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I've had an excellent experience at Chestnut Hill as a graduate student in the Clinical and Counseling Psychology program. The program has an excellent reputation in the area for turning out graduates who are extremely prepared to immediately begin working in the field. Many of my professors are practicing clinicians, and I find their direct experience to be very helpful in the classroom. I also love that CHC offers so many concentrations within the program- many more than any other graduate program I looked at!
Chestnut Hill College is a great small school! You get unique and personalized attention from your professors because student to teacher ratio is 4 to 1 and class sizes are small. The community and student body is very welcoming to all people. Great value for the education you can get here! You can also make great contacts and get connected with great internship opportunities.
I enjoyed being around the students and faculty but the school was just way too small for me. The entire school is one large building, not all outside sports get to play games on campus because we do not have enough on campus fields. The food in the cafeteria is very bad besides the salad bar and sometimes when the sandwich line is open. Overall my experience here was not great and I feel as though major advancements need to be made around campus, the residence halls, the food, and the athletics for students to attend and stay for the full four years.
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I loved the size of the classes, you're able to make a connection with the teacher. It is easy to get around the campus and lots of resources to help you.
I'm a new student at Chestnut Hill College. So far I have had some mixed feelings about the school. While the staff is great and you can tell they are truly invested in student success and the students are personable, it really does make for a good working environments, although is building do seem a bit dated and while I understand maintaining the integrity of the original architecture some updates in the older dorms would be new.
I had a pretty good experience while I attended Chestnut Hill College. It is a school where everyone knows everyone. Chestnut Hill is a small school with small class sizes. It really gives you a chance to be more connected to you professor and classmates. The campus is also very beautiful. It was one of my favorite things about the school. If you are looking for something to do off campus, you will have to travel. There isn't anything surrounding the immediate campus for activities. Although, the school did offer a shuttle service to the nearest shopping center for the students to get away.
Classes, professors...all excellent. College has clear mission and stands behind it. Library cat is awesome!!
What I like about chestnut hill college is that the college is small and great for people who want a better experience in classes. All your professors know you by name which is good. What needs to be improved is that they need to install smart boards in the classrooms because using chalkboards and white boards makes me feel like I'm in middle school.
Chestnut hill is a small college and really gives you that Home-like feeling. You get to know your peers and professors a lot easier gaining a better relationship. The dorms are decent. Since it is small, living in the dorms is super convenient because you can wake up five minutes before class and be fine. The food is not very good and is available at odd times but to make up for it there are many places nearby, a lot that deliver as well. The school provides shuttles into town and to the mall/target. They are very understanding and giving with rides. The professors sometimes are not very good, seeming as if they lack knowledge. But that’s only in some cases as I personally feel I have had some wonderful teachers. Overall it’s a small cozy campus that is very easy to get used to and find your way around. There are many things to do around school and lots of connections for internships and jobs for after college. Chestnut hill does a lot to make up for the things it lacks.
Chestnut Hill College is a diverse community of instructors and students, Based on the traditions of a catholic institution , The small student class ensure individualized attention. We welcome everyone and the campus is beautiful, convenient to shopping malls and the Center of Philadelphia, Shuttles are provided . We are dear neighbors, The just introduced Cyber security degree is an example of the cutting edge instruction that gears you towards a career in a up and coming industry.
It has been a good very experienced attending this school. everyone is nice and the teachers are very knowledgeable.
I love the close-knit community, the professors, and the personal attention of the small classes. The professors know each of their students personally, which makes it easy to reach out to them and make close relationships. They genuinely care about your education and understanding. One thing I do not particularly like, however, is the music program. As a music ed major, I feel that there is not a lot of opportunity in the area because it is such a small, underfunded department. I have had great experiences in the personal lessons in the music department, for example, piano and voice, but overall, the I do not think it is the best school to attend as a music major. Some people, however, like the smallness of the department. Overall, I love the academics in the school and the family-feel of on campus.
I am enrolled in the Accelerated Degree program at Chestnut Hill College for adult learners. After doing three years at another university, I was pleasantly surprised at how many of my credits transferred over. The program is excellent as it provides flexibility with it's wide variety of courses offered and different locations. However, it is fast paced; each semester is split into two sessions-running eight weeks at a time. Chestnut Hill college even offers Summer I and Summer II for accelerated students making it even more convenient for working adults who have so many things to juggle to obtain credits. The staff is very welcoming and helpful and it gives the feel of a close knit family. Although, it is a Catholic institution, it is a very inclusive environment. I highly recommend this college especially for adults and transfer students.
When it comes to attending Chestnut Hill College I can honestly say it was the best experience I have ever had. I love the mix of tradition and non-traditional students and how we can learn from one another and not feel completely out of place. I love how personable the staff are and how they make learning enjoyable. The professors are very supportive and inclusive. The atmosphere is welcoming and all the staff from the parking lot attendants to constant are absolutely wonderful. There is a supportive family-like system and everyone is willing to step up and help you along the way, either through life or geographically at this school.
When it comes to getting involved they always have things going on such as drama club, crocheting, nights out you name it they have it. I can go on and on but I just want to say that my experience at this college has been one of the most fulfilling, fun and educational pieces in my life and I plan of returning for my Masters.
I would like to see more on line classes. The professors are great, and help is available if needed. The campus is. In a positive environment that will motivate all incoming Freshmans.
Everyone of the campus is frendly they guide you directly to what you need and want to study. The school has some academic futures like no other school like religion is a major requirement they also help you with fiancial aid very well by referring you to different scholarship programs.
I am now attending CHC and I am enjoying myself. But I am also still learning the school & all it has to offer.
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When I attended this college as an undergraduate, it was during the first two years of co-ed dorms. I personally didn't enjoy the campus life so I opted to commute. The food wasn't all that good, and I was made to take classes that were irrelevant to my major. Other than that it it was an average school.
For people like myself who like small schools chestnut hill is the perfect size. The diversity is huge there's people from all around the world attending. Most of the professors i've had have been quite pleasant and make me look forward to go to class. They have so much for their students anything you need help with they have someone to help you.
Chestnut Hill College is a waste of money. If you worked hard in high school, please do not waste your hard earned money or time here. There is no diversity whatsoever and there are alot of out of state students. There is also nothing to do unless you have a car. Students don't care about class, so you'll probably sit in silence for the whole duration of your classes. If you live on campus, the RA's will make having fun a living hell. The food is disgusting and complaining to the head of the dining staff at the college wont change anything. Security does nothing but play on their phones all day and gossip with students. This school has a serious problem with handling rape, assaults, and harassment. I would not reccomend this school to any minority, as the predominantly white population wont include you in their activities. P.s, the party scene is lame, and you have to be an athlete or "cool" enough to find out about them.
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