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The professors are what keeping this school a float actually. If you can get past the rudeness from admission it's an ok school. But it's like going from high school to a higher education of high school. But again the professors are great !
What I like about Cheyney Is how much you feel like everyone is your family. What I would like to be changed Is for my dorm ( Martin L. King Hall ) to have air conditioning.
The new building is the best place to live, other than people breaking the elevators and washers and dryers. DON'T live in king if you can't take traditional housing it is disgusting. Terrible food, the area of the school and student life.
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No interest in that endeavor.
Sports and associated activities are what you make them, good or bad.
Overall, the experience was a good one. My classmates were just as determined and focused as I. The Professors were down to earth and very approachable.
They are always making sure the males aren't in the female dorms afterhours
I feel like it could be vetter but i'm thankful for the professors
The buildings were very old and need some fixing up
They host great events and are always offering something to do such as cooking classes or movie night.
Spirts is a big thing on campus, it's a time when the whole campus come together
I feel as though that Cheyney university has great professers who really care about you graduating and moving on to grad school. I just feel as though the administration is not organized and has held many students up from getting their degree. For an example I was allowed to participate in graduation and take my 6 credits in the summer courses and be done waiting for my degree in the mail. I waited until December of 2013. They told me I had a balance that needed to paid. I went to pay the balance about 4 months later because I had to save the money up because it was over a 1,000. After I paid the balance I waited again for my degree for another 2 months for the register office to tell me it was an over site with one of my courses and I had to take the course over because I had a D in the courseLol. I tried to get financial aid but my loans were in default and I couldn't get a loan. So now its 2016 and I still don't have my degree. I feel as though it was a bit unprofessional on the administration part. As far as the teachers go they really care, in fact my professor told me about this scholarship so all I can do now is pray on it and hope for the best.
Very easy process. They want more numbers so its hard to get denied.
The newest building we have is the apartments. They're okay. Then we have old dorms from when our school was established.
The greek life is the roots to my school. Without greek life my school would be horrible.
Teams dont hold winning records and hardly no intramurals.
In a transition stage and is dong better gradually through the semesters.
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Everyone abides and make due.
Good and bad things like any other place.
There are good and bad days like any other place.
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