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I am currently enrolled at Chestnut hill and like what they have to offer when it comes to athletics, I would like for them to improve their physics department and to have more things around campus for students to enjoy.
The program of Organizational Dynamics is perfect for a working parent. The intimacy's of a small college is valuable as there is no feeling of being lost in the numbers.
Difficult to get courses needed for graduation. Not enough choices. Courses needed fill quickly and alternatives are not available.
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Chestnut Hill College gives me hope to believe that there is another chance for me to succeed in life. Everyone around campus are so friendly and understanding. The staff at Chestnut Hill College are willing to help you with your journey to getting a great education. I love the Academics at Chestnut Hill College and the beautiful scenery around campus.
I did a campus tour today. I love the school, the people, and everyone I met today. I actually made a new friend quickly. I'll be looking forward to going in the fall.
I am in the adult accelerated program so I'm not the average student who gets the full college experience. I can, however, tell you the campus is beautiful, the professors are more than fair, and the staff are there to help to the fullest of their capacity.
So far it has been a great experience. I am going through the admissions process and it has been a very smooth transition. The staff and the faculty have been nothing sort of amazing. They are very helpful and understanding. I am a nontraditional student with a million questions and they take the time out to help me in whatever way is needed.
A small school that is looking to expand and continue to be a pivotal education hub in the Philadelphia community. A solid science department and growing communications, technology, and music departments have begun to create a university level of education at a small college. With one of the most scenic campuses in Philadelphia the only thing to make this school better would be more parking and better food services!
My experience at Chestnut Hill College has been wonderful from the time I have started. The professors are very helpful and caring. They give time to their students. Overall the appearance of the college is wonderful also
Very neat and clean.
The environment is very tranquil and supportive. Peers are very inclusive with one another and the campus happenings. Staff take pride in Maine sure that each member of the college is comfortable and addressed all concerns.
Everyone is so nice & welcoming, the campus is beautiful. The professors are extremely helpful. I have been there for 3 years and I have not come across a professor that was not helpful. They offer a lot of scholarships. If I could change anything it would be for the classes to be a little less but like every college I guess u get what you pay for.
The financial aid department needs work, that is my only complaint. The student body and academic staff are wonderful and have really made going back to school in my 30s an easy and pleasant transition.
Very nice professors. I am a commuter that travels two hours to this school which is always nice to be on the campus. Absolutely a great atmosphere to be around. I have met a ton of great people that I am sure will forever be associated into my life throughout my college years and afterwards as well. I have a very hopeful feeling about my career and I am very motivated to carry out my career through their education system. Very proud I had made the decision to attend this college. This experience will be carried on with me throughout my life. I have been able to receive a very fortunate experience for my time being with this school.
My experience at Chesnut Hill was not what I expected to be. I'm an international student so I was super excited to live that college life experience in the U.S. However, I encounter myself with a school that was very limited in all senses and there was really not much to do because of the size of the school. If you are not part of a sport at CHC I believe is difficult to make relations with other students because the majority of them that live on campus are athletes.

Academics were okay. From my perspective was very easy to get all A's if you are responsible. The proffesros are super helpful and are easy to reach if you have any problem. All the faculty is super nice and I believe they really care about their students. However, from all the college rankings I have seen in the area of Philadelphia CHC stands at the end of the lists.

In conclusion, I believe CHC is too expensive for what it offers so I would recommend looking at other options before attending this school.
CHC is extremely small, but friendly and welcoming. The students and professors are approachable and willing to help. Althletics are a big part of student life. Academics are highly rewarded.
I've had an excellent experience at Chestnut Hill as a graduate student in the Clinical and Counseling Psychology program. The program has an excellent reputation in the area for turning out graduates who are extremely prepared to immediately begin working in the field. Many of my professors are practicing clinicians, and I find their direct experience to be very helpful in the classroom. I also love that CHC offers so many concentrations within the program- many more than any other graduate program I looked at!
Chestnut Hill College is a great small school! You get unique and personalized attention from your professors because student to teacher ratio is 4 to 1 and class sizes are small. The community and student body is very welcoming to all people. Great value for the education you can get here! You can also make great contacts and get connected with great internship opportunities.
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I enjoyed being around the students and faculty but the school was just way too small for me. The entire school is one large building, not all outside sports get to play games on campus because we do not have enough on campus fields. The food in the cafeteria is very bad besides the salad bar and sometimes when the sandwich line is open. Overall my experience here was not great and I feel as though major advancements need to be made around campus, the residence halls, the food, and the athletics for students to attend and stay for the full four years.
I loved the size of the classes, you're able to make a connection with the teacher. It is easy to get around the campus and lots of resources to help you.
I'm a new student at Chestnut Hill College. So far I have had some mixed feelings about the school. While the staff is great and you can tell they are truly invested in student success and the students are personable, it really does make for a good working environments, although is building do seem a bit dated and while I understand maintaining the integrity of the original architecture some updates in the older dorms would be new.
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