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I am now attending CHC and I am enjoying myself. But I am also still learning the school & all it has to offer.
When I attended this college as an undergraduate, it was during the first two years of co-ed dorms. I personally didn't enjoy the campus life so I opted to commute. The food wasn't all that good, and I was made to take classes that were irrelevant to my major. Other than that it it was an average school.
For people like myself who like small schools chestnut hill is the perfect size. The diversity is huge there's people from all around the world attending. Most of the professors i've had have been quite pleasant and make me look forward to go to class. They have so much for their students anything you need help with they have someone to help you.
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Chestnut Hill College is a waste of money. If you worked hard in high school, please do not waste your hard earned money or time here. There is no diversity whatsoever and there are alot of out of state students. There is also nothing to do unless you have a car. Students don't care about class, so you'll probably sit in silence for the whole duration of your classes. If you live on campus, the RA's will make having fun a living hell. The food is disgusting and complaining to the head of the dining staff at the college wont change anything. Security does nothing but play on their phones all day and gossip with students. This school has a serious problem with handling rape, assaults, and harassment. I would not reccomend this school to any minority, as the predominantly white population wont include you in their activities. P.s, the party scene is lame, and you have to be an athlete or "cool" enough to find out about them.
I like the small close knit community where your professors know you, care about you, and want you to succeed. The facilities can be very outdated and the schools seems a bit high school-ish at times where this makes it easy for freshman transition, but redundant for upperclassmen.
I am currently a sophomore at Chestnut Hill College and my overall experience so far has been great. I prefer to go to rather small schools because I thrive better in such environments; therefore, the small class sizes at CHC really help me focus on my education and give me the opportunity to engage with the professors when I have questions or concerns. CHC is in a prime location - it's close to local shops and eateries and just a short train ride away from Center City, Philadelphia. The dorms are pretty nice, especially Fitzsimmon's Hall, the newest housing building. The one thing I would like to see change, though, is diversity on campus. It's been an ongoing issue in the school; however, administration is making steps in the right direction. Additionally, it would be nice to see more vegetarian and vegan options in the cafeteria, but overall the food is decent.
Chestnut Hill College is a small faith based college. My first impression was the staff are so friendly and I love the beautiful campus. The small classes makes the learning experience intimate between the students and the professors. Which to me  makes it easier for students to be more active the their learning experience.
Chestnut Hill College makes you feel as if you are home. Compared to other colleges, you are not just a number. The professors want to see their students succeed despite only having them for a semester. They also will help you in your career path by taking your resume and giving it to their colleagues. The campus is beautiful, but it is small compared to other colleges. Even though it is a small college the college community comes together and gives it a huge heart. However, the food could be better. They do give you a variety of choices, but the quality could be improved. The dorm buildings could also be improved. The cable in the dorm building has been out for months and the RAs could do a better job.
The professors and advisors take the time to get to know the students and what their needs are. A very caring and compassionate group can be found here.
Overall Chestnut hill is an excellent school. The teachers are knowledgeable and friendly. They really work hard to give you the education you deserve. The campus is safe and the environment is clean. It really is a great place
I like the class size and the teachers are very helpful. I enjoy being a student at chestnut hill they are very supportive of retuning students such as my self. I was out paying out of pocket my classes I taken previously and they stayed in contact with me the whole time. Unfortunately they could not provide me with finances to help with the cost of school , but if they could I'm sure they would.
Chestnut Hill College is nothing like the colleges you hear about or see on television. The campus life is extremely limited. There are no parties on campus, well maybe once in a blue, and there is nothing around to really do. The school is located near two malls, but besides that there is nothing for you to really do. Only juniors and seniors are allowed to have cars on campus, unless permission is granted. Therefore if you want to have fun you have to go outside of the campus and spend money on Public Transportation, Uber or Lyft rides. The food has it's days, some days it seems appealing, others not. However, despite all the negatives the staff is amazing!
Racial the school is not at all diverse. As for religion, it is a very tolerant school of other religions. I am an agnostic and often hangout in campus ministry in St. Joseph Hall. Politically, the school is very liberal which can make people who are conservative uncomfortable. (I'm conservative). Since it is a election year, there has been a lot of political talk, which makes me uncomfortable. I just learned to keep my mouth shut, and ignore it or leave when it comes up, but I also just don't like talking politics outside of my family, since I have a lot of firm beliefs about it.
The courses are very fun. There are some professors that are very popular on campus including Dr. Patrick McCauley and Dr. Karen Wendling. I have throughly enjoyed most of my classes. I decided not to take one of the courses I signed up for and switched it because one of my friends was treated unfairly by the teacher because of her disability and I did not want that to happen to me. Aside from that most professors are very fair. Some can be very irritating, but overall they just want you to succeed. They are very accommodating to your needs. The courses are really fun too. The class sizes are small. The biggest I had was 15 students.
Some of my friends who have graduated haven't gotten a job yet, but there is a lot of opportunity to find work. Career development will often host seminars on how to improve your resume to career fairs.
I basically always feel safe on campus. After being bullied by another student, I brought it to the attention of the administration and I still feel safe. Security is always on the lookout for trouble.
I absolutely love CHC. I am currently a sophomore who is majoring in psychology and minoring in human services and sociology. I was a commuter for the first year, but am contemplating moving on campus. I am in the interdisciplinary honors program. Most of the teachers are great, but there are some that are a pain in the butt. The psychology major is a really popular one at this school so it is by far the best program offered at the school. All the people at CHC are generally very friendly. If you have a problem, administration is always there to help. The only problem with the school is the racial diversity, but as for other diversity it is great. CHC is a very caring and warm place. I often hangout in campus ministry, even though I am an agnostic. As for being a commuter, it can feel like you are on the outside looking in, if you don't actively attempt to be involved. The best way to be involved is through the clubs. I am in the harry potter alliance and it is so fun and generally entertaining. Anyway CHC is a great school, and I would not choose another school if I wanted to.
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Professors are good, curriculum varies, registration was very easy.
Have not noticed anyone who was not accepted
Have not had any experience with drugs on campus
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