I practically know everyone on campus and the staff has always been friendly to me. Whenever I have a problem I can count on the staff and faculty at Chicago State to help me out.
With the recent budget crisis going on these past few years it's been difficult to receive solid help at any department in this school. Everything involves a fee due to the budget crisis. Most teachers don't really care to help the students either.
My experience at Chicago State has been good. The classroom size gives the University a great community type of feeling.
Excellent school for knowledge and its affordable tuition makes this the best university, faculty, and Professors are tops in their field and have the real world experience that is needed for a fast pace ever-changing economy.
Chicago State univeristy is the type of college where one can experience true independence and meeting different type of students. It is a very simple college where can get all their coursework in a period of time and graduate with accomplishment with our hard working professors. I would like to see in the future more activities for all students freshman to senior can get along and have fun.
This school is not good at all theirs no school spirt . There’s no staff to help freshmens transition into college . The advisors don’t help you with the classese you should be taking and student don’t graduate on time . The school isn’t kept clean classerooms are dirty and bathrooms. Professors do the Bear minimum with helping student understand the material in class. This school needs to close down or improve .
Chicago State University is a college that is generally not made for everyone based on academics. In my opinion, this school doesn’t allow students to reach their full potential.
I love attending Chicago State University. I was a little weary about it at first. After about a week of school I realized that this was definitely the school for me.
It has understanding teachers and friendly students. It was very easy to feel at home at this University.
I love my professors and the clubs that I'm apart of. The professors really care about the students and their progress in their school career. The clubs are a great way to meet new different types of people as well. However, the administration needs works. They are rude and need training on customer service.
Great school with very helpful staff. Not always on the ball about things, and certain departments need updating.
The school has a lot of potential. The academics and course materials are very clear. The teachers do a great job, but as far as administration, it lacks in that department.It can be very difficult and confusing to handle business.
I love how the professor's help to encourage you to keep trying and never give up. Their are a lot of good mentors that will make sure that you are equipped to further your studies and have a good reference to refer back to. I recently encountered a problem with my research are and it was quickly rectified by one teacher's action and everything worked out for the est.
I love Chicago State University and it's some great professor. I plan to go back one day to finish my bachelor's degree soon.
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I found the professors at Chicago State University to be invested in student achievement. They make themselves available if you need help or guidance. If I could change anything it would be the funding the school receives. More funding would mean better upkeep of the campus, more activities for the younger students.
My experiences at Chicago State University has been a bitter sweet ride. The school has so much potential, with loving and compassionate teachers, active student body and a dedicated work environment but lacks the funding, proper guidance and
I attended Chicago State for one year. The funding for extra curricular was limited and very low. I joined a cheer leading team, went to practices faithfully only to be told my dedication was a waste of time because the time was cut before the first basketball game. The education is not good. Many courses seemed too easy, I did not learn much and felt like my high school was more challenging. The school is also not located in a nice area and does not seem very safe. The dorms are small and the cafeteria does not offer much and is not open for long. I would not recommend going here.
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